ENH C282

Hi guys,  Last chapter of the week and I'll be tied up next week, so apologies chapters will be delayed till the week after! Edited by Ocelot

ENH C278

The heat made my gum swollen and my tooth ached (Read danger level cranky mood) Edited by Ocelot as always, though I sometimes forget to mention it on posts. But everyone knows right?

ENH C275

xixi note: HAPPY 1 MILLION VIEWS on ITS SO FLUFFY TRANSLATIONS 🙂   That massage lady did a good job! I felt like I've been run over kind of sore, but man, the tight muscles, especially the back feels liberated!

Chapter 60.1

#almighty zhen zhen please cure my cold #almighty zhen zhen please let me not fail my permutations and combinations math test on thursday #almighty zhen zhen please let me do well on my psychology test on friday #almighty zhen zhen please let me finish my macbeth essay on time #almighty zhen zhen please let BLACKPINKS … Continue reading Chapter 60.1