Chapter 57.2

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Chapter 57.1

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Chapter 56

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Chapter 52

It was almost 1 am. Mo Zhen planned on washing up and sleeping after carrying Li Yan’s luggage into her room. Li Yan was also really sleepy, so she planned to take out everything and tidy up in the morning after she woke up. Her hand hit the bag swung across her shoulder as she … Continue reading Chapter 52

Chapter 51

When Li Yan opened her eyes again, the sun was already shining through the curtains.  It was hard to tell it was transparent because with only a look, it felt as if she was being surrounded by a warm light. Li Yan picked up her phone at the side of the bed and looked at … Continue reading Chapter 51

Chapter 50

  Until the end of today’s shooting, Li Yan was still caught in the “Move to my house and come live with me ” whirlpool. Looking out the window at the scenery that ran farther and farther away from her own home, Li Yan turned to look at Mo Zhen. “Are you lost?” Mo Zhen … Continue reading Chapter 50

Chapter 49

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Chapter 48

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Chapter 47

xixi’s chemical woes continue: I didn’t realize I was really sensitive to Ethyl Acetate until my head felt like splitting apart. sigh brought to you by Ocelot and Moi Chapter 47 Mo Zhen didn't know if it was a trick of the light, but he felt that Xiang Yunze seemed a little different than usual … Continue reading Chapter 47

Chapter 46

brought to you by ocelot and moi. Chapter 46 2 weeks of school left! When Li Yan woke up after her fifth nap, the Arabic numerals on her phone screen flashed 15:00. Her habit of being able to have a nap anywhere was a problem, especially since her working environment did not support this habit. … Continue reading Chapter 46