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Chapter 77: Competition Result (1)

Gu Yanhao gazed went directly to that model, not looking away.

That walk made him think of Song Wuyou. This was the way Song Wuyou walked when she first returned from the hospital. .

The model on the stage was calm, unhurried, and poised as she made a complete round on the T-shaped runway. She did not need to strike any poses to display the dress to maximum effect.

From the moment this model appeared, An Zhanggong put his mobile away and looked only at the model. Watching the model, his surprise gradually turned into amazement. As he looked, he fell into a daze…

The dress she wore looked as if she was a fairy walking on clouds, akin to a holy maiden sitting on a lotus blossom.

Beautiful, noble, elegant, calm…

Like the immortal fairies showed on television dramas, or the Empress overlooking the world could not hold a candle to her.

The journalists’ long lenses zoomed onto the model, captivated, mesmerized… none of them knew if they had taken any photos.

It was as if the entire world paled in comparison to her brightness, drawing a clear line between mortal realm and the realm above.

“Dajie, who is that?” Song Jiumei was nearly shrieking.

Her voice startled Song Jiuyue out from the ‘humming’ in her head.

Indeed, she was a designer. The moment she saw this design, she instantly felt the championship slipping away from her fingers. The more she looked at the model on the stage, her brain seemed emptied of everything, and in the end there was only the sound explosion in her head.

“How would I know who she is?!” Song Jiuyue glared back at Song Jiumei instead.

They were agitated, and Gu Yanhao sitting in the row ahead of them was also agitated. Behind the clear obsidian pupils, tidal waves surged as he stared fixedly at the model. His resolute face was stretched taut as if he was holding something back.
The woman on the stage wouldn’t happen to be her, right?

Just as the model finished making a complete round of the T-shaped stage and was preparing to leave, the media seemed to be injected with adrenalin. Everyone awoke from their daze and the cameras went ‘flash flash flash’ like a machine guns on automatic.

Even the judges forgot to blink while staring at the model.

It was not because of how beautiful the dress was, it was the perfect combination of that dress and that model that lifted the presentation to a stellar level.

The white veil created an air of mystery.

Who is she?

What does she look like?

Gu Yanhao was mesmerised, staring in the direction of the model until she disappeared from sight when she returned backstage. When he caught sight of her back, a trace of surprise flickered across his eyes.

It’s her!

An Zhanggong looked over. Catching the rare appearance of shock in Gu Yanhao’s expression, the corner of his mouth arched devilishly in an inexplicable smile. As if he felt An Zhanggong’s eyes on him, Gu Yanhao suddenly turned around and asked loftily, “That design is Anmei Group’s?”

An Zhanggong smiled elegantly, his deep amber eyes were very calm, “I look forward to finding out to who that design belongs to, just like you.”


The competition ended after several sessions of voting, and now it was time to present the prizes. Ten models stood in a line up on the stage as the emcee for the night hyped up the moment. In order to build suspense in a prize giving ceremonies like this, they would present the prizes from the lowest to the highest rank.

As names were announced from the bottom to top, Song Jiuyue waited nervously.

The final moment drew closer and closer.

In the end, there were only three models left on the stage. One wore Song Jiuyue’s design, one wore a design from Anmei Group, and the last one was the model that awed everyone.

Of the five designs she had on stage, only one was left. Song Jiuyue’s heart tightened uncomfortably.

“Is everyone nervous?” The emcee’s sweet voice echoed in the large hall. Cheers erupted from below the stage as spotlights flickered crazily around the venue.

The emcee smiled sweetly, “Next , I’m going to announce the second runner-up. The designer is…”

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