Ink Eyes- Prologue

Prologue- break and fall




She steps forwards as they call her name, listening to the quiet whispers that echo in the grand hall, her name being repeated in a silent prayer over and over again.

“She will curse the fate of the one she loves.”

The beautiful deities repeat those words as they converse with each other in silent whispers, some give her pity, but most of them have an expression that says they think she is unwise and stupid, because after all, who would reject the most powerful’s god of all realm’s proposal.

She would.

All of the 68 beautiful goddesses sitting in the Heavenly Emperor’s flower harem, she was the only one to have the strength to reject the proposal. She still remembers her friend, the Peony Goddess telling her, “I will live through it.” as she was whisked away by the man she did not love, but had to endure to survive.

But what are they living for?

The ones who have never lived, will never know.

The girl laughs and looks among all the beautiful faces staring right back at her, the humans on earth call them deities,

but in her heart,

she calls them cowards.


Milleniums ago, wise and brave men and woman cultivated using their own strength and power to become high deities that deserved to live in upper realm, but after they had children, and their children inherited their titles, the wisdom that had once gotten them to the highest peak was lost through the generations of the deities that only knew how to waste their immortal life and play.

She is different.

The Goddess of Fate is not a title handed down through the generations and generations, but instead the Goddess of Fate will always remain childless, and to choose their successor, they take a girl from Earth and she then becomes the new Goddess of Fate.

She does not remember her previous life, she only sees blurry faces from time to time and a land that she no longer can recall. But she does not need to remember; the feelings of living and being human, will always be there. She knows the feeling of happiness, and she also remembers the feeling of the pain of losing someone very precious, although she does not remember who she lost or how, the emotion is still vividly printed in her mind.

She still remembers deciding carefully deciding the fate of a pair of lovers that she had very so admired, and then one day, finding out that one of the Gods had killed off the boy for amusement. And when she had confronted him, his excuse was, “It doesn’t matter anyway.” All she could do was walk coldly back, her eyes piercing and her chin held high, because she at that moment had realized.

To know how precious and valuable a life is, one must lose a person they love.

And these Gods? They’ve never lost anything in their entire life, let alone know how to love.

And as she takes the cup from the servants hands, with all of the beautiful deities staring at her with wide expressions, she tilts her head back and drinks, her eyes as clear and unwavering as ever.

she would’ve never have thought that she would go back to the Human Realm once again after her previous life,

but this time,

She has nothing to lose.

break and fall.



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