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Chapter 268; A Strand of Long Hair

Gu Yanhao’s eyes were like cold and penetrating icicles as they swept over her before falling on the red palm print on Song Wuyou’s face.

“What happened?” A flash of distress emerged in his cold eyes.

A cold smirk tilted up the corner of Song Wuyou’s lips, “What could have happened? Got beaten.”

“You did that?” His cutting cold eyes shot a glance at Song Jiyue, stating an obvious fact.

“………” Song Jiuyue did not answer. Was there a need to? The answer was so obvious. Song Jiuyue felt useless and helpless at the same time. She was as proud as she ever was, but everything shattered when she stood in front of Gu Yanhao.

“Song Jiuyue, you dare to hit someone in the workplace?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes became sharper, colder, and merciless.


“You’re fired.” Gu Yanhao cut off her words.

Song Jiuyue’s eyes widened in shock! She was dumbfounded as she looked at Gu Yanhao: “W-What?”

He’s going to fire her? Didn’t that mean she wouldn’t even have the chance to be close to him anymore? (TN: This after you just slept with someone else? E/N: 하하하하하!)

“Young Master Gu, I…”

“Before you scram, apologize to Wuyou.” Gu Yanhao didn’t bother to give her a chance to explain.

“……..” Song Jiuyue quivered inwardly, looking at Gu Yanhao with a woeful expression. He wants her to apologize to Song Wuyou? She could feel the entire design department hovering at the door, yet he’s making her apologize to Song Wuyou in front of so many people? Must he damage her dignity this way?

Song Wuyou’s hand lightly touched her burning cheek. Noticing her action, Gu Yanhao shot another dagger look at Song Jiuyue: “Apologize!”

At this point, Xu Jing brought some green ointment for Song Wuyou. Gu Yanhao reached out, taking it from Xu Jing’s hand. As he helped Song Wuyou with the ointment, his cold voice sounded, “I do not wish to say it a third time!”

Song Jiuyue’s hands clenched into tight fists, hot tears brimming in her eyes: “I’m not apologizing! I’m not wrong!” Song Wuyou deserved it!

“Xu Jing, call the police.” Gu Yanhao ordered.

“Young Master Gu, I’m your employee.” A chill spread over Song Jiuyue upon hearing Gu Yanhao’s order to call the police, but Xu Jing really took out her mobile and called the police.

Song Wuyou suddenly held Gu Yanhao’s hand, “Forget it.”

Gu Yanhao was way distressed looking at her red and swollen cheek, “Forget it just like that? You were hit!”

“Not to the extent of calling the police.”

“Dare to hit then she must accept the consequences.” Gu Yanhao frowned.

Song Wuyou cast a glance in Song Jiuyue’s direction saying, “Dajie is just distraught because of mother and younger sister’s death, so she’s acting out of norm. I can understand. Forget it, let her go. Forget about the apology and the police.”

Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth, glowering at Song Wuyou.


She’s acting in front of Young Master Gu!

“It’s swollen.” Gu Yanhao used a finger, light tracing her swollen face.

“It’s nothing, it will subside.” Song Wuyou brushed off nonchalantly.


Looking at the ointment on his finger, she answered lightly, “Not so much after applying the cooling ointment. It doesn’t burn.”

His gaze turned stern, “Didn’t I say, just bully them back without mercy?”

“That’s my eldest sister.” She indicated Song Jiuyue with her chin. When their eyes met, her gaze held provocation.

Anger swelled inside Song Jiuyue watching this, watching Song Wuyou.

Then, Gu Yanhao suddenly turned over, looking at Song Jiuyue, “Why are you still here? If you want to apologize to Wuyou, then do it immediately, otherwise, leave instantly. You’re already fired for hitting a colleague in the office. Go to Human Resource for the termination procedures.”

Woe became resentment and tears threaten to fall from Song Jiuyue’s eyes as she looked at Gu Yanhao. Does he feel joy treating her this way? Was there satisfaction in trampling on her dignity?

Song Jiuyue shot Song Wuyou a final fierce glare before turning around and rushing from the office. She did not go to Human Resource for any termination procedures, but rushed all the way out of the Gu Group building and hid in a corner to cry.

Her tightly clenched fist slowly unfolded in front of her eyes. In the crook between her fingers was a long strand of hair she pulled out when she slapped Song Wuyou.  Song Jiuyue stared emotionlessly at the strand of hair for a full minute before an eerie smile crept up her face.


Gu Yanhao ordered Xu Jing to bring back two hard boiled eggs from the company cafeteria. He then insisted on personally rolling them over Song Wuyou’s face. He even deliberately left the office door ajar, putting on a full husband and wife public display of affection for the entire design department.



Hard-boiled eggs over bruises is like a home remedy.


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  1. Dongfang says:

    Someone is hitting herself… shooting herself in the foot… whatever, somethng tells me SJ is recieving due punishment

  2. eksentrysyti says:

    Now why would you leave your chief enemy alive like that? She’s crazy and desperate at this point. At this point, she’s likely to get a gun and kill Wuyou before committing suicide. You don’t leave someone like that alive and running wild…

  3. fan63 says:

    She snatched a hair. I guess she wants to see if she is the “real ” Wu You.I wonder what the tests will show. Jiuyue should die right along with her mother and sister.She’s got to do her own dirty work now.

    • Som says:

      Ah, the tests will show she’s related to Mrs. Jier, and thus her sons, the middle(?) of whom Song Jiuyue just slept with. The sons who quite possibly want Song Wuyou dead. For what? I have no idea. This chick’s got every family member trying to kill her from way back. They’ve only succeeded once, so far…

  4. joellyanne says:

    They should just call the police as SJ guilty of a lot of bad things against SW. Also what’s with the hair strand? Thanks for this chapter.

  5. Leyira says:

    Who freaking cares about your “dignity”??? YOU don’t even care about it, obviously! Sleeping with that guy the first time you meet him and still thinking you can get close to GYH? Whatever brains you had died with your mom and sister.

    I don’t like that ominous smile though, what kind of mischief can she get up to with a strand of hair? Too much, me thinks.

  6. Klaruza says:

    When I have a bruise on my face (from hitting wall or knocked into wardrobe) a cold egg , tomato or ice always helps
    And I have a feeling that SJ will use that hair for something….. haaahh this girl why can’t she leave the couple and hook up with that guy.. CJ(?) He’s a good catch… then we will have our peace

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Novelana says:

    When I read the part when she have a hair of Wuyou I honestly think that she will go to a witch to curse her. Then I checked the comments and boommm oh yeah DNA test. Really funny tho.

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