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Chapter 296: Quarrel (1)


Clad in casual sportswear, she was still that beautiful!  With a high ponytail, bright and youthful, so beautiful that there seemed to be a deer ramming his heart. {TN: meant his heart is racing hyper fast]

Sis Song standing a step behind at his side glanced at him with a weird expression on her face.  ‘This Young Master Gu is really temperamental! The last two days his face was pulled together like a angry sourdough, but now he’s smiling so charmingly, spring in his eyes, so… seductive!’

The moment Song Wuyou stepped into the living room, the dashing Gu Yanhao entered her eyes. The picture dazed her: the faint smile on his lips and the hint of tenderness in his eyes as he looked at her…

Her brows creased slightly,  “You don’t have to work today?”

The smile on his face deepened, “I came back just to wait for you.”

Looking at his warm eyes, Song Wuyou asked, “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Come here,” Gu Yanhao’s voice sounded like a caress, soft and gentle.

Song Wuyou stepped closer to him, then she smelled a light flower fragrance. Her gaze floated to his back.  Seeing this, Gu Yanhao shifted the roses to the front, handing it to her as expectation flickered in his obsidian eyes, “For you.”

Ah De, who walked into this scene while carrying the luggage, was dumbfounded.  ‘Since when did Young Master turn into a Romeo?’

Song Wuyou took a glance at the beautiful roses with a perplexed expression, “Why suddenly give me flowers?”  Valentine’s Day and Qixi had passed a while back?

“Flowers go with beauty,” Gu Yanhao said seriously. His voice was like music to the ears, captivating.

Song Wuyou took the flowers, neither hurried nor guilty as she said, “I’m going up.”

Gu Yanhao: “……………”

Just like this? This indifferent response after giving her flowers?  Gu Yanhao turned around, eyes narrowed as he followed her figure until she disappeared upstairs.

Xu Jing walked past in front of him holding two paper bags. As he looked away from the staircase, his caught sight of two rolled up paintings inside the paper bags. The temperature in his eyes fell: “Stand still.”  Xu Jing’s feet stopped as she looked at Gu Yanhao, confused and baffled. Gu Yanhao reached Xu Jing in one quick step, already unrolling one of the paintings.

Mu Gu’s painting!

This painting was different than the one he saw before. The painting he saw before was of a woman sitting on a swing, whereas this painting showed a woman clad in war armor, riding on a horse with one hand aiming a long spear. The scene in both paintings differed but the woman remained the same.  Looking at this painting caused tremors in Gu Yanhao’s heart. Holding the painting, he grabbed the paper bag from Xu Jing’s hand and marched upstairs.

Xu Jing stared after Gu Yanhao stupidly, what kind of situation was this?

In her room, Song Wuyou casually placed the bouquet of flowers on the vanity table, then walked into the attached bathroom.  Just as she closed the door to the bathroom, due to the strong breeze from the window, the flowers on the vanity table close to the window rolled down to the floor.

When Gu Yanhao walked in and saw the roses he gave her lying abandoned on the floor, his eyes darkened. This woman doesn’t like the flowers he gave her? Even if she doesn’t like them, was it necessary to throw them to the floor?

When Song Wuyou walked out of the bathroom she was surprised to see Gu Yanhao there, but when she saw his hand was gripping a painting until it was all wrinkled, she was alarmed and rushed up, her voice raised, “Gu Yanhao, how can you treat my paintings this way?!” When her fingers were close to taking the painting back, Gu Yanhao shifted his body slightly, blocking her.

Gu Yanhao looked at her sullenly, his voice ice-cold, “You like this painting very much?”

“Give it back!” Song Wuyou circled around his body, taking a step forward, not realizing his flowers were at her feet. The delicate petals crushed under her foot.



AN: Since Young Master Gu was so full of himself, it is time to feed him some bitterness. You guys don’t feel pain, okay?



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