Ling Jun seems very scholarly and warm on the surface, but in fact, his possessiveness is quite strong and his ability of getting jealous is truly first class.

  A few days ago, I went to a relative’s friend’s house for a night. Their home coincidentally had a boy that was a similar age to me who was raising a ragdoll cat. Since I love cats, I was eager to take a few pictures.

  When I phoned Ling Jun before going to bed, he replied with a hidden bitterness in his tone, “Coming back?”

  I could tell his tone wasn’t right, my heart beated like a small drum as I trembled, “Not yet …”

  Ling Jun replied coldly, “Then do not come back.”


  He had probably fantasized a “I and that ragdoll cat little brother love each other, a loving couple playing with their cat” scene.

  A man’s heart is like a needle on the ocean floor – really complicated.

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