Chapter 65.2

so, xixi grabbed scissors, and gave herself bangs. after watching a youtube video called cutting bangs at 2 am. lol.     Chapter 65.2 The photographer was fed up, "You’re looking at your boyfriend, not your homeroom teacher! Relax and smile a little sweeter!"   Li Yan: "..."   The editor-in-chief buried his face on the side. … Continue reading Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65.1 Shooting   The editor-in chief's gaze followed An Yi’s pointed finger to Li Yan.   Li Yan was immediately shaken. Holy cow, what was going on?   The editor-in-chief sized her up carefully. Her face looked pretty good and she had the temperament of a classic beauty. However, not everyone who simply looked good could … Continue reading Chapter 65.1

Chapter 64.2

Although Chen Qingyang took the paper bag from Li Yan’s hands, she wasn’t in a hurry to open it. At this moment, she was more concerned about another issue, "A Goddess’s Kiss? The stylist who did your hair wouldn’t happen to be called An Yi right?"   Li Yan blinked a few times, her eyes shined … Continue reading Chapter 64.2

Chapter 64.1

   🙂 Chapter 64.1 Accident     The clock hanging on the wall had already pointed to eleven when Chen Qingyang was still tirelessly scrolling through the forum on Pujiang’s website.   Today, there was a big event happening on the forum. A big pink author from Pujiang, A Field of Chrysanthemums, was hung on a … Continue reading Chapter 64.1

Chapter 63.3

I promised it would be soon... 🙂 : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂    we zooming to the end sisters! Xixi     They didn’t stay in An Yi’s studio for long. Mo Zhen went directly to the reception with Li Yan. As Li Yan watched the elevator climb past each floor, her heart felt as … Continue reading Chapter 63.3

Chapter 63.2 Reception

  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (not that I'm celebrating it in any shape or form) Heyo friends, another chapter 😉 As always edited by Ocelot due to overwhelming support for #1, we are going to continue to translate good morning ghostie to the very end! Thank you for everyone who has stayed with me for so … Continue reading Chapter 63.2 Reception

Chapter 63.1

Hi friends! Xixi is back permanently! Yay! 2018 ended with a bang, but not a good bang... I ended up in the hospital too many times, and was finally diagnosed with VCD after being misdiagnosed with asthma for so many years. Then we had common applications due on Jan 1 and 2. So #rip to … Continue reading Chapter 63.1

Chapter 62.2

  Y'all, SAT scores come out tomorrow, pray pray pray pray pray for me. I went Grad dress shopping today and oh my lord are these dresses expensive, rip. I dropped calculus and now have 2 classes whoops!   Chapter 62.2   Mo Zhen looked at her for a while, then added faintly, "But I can … Continue reading Chapter 62.2

Chapter 62.1

  we got confirmed for the job!!! starting the week after next! $$$$ here i come, gotta save up for the university tuition next year Chapter 62.1 get ready for chapters coming this week!

Chapter 61.1

I think i got a job? I'm still waiting for them to finish reference checks though? I have drivers for four more days yall, rip me Chapter 61.1 In the living room, Chen Qingyang’s body that had just been dancing for joy stiffened. Even the lights that were non-stop flashing on Mo Zhen’s figure seem … Continue reading Chapter 61.1