I have a very weak physique, from a light headache to a cough to lying in bed with a high fever.

  Therefore, Ling Jun has always been very strict with what I wear and eat. For example, I cannot eat too much sugar because many young people develop diabetes nowadays – it is necessary to start restricting from childhood. My stomach isn’t very good either and it is easy for me to develop gastritis. If it goes on like this, the possibility of getting gastric cancer cannot be predicted, therefore all pickled foods must be banned and foods like sticky bean chili sauce were definitely impossible.

  So my old age … no, even my youth was quite miserable; I always needed to watch what I ate.

  Once, when I was having dinner at Ling Jun’s house, because of my addiction to sweet and spicy things, I very cautiously pulled Ling Jun’s clothes and whispered, “I want a little bit of vinegar.”

(TN: Chinese vinegar is very different from vinegar in the English-speaking world. Chinese vinegar can be put on anything and everything, it’s not like the vinegar used abroad)

  ”You think you can still eat?” I had just gone to the family doctor yesterday to buy stomach medicine, so Ling Jun reckoned that I still had thick skin and thus chuckled very angrily.

  ”A little bit, nu po (a little bit).” I said lowly.

  Ling Jun’s mother could not hold it in any longer and sympathetically roared, “What’s wrong with eating a little bit of vinegar, why aren’t you letting her eat vinegar?!”

  Ling Jun side-eyed me for a moment, probably thinking that I had a very good scheme- looking for the right time and place to deliberately look pitiful in front of his mother and demand vinegar. However, this is of no use. When Ling Jun is strict, even his mother’s pleas are ineffective.

  ”Fine, only a little bit, but do not even think about touching it for a month.”

  ”…” I am miserable, but can only nod.

  Actually, in my heart my thoughts were like this: Buddha is a foot, the Dao is ten feet, do you think I will easily give in?

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