Chapter 65.2

so, xixi grabbed scissors, and gave herself bangs. after watching a youtube video called cutting bangs at 2 am. lol.     Chapter 65.2 The photographer was fed up, "You’re looking at your boyfriend, not your homeroom teacher! Relax and smile a little sweeter!"   Li Yan: "..."   The editor-in-chief buried his face on the side. … Continue reading Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65.1 Shooting   The editor-in chief's gaze followed An Yi’s pointed finger to Li Yan.   Li Yan was immediately shaken. Holy cow, what was going on?   The editor-in-chief sized her up carefully. Her face looked pretty good and she had the temperament of a classic beauty. However, not everyone who simply looked good could … Continue reading Chapter 65.1

Chapter 62.2

  Y'all, SAT scores come out tomorrow, pray pray pray pray pray for me. I went Grad dress shopping today and oh my lord are these dresses expensive, rip. I dropped calculus and now have 2 classes whoops!   Chapter 62.2   Mo Zhen looked at her for a while, then added faintly, "But I can … Continue reading Chapter 62.2


Hello friends, xixi here, Yes, I am still alive. why hasn't xixi been translating :(? because she is being locked in her house slaving away to the SAT as school starts and going to work. rip xixi Some of you guys have been here since the beginning I started translating, back when i was in … Continue reading UPDATE