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Chapter 248: Abuse the ‘Bitch’

Gu Yanhao flashed a mischievous smile at her, “With you changing the dressing everyday, you can hit it anytime.”

Song Wuyou was rendered speechless, “Aren’t you the least bit worried it would get infected and not heal?”

“If there’s you changing the dressing for me everyday, taking care of me every day, it doesn’t matter even if I don’t heal in my entire life.” Gu Yanhao cupped her small face in his hands, staring at her sincerely, “You look beautiful when you concentrate on taking care of me.”

“Beautiful…” your damn head!

Not waiting for the rest of her words, Gu Yanhao lowered his head, pecking on those pair of lips that had been tempting him the whole morning.

“En…” She tried to wriggle away in refusal, but Gu Yanhao kept her head in place with a hand at the back of her head and another hand on her back. Her refusal, to him, was useless. In fact, it roused his interest and pleasure as he deepened the kiss from gentle, soft nibbles to deep powerful sucking. In a matter of moments, Song Wuyou’s reason was sucked away by his fervent hot kiss, leaving her mind blank. Even her body started to loosen.

Entering the living room, this was the scene Song Jiuyue walked into, causing her to freeze on the spot.

On the sofa, the man’s body slightly leaned forward, almost pressing down the woman under his body, kissing with abandon. The woman’s hand that was placed on his abs to steady herself was now circled around his waist. Their undisguised postures and ambiguous atmosphere made Song Jiuyue blush red just from watching, not from shyness but angry jealousy.

The Gu Yanhao of her heart is kissing Song Wuyou, the person she loathes the most!

Song Wuyou was robbed of her breath from the kiss. Her limbs went limp, and she unconsciously moaned a few times…

These few moans of ‘en’ were extremely lethal to Gu Yanhao, but to Song Jiuyue those sounds were so vulgar and harsh to her ears.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Song Wuyou caught sight of Song Jiuyue woodenly standing in the living room. Her white blanked brain instantly cleared as she regained her senses.  Her arms reached up, sliding up to Gu Yanhao’s back and over his shoulders, teasing him with intermittent light and heavy touches, even taking the initiative to be more proactive despite her awkward kissing skill… Her response triggered an even more ferocious kiss from Gu Yanhao.

Song Jiuyue watched, her heart flipping with jealousy, pain, and dismay. She bit on her lower lip while her ten fingers dug into her palms, enduring, holding in her tears so as not to let them fall in front of Song Wuyou. Still, her eyes were red-rimmed…

“Young Master Gu…” Song Jiuyue took a few steps forward, interrupting this passionate moment.

Gu Yanhao continued what he was doing as if he did not hear anyone. Instead, he seemed even more frenzied, biting Song Wuyou’s lips that were already red and swollen from his kisses.

“Pain…” Song Wuyou trembled, pushing him away.

But Gu Yanhao admired her red swollen lips, “Red and swollen, such temptation.”

His words made her blush, still she shot him a fierce look, questioning, “Were you trying to kiss me or bite me?”

“I want to eat you up.” His voice was low and slightly hoarse, stealing away others’ soul without trying as he leaned in again for another kiss.

Song Jiuyue felt awkward and out of place being ignored. Trying her best to suppress the burning jealousy in her, she called out to Song Wuyou: “Wuyou.”

“F*ck!” Gu Yanhao’s thin lips were just about to touch Song Wuyou’s. Being hindered, anger lingered in his voice.

Song Jiuyue’s heart jumped in fright, searching Gu Yanhao’s face with trepidation she uttered, “Young Master Gu…” She made an effort to soften her voice, like gentle spring water.

Song Wuyou pretended to be shy, lowering her chin to her chest to cover her face, pulling her shirt into place, and tidying her tousled hair.

Gu Yanhao stared daggers at Song Jiuyue, crude and sharp, “Aren’t you supposed to be in the office at this hour? What do you want running to my house?”


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15 thoughts on “ENH C248

  1. fan63 says:

    That’s too good for this sister. Even though she never participated in the wickedness she stayed silent and benefited by it.

    Thank you for this update

  2. eksentrysyti says:

    So… do people just not lock their homes now? Any ole slut can just waltz on in?

    Yep, Song Jiuyue needs to die soon. Somehow I don’t feel we’ll get the satisfaction of that soon.

    • Som says:

      Horrifyingly, my sister-in-law doesn’t lock their house.
      Don’t the rich folks all have gated access to their lawns, before you ever get to the house? Perhaps that’s why they couldn’t be bothered? But then, how did SJY get past such a gate?

      And, no, I get the feeling SJY is a cockroach who won’t die so easily.

    • fan63 says:

      Right . Sis Song was told to let her in so she could see him half naked. Yan Hao just moved things up a notch killing two birds with a hundred kisses.He got his pleasure arousing Wu You and sending Jiuyue’s heart into a beggars wasteland .

      Thank you for this update

      • Som says:

        Wow, how’d I forget they let her in? Ah well, she’s still a cockroach. One with deeply insulted and injured feelings, but a cockroach.

  3. Leyira says:

    I’m sad to miss the GIFs when I can’t get to the story every day 🙁 Do you have an archive for them, maybe? 😀 😀 hehe

    I also need to go reread to figure out where Sis Song came from. In the beginning it was just the J-something maid that now works with her at the Gu Group, but I can’t remember when this Sis Song came along. Too many Songs in here hehe

    Thanks for all your work!

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