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Chapter 228: Some Things, One Must Know Not To Cross The Line

Mrs. Jier smiled naturally, “The qipao she tailored is perfect.”

Chen Junhua’s eyes narrowed at Mrs. Jier. The look he gave Mrs. Jier became even sharper and more cutting as if he wanted to see through every hidden secret inside Mrs. Jier’s soul. A tingling guilt rose in Mrs. Jier’s heart as she looked away, “I’m going in first to change out of this qipao. The dinner event is in a few days.” With that, Mrs. Jier stepped towards the villa living room.

“Mom, don’t you feel Mrs. Gu’s eyes look similar to yours?” Cheng Junhua moved his body slightly to the side, his penetrating gaze never leaving Mrs. Jier.

Mrs. Jier’s heart trembled at the question, stiffening entirely.

Cheng Junhua continued to look deeply at Mrs. Jier, “Mom, some things, one must know not to cross the line.”

Mrs. Jier was stunned, completely bewildered as she looked wide-eyed at Cheng Junhua.

“Everyone says Mrs. Jier is cold, standoffish, and dislikes socializing, but seeing the two of you coming out together just now, it seems both of you are very friendly.” Gu Yanhao easily maneuvered the steering wheel, taking a quick glance at Song Wuyou beside him, a smile on his face.

“Is Mrs. Jier cold?” Song Wuyou shook her head, “She treats Mu Xin very well.”

“Mu Xin is her future daughter-in-law, it’s granted she treats her well.”

Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao, “You’re saying that it’s not normal that Mrs. Jier treats me well?”

Gu Yanhao gave a low, gravelly laugh, focusing on the road with a good mood, “Sis Song didn’t prepare dinner for our tonight, let’s eat out.”

“Up to you.”

Gu Yanhao glanced sideways, rakishly raising an eyebrow as he slid a look at Wuyou..

They arrived at a high class romantic restaurant. Entering the restaurant, a quiet and elegantly decorated dining venue came into view, totally unlike the usual noisy restaurants. There was a long passage before one reached the dining area, laid with thick red carpet. Famous artworks hung on either side of the wall. This passage gave the impression of exclusivity and elegance.

Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou were led to the dining area by a friendly waiter. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere in the dining area was very romantic, with soft lighting and an exquisite atmosphere. Song Wuyou noticed that most of the customers at the tables consisted of one man and one woman… couples, pairs. She suddenly thought of it as a lover’s restaurant. She looked at Gu Yanhao, but he merely smiled at her. Not knowing why, meeting his smile, Song Wuyou’s heart softened a little.

Gu Yanhao selected a table close to the window. Sitting here, they could enjoy the restaurant’s back garden view.
After Gu Yanhao placed the order, Song Wuyou asked, “Why did you pick this place?”

“This is a nice spot, we can enjoy the garden view outside.” Gu Yanhao gazed softly at her as he answered.

“I’m not referring this table, but this restaurant. Why come to this restaurant to eat?”

Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow, “You don’t like this restaurant?”

Song Wuyou glanced around, saying, “This is a lover’s restaurant.” They even had a small dance floor in the center, playing a slow piano tune in the background that suited the restaurant’s atmosphere very well.

Gu Yanhao’s lips curved up at the corners, “That’s right, it’s a lover restaurant. Even the name is very romantic, Love You.”

“That is crude, not romantic.”

“As long as you let the other feel your love, it doesn’t matter, even if it is a bit crude.”

Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao as if she was looking at a stranger. Laughter bubbled from her throat, “Since when have you turned into St. Valentine?”

Gu Yanhao’s bewitching eyes looked deeply into Song Wuyou’s as he purred, “When I’m in front of you.”

AN: Young Master Gu Shao, want to chase our Miss Song, bring out some sincerity.

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