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Chapter 211: Don’t Treat Me Cruelly and Viciously

Song Wuyou’s heart skipped a beat as she faced Gu Yanhao directly. Is this the way he spoils her? She smiled, “What if I totally turned into a cruel and vicious woman?”

Gu Yanhao, who seemed infected by her smile, concurred: “Fine. As long as you don’t treat me cruelly and viciously,” he said, lowering his head to give Song Wuyou a soft peck on the lips.

A heated blush rose up her cheeks. Feeling shy, she glared at him, “Don’t mess around!” How many times has she reminded herself not to be tempted by him? But why, when he kisses her, does her heartbeat accelerate uncontrollably? Sometimes it felt as if it stopped for a beat. These feelings, she somehow…. likes them.

Gu Yanhao flashed a wicked smile at her, “Messing with you is not breaking the law.”

Song Wuyou gritted her teeth: “Careful. I might castrate you.”

His long arm reached out, wrapping around her shoulder and gently pulling her towards himself.

“You’re willing? You’re willing to make an eunuch out of me? En?” The man’s voice was low and deep, every word and sound hammering on Song Wuyou’s heart.

“What’s there to feel unwilling about?” Song Wuyou swatted his arm away. She was uncomfortable being held like this.

‘It seems you haven’t totally fallen in love with ‘him.’ I don’t blame you. ’He’ is to blame for not performing up to standard. Tonight when we get back, I will make ‘him’ perform well, so that you will fall in love with ‘him.’

“Drive!” Song Wuyou glared at him, thinking he’s nothing but a shameless rogue at the core.

Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out again, pinching her cheek while holding back his laughter. His voice grew huskier, “I already said, don’t treat me cruelly and viciously.”

“Depends on your performance.”

“My performance will only get better and better, especially my night time performance.”


The next morning, Song Wuyou insisted on being discharged. She could walk, she could eat, and she felt great, therefore she wanted to leave the hospital. Gu Yanhao agreed. He, too, disliked places like the hospital; the villa is the best!

Seeing Song Wuyou being discharged, Xu Jing, who had yet to recover fully, was adamant about being discharged as well. Knowing the dullness of staying in the hospital, Song Wuyou agreed, and Gu Yanhao instructed Ah De to process both people’s discharge procedures.

Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao walked out of the hospital building and she frowned, feeling strange. Mu Gu had come to visit her everyday since the day she was admitted, but it was already noon today and Mu Gu had yet to show up.

Song Wuyou was thinking to recuperate in the villa for some days and then go to the ranch. Mu Gu’s ranch was big. There were horses and even bows and arrows. It was a perfect place for her to make her body fit again.

Once they were back in the villa,  Gu Yanhao told her to go rest. However, thinking of the impending date of Mrs. Jier’s wedding anniversary and her eldest son’s birthday, she was anxious to get started on both of Mrs. Jier’s qipao.

While she was still in the hospital, she’d already sketched out the designs and sent pictures of them to Mrs. Jier. Mrs. Jier was very satisfied with both of them.  Now, she only needed to make them accordingly. The fabric and other accessories were readied at the company, but Gu Yanhao objected when she said she wanted to go to the office.

“Song Wuyou, your body is not made of steel, go lie down and rest!” Gu Yanhao put on a grim face, looking at her sharply.

“I need one week’s time to complete one qipao, two means half a month. If there are places Mrs. Jier is unhappy with, it will need to be altered. Very soon it will …”

“Tell her to hire someone else!” Gu Yanhao cut in.

“Since I am the one who promised her, I cannot break my promise.”

“You just came out of the hospital.”

“I recovered well, my mind feels great.”

“If you exhaust yourself, everything becomes nonsense.” Gu Yanhao looked deeply at her, “First, rest for today. Go to the office tomorrow.”

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