Since I was young, Ling Jun has always been the person to pick up my messes.

  He will not allow others to scold me half a sentence; once we get home, he will personally teach me and make me miserable.

  I usually make a lot of trouble in his home; after I had smashed a bowl and Ling Jun’s mother asked what had happened, Ling Jun would reply, “I smashed it.”

  When I spilled water all over the ground, Ling Jun would shout, “I spilled the water.”

  When I used too much force to close the fridge door and almost dismantled it, Ling Jun would immediately react, “I closed it.”

  As for the last few days, I do not know why I was playing on his bed, but after jumping on it a few times, I had accidentally broken his bedpost.

  Ling Jun’s patience had finally run out as he laid a brick under the bedpost. Just as he was about to lecture me, his mother asked, “What’s wrong with your bed?”

  Ling Jun clenched his teeth as he coldly glared at me, “I jumped on it!”

  It can be said that I’m single-handedly carrying a very good pot on my back.

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  1. Sakura Natsume says:

    Oh my, this story is really adorable.😆😆😆😆
    Just what I was looking for!😁😁😁
    Thank you for your hard work!😊

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