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Chapter 192: In Mrs. Jier’s House

“What are you saying now?” Past misdemeanors being brought up once again.., Song Nan’s grew red from his neck to his face, even his eyes seem to be spitting fire as he glared at Mrs. Song, “Manage your daughter well”

“What do you mean my daughter? My daughter is not your daughter?” Mrs. Song retorted adamantly.

The old husband and wife continued to argue, back and forth, tit-for-tat. Irked by these noisy people around her, Song Jiuyue headed to the garage in large strides.

“Dajie,” Song Jiumei suddenly called out.

Song Jiuyue turned back, looking annoyed as she faced Song Jiumei.

Song Jiumei asked pitifully, “Young Master Gu is going to let his lawyer to deal with me. What should I do?”

Song Jiuyue’s cold voice answered, “Then let his lawyer handle it! You brought this upon yourself!”

There was only one word to describe Chen Jianping: grandiose. Clothed in gold and jade [1], splendorous and majestic. A staircase cut from expensive marble stone, the thick carpets and jade statues screamed extravagance.

When Song Wuyou first entered the hallway, she had a moment of disorientation, as if she had just returned to a grand palace built by Dongfang Xuan. It was jarring to her senses.

“What kind of tea do you like, or perhaps other beverages?” Mrs. Jier warmly received Song Wuyou into her house. She was dressed in a deep violet qipao, waist long hair secured up in a soft bun using a jade pin, exuding an atmosphere of noble dignity and elegance.

Being asked this question, Song Wuyou suddenly thought of the Black Chicken Chrysanthemum Soup Gu Yanhao made for her. Subconsciously answered: “Chrysanthemum.”

Mrs. Jier smiled, “Okay,” and turned around to instruct the maid to bring Song Wuyou a cup of chrysanthemum tea.

“Next month, one of the days is my eldest son’s birthday, and another is my wedding anniversary. I want to dress up a little more on these two days.”

Mrs. Jier smiled faintly as she explained to Song Wuyou, “I would like you to design two beautiful qipao for these two occasions. Mrs. Gu, I hope my request is not too much.”

After all, she was Mrs. Gu, her status was there to see.

Song Wuyou shook her head, Mrs. Jier’s courtesy made her feel a little flattered. “Not too much.” She added, laughing, “If you feel uncomfortable, just remunerate me some.”

Mrs. Jier was stunned at first, and then her face bloomed, “Sure! Of course I will pay you!” Mrs. Jier clasped Song Wuyou’s hands warmly, “I don’t know why, I feel as if I knew you from the moment I saw you.”

Song Wuyou lowered her eyes, looking at her hands in between Mrs. Jier’s. This was the first time someone held her hands in this manner.

“Mrs. Jier, it takes time to complete a dress, why don’t I start by taking your measurements.” Song Wuyou said, looking at Mrs. Jier.

“Good, I’ll tell you the colors and patterns I like.” Mrs. Jier led Song Wuyou gently by the hand to the first floor, to her room.

While Song Wuyou took measurements, Xu Jing jotted down everything in a notebook. Mrs. Jier listed all the things she liked, from colors, to flowers, to patterns, etc.

When everything was done, Mrs. Jier kept  Song Wuyou for tea, chatting as they tasted some snacks. In between, Mu Gu  called Song Wuyou.

Mu Gu: “Wuyou, Ah Hao is traveling, are you bored?”   (T/N: This sounds like a booty call, hahaha)

Song Wuyou: “Not bored.”

Mu Gu: “Oh, I was thinking if you’re bored, come to my ranch. Mu Xin is on term break, you can bring Xu Jing too. It’ll be lively!”

Song Wuyou: “Another day, I’m at Mrs. Jier’s house right now.”

Mu Gu was surprised hearing that, “You’re in Mrs. Jier’s house?”

After exchanging a few more words, Song Wuyou hung up. Thinking that she could ride and shoot arrows at the ranch, she was slightly tempted.



[1] Grand, dazzling, (a little over the top?)

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