Chapter 60.2

Hello friends 🙂 today is the day I turn 17 years old!!!! ::)))))) SEVENTEEN MY DUDES!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO XIXIXIIXIXIXIIXIXIXIXIIXIXIIIX (still jobless, unable to drive, lmao whats changed)     I applied to a chapters in my city, pray to dear Emperor Mo that I get the job please i celebrated with my mum today … Continue reading Chapter 60.2

ENH C282

Hi guys,  Last chapter of the week and I'll be tied up next week, so apologies chapters will be delayed till the week after! Edited by Ocelot

ENH C278

The heat made my gum swollen and my tooth ached (Read danger level cranky mood) Edited by Ocelot as always, though I sometimes forget to mention it on posts. But everyone knows right?