Chapter 4

Mo Zhen somehow always failed at kicking the cheeky ghost out of his house, even though she had caused so much trouble, he never could bring himself to actually kick her out. After putting a sleep mask on his face, Mo Zhen laid on his bed to finally get a good night’s rest. The night was … Continue reading Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Mo Zhen irritably pressed the TV remote, flipping through channels until finally stopping at an entertainment news station. The female TV presenter was beginning to explain what exactly was going on. Although you could not see her face on the TV screen, it wasn’t hard to imagine how excited she was by the tone of her … Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 2

It was only for a small moment that Mo Zhen stared blankly at her, he then pretended not to see her and drove the Land Rover straight into the garage. When he came out of the garage, the woman was still sitting in the doorway, her position unchanged. The rain continued to pour down from the … Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

  Chapter 1 Hazelnut   The airport’s LED advertising screen was playing a women’s shower gel ad, the handsome man that had appeared on the screen was causing many women to subconsciously slow down their pace as they walked by. Xiang Yunze lifted his head to glance at the advertisement screen, it was obviously a … Continue reading Chapter 1