Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65.1 Shooting   The editor-in chief's gaze followed An Yi’s pointed finger to Li Yan.   Li Yan was immediately shaken. Holy cow, what was going on?   The editor-in-chief sized her up carefully. Her face looked pretty good and she had the temperament of a classic beauty. However, not everyone who simply looked good could … Continue reading Chapter 65.1

Chapter 64.1

   🙂 Chapter 64.1 Accident     The clock hanging on the wall had already pointed to eleven when Chen Qingyang was still tirelessly scrolling through the forum on Pujiang’s website.   Today, there was a big event happening on the forum. A big pink author from Pujiang, A Field of Chrysanthemums, was hung on a … Continue reading Chapter 64.1

Chapter 63.3

I promised it would be soon... 🙂 : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂    we zooming to the end sisters! Xixi     They didn’t stay in An Yi’s studio for long. Mo Zhen went directly to the reception with Li Yan. As Li Yan watched the elevator climb past each floor, her heart felt as … Continue reading Chapter 63.3

Chapter 58.1

next chapter   just finished my AP psych homework to translate this. I have frozen to dear death in good ol canada, I literally have to walk backwards from school to home because its -30 degrees celsius outside and I'm fluffy ass penguin facing an arctic blizzard.   In order to accommodate Mo Zhen's schedule, … Continue reading Chapter 58.1

Chapter 57.2

I'm triggered b/c there's no text font option on my new website. Also 2 days till the olympics and EXO IS PLAYING AND IM SO SHOOK AND SO SHOOK, but I also have karate practice all weekend....   LOOK AT MY NEW WEBSITE!!! LOOK! IT TOOK ME 2 DAYS! GOD I HATE TECHNOLOGY!   "Ah," Li … Continue reading Chapter 57.2