My first love’s name is Ling Jun and I’ve been passionately in love with him for seven years. My teenage years passed into adulthood as I grew from an age where I stupidly didn’t understand love to having a current full set of wings and also learning the warm and bitter things in life.

  Ling Jun is called Ling Jun because his name has the letter L. His character is also simple and plain like a white piece of paper – a nickname for Zero.

  I still remember the first time I saw Ling Jun. I was in Italian language class.

  At that time, living abroad was very unfamiliar to me and I could not speak the language, thus I deliberately went to a cram school to learn.

  The cram school was run by a Roman Catholic nun that adored Chinese culture. The teacher was Italian, so he would ask some Chinese students that spoke Italian very well to translate. Ling Jun was one of them.

  When I saw that the teacher was Italian on the first day class, I was frozen on the spot. As I thought how to pronounce these foreign words, Ling Jun broke into my line of sight. I vaguely remember that he was wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt and jeans. His one hand leaned on the door as he panted, “Sorry for being late. “

  Looking back, I don’t recall seeing Ling Jun’s face, I only know that his voice was very nice to listen to – even now I still have that impression.


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