There were many people supporting Ling Jun when we were dating. Ling Jun’s character is very good and his EQ is quite high, so many people- including all the class teachers and the principal, liked him very much. They were all Italian so their thinking was quite open and would often use small tricks to help Ling Jun chase me.

 There were several Italian teacher who were familiar with my parents; knowing that my family was very strict about going out, they would drop by my lobby and take me to the party. But in reality, they would transfer me into Ling Jun’s arms and wink at him and say,  “If you need help next time, remember to come to me. “

  Ling Jun smiled and nodded.

  I shivered in his arms, what kind of tricks did this guy use to win these people over?

  The relationship between my family and me is not very good- it could be described as pretty bad. Thus, a lot of the lessons in life were taught to me by Ling Jun – including the scientific profession.

  He was a teacher and a friend.

  Even when I was attending the same high school as Ling Jun, the English teacher would deliberately find Ling Jun to talk about my poor performance.

  Ling Jun’s arms that hugged me were made of steel; after he had simply tutored me, I had passed. 

 The English teacher looked at my results with a satisfied heart, “It must’ve been Ling Jun who had tutored you right?”

  Inside my heart: I beg you to stop reporting it to him, I can’t stand it anymore.

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