Chapter 10

Ah Yao’s eyes widened, this snake even dared to say it online! Was she afraid that her 15 seconds of fame wasn’t going to be enough?

Scrolling down the forum, Ah Yao stared at the following reply.

“Landlord, you’ve said enough, please have some sanity at least?”

“A City. Do not ask me who I am, please call me Lei Feng.”

“Oh, the landlord does not have a picture to prove the truth,  please post ghost photos as evidence.”

“Landlord, do you know that it is illegal to trespass houses?

“Calling all friends:) # help Landlord on the forum #”

The landlord had gone into hiding after posting, but it seemed as if the ridicule from the other members had angered her, to avenge her wrongful humiliation, she replied stating that she was in fact, Mo Zhen’s assistant, even posting a few very clear and high quality pictures of Mo Zhen in the studio.

So this forum had reached a new level of excitement \ \ \ tide, after all, the landlord had posted a photo of the studio, even if she was not Mo Zhen’s assistant, she must have inside connections.

The forum was completely on fire by now, Mo Zhen fans and the Mo Zhen black powder people had completely started a war in an endless stream of words, fighting and battling away in the forum.

Ah Yao looked at the war of words breaking out into the forum, she decided that since things were going to be this way, she would not hold back in her reply.

[ She’s just a two-faced stalker ah! Do you do not see that all of these photos are all candid?! This snake had planted cameras and bugs all over the house! Even Mo Zhen had found them! “]

The moment the post was sent, Ah Yao felt regret in her heart. She had seemed to accidently have revealed a big secret.

Sure enough, the building immediately fired up.

“(⊙ o ⊙) !! bugging and camera??? Uncle police, please arrest this person!!”

“OMG, Sadako has appeared once again! Sadoko is it true that she is the assistant?

“Landlord and Sadako are all fake, and identification is complete.”

“I only care about Emperor Mo’s chastity, is it still there?”

“The landlord, give us Mo Zhen’s address, then we can remain as friends.”

“What’s the best way to help a mental patient? You just need to dial 120 for her.”

Ah Yao saw reply after reply being spit out, and sincerely prayed Mo Zhen would never visit this forum.

Turning off the computer, Ah Yao skillfully floated onto the second floor, and began the duty that she did every night- watching Mo Zhen sleep.

When he was awake, Mo Zhen’s appearance was always elegant and courteous- with a touch of coldness; he was a little different when facing Ah Yao, instead he was like an active volcano that could erupt at any given time. But when Mo Zhen was asleep, the entire person seemed as gentle as the crescent moon in the sky, there was no kingly aura around him and no irritable roar; he was simply like a child, a reminiscent of his teenage years.

Squatting in front of the bed and staring at Mo Zhen’s sleeping figure, Ah Yao felt that this Mo Zhen in front of her was the true Mo Zhen.

The breeze blew into the room from the slightly opened window, making the white curtains gently sway back and forth. The white silk and Mo Zhen’s black hair gently swung, only Ah Yao’s body and clothing remained untouched and still.

Glancing at this scene, Ah Yao could not help but think, if she was alive right now and met Mo Zhen, what kind of scenario would it be?

The closer she was, the more she could feel the distance between each other.

Looking at the sleeping figure, Ah Yao smiled, “Good night,  landlord.”

Perhaps searching for the bug and the camera the night before had caused too much effort, but this morning, Tang Qiang’s usual call had failed to wake up Mo Zhen, it was only due to Ah Yao grabbing the quilt, that it finally woke up the sleeping beauty.

Ah Yao’s method of waking him up usually caused the roar of Mo Zhen early in the morning, Ah Yao clutched her ears as she looked at Mo Zhen opening the closet and rummaging through clothes, and then slowly floated out of the room.

A few days ago because of Xiao Xi, Ah Yao was free from any chores and duties. But now that Xiao Xi was, more or less, gone for good, Ah Yao has to shoulder the responsibility of making Mo Zhen breakfast.

Listening to the “Bing!” sound of the toaster, Ah Yao brought the toasted bread onto the plate.

When Mo Zhen finally reluctantly woke up with annoyed expression on his face, he went downstairs and wanted to eat a lemon, but when he opened the refrigerator door, he froze for a moment, “When were these things delivered?

Of course, “those things” referred to the things he had bought online a couple days ago..

Ah Yao glanced at the refrigerator, replied: “Yesterday, ah, Xiao Xi delivered it.”

Hearing Xiao Xi’s name made Mo Zhen frown, when he had called Tang Qiang yesterday, he seemed to mention something about Xiao Xi delivering food.

Slender fingertips moved the food in the fridge one by one, and finally fell on a jug of milk. Just when he was about to grab the jug of milk, Ah Yao roared across the room, “No! You just had stomach pain last night, today you can’t eat or drink cold things from the refridgerator.”

Mo Zhen heard the words, and looked at Ah Yao funnily, “What position do you have?”

“Um … tenant?”

“Goodbye.” Mo Zhen took out the milk and closed the refrigerator door.

Ah Yao saw Mo Zhen turn away, but persevered, “If you do not listen, I’ll make trouble in your home!”

Mo Zhen’s mouth twitched, “Then do not blame me when I find an exorcist to send you away.”

Ah Yao: “… …”

This was her Achilles heel, her only weakness.

Although she was a supernatural female ghost, but other than her talent of causing trouble, she really did not have any practical skills.

Mo Zhen watched as Ah Yao bowed her head and stared at the floor mopingly, the milk was ready on the table, he picked up the cup to pour a cup of warm water.

Just when he had finished two slices of bread, his cell phone rang, showing Tang Qiang’s name on the screen. Mo Zhen frowned, picked up the phone and walked out the door.

At the studio, Tang Qiang informed Mo Zhen of the punishment Xiao Xi would face and walked with Mo Zhen to the car.

Although the company expelled Xiao Xi from ever having another assistant job ever again, but every time Mo Zhen thought about her holding his quilt in his bed, he could feel goosebumps rising on every inch of his body, “Tang Qiang, my bed must be replaced, you help me find one as soon as possible.

Tang Qiang was stunned for a moment and did not ask for the reason, and a part of him did not really want to know.

Tang Qiang pulled out a computer, and turned it on, when Ah Yao got closer, she was surprised to find the Cape Forum flat out being displayed on his screen!

Forget about the prayers she made yesterday, of course Tang Qiang would check the forum, she was too careless!

Ah Yao at this moment had a very sad expression on her face, in her mind she could already hear Mo Zhen’s angry roar playing in her head.

Tang Qiang scrolled down to the , [Mo Zhen really is the fruit pudding powder, there are plans to have the truth,] post.

“You see, we have confirmed this landlord, is indeed Xiao Xi, I have already contacted the moderator to delete the post, and it should soon be settled. And yes, I also used your microblogging to tell your fans that the information revealed in the forum were only just rumours and nothing more.”

“What’s the problem then?” Mo Zhen swept the computer a glance, when he saw the post of his fruit pudding, he evidently frowned.

“The problem is this.” Tang Qiang, holding the mouse’s slid down the forum and stopped at a page, “14:36 ​​pm, Xiao Xi said there was a ghost in your home.”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Ah Yao: “… …”

“It’s not only that, look here.” Tang Qiang scrolled down on his mouse, “At night, an ID named Sadako announced in the forum that Xiao Xi had planted cameras and bugs in your home.

Mo Zhen’s eyes slowly drifted over to look at Ah Yao, Ah Yao shiver and took a step back, smiled and floated out of the car.

The temperature in the car was too cold, she needed to get out in the sun to feel warm again.

“This Sadako person had also posted on the forum about you before the Xiao Xi incident had ever happened and so on.” Tang Qiang’s fingers typed a few things on the computer keyboard, the screen displayed the page where Ah Yao had attempted to tarnish Mo Zhen reputation with her secret information about him.

Mo Zhen looked at the words on the screen, his face turning more and more black. Tang Qiang stared at the computer screen, a thoughtful look was displayed on his face, “The most surprising is all the things they had said was true.

Mo Zhen’s veins on his forehead bulged, and his mouth turning into a sneer, turned around and looked at Tang Qiang, “Oh? So you think I am rude and arrogant, and a narrow-minded, petty man?”

Tang Qiang’s eyes widened, and he hurriedly smiled at Mo Zhen, “how could I say that? What I mean is that the fact that you have a poster of yourself in your bedroom and that you like to eat fruit pudding are both true.”

Mo Zhen did not speak and continued to look at the smiling Tang Qiang.

Tang Qiang wiped his face, and then said to Mo Zhen “Mo Zhen, tell me the truth, do you have a woman?” If he didn’t have a girlfriend, how could the fact that he had a poster of himself in his bedroom even be known? And Tang Qiang had even gotten someone to check Sadako’s IP address, they really were really posted with Mo Zhen’s home computer.

Mo Zhen had his head down but did not speak, he finally nodded after a moment.

Tang Qiang’s mouth straightened into a flat line, and said to: “Mo Zhen, I don’t oppose of it if you do fall in love, but it will easily cause trouble in the entertainment industry if you aren’t careful.” Tang Qiang did not know how far Mo Zhen and this woman had gone, but Mo Zhen had never taken a woman home for his entire life, now that this information has already been published online, it really showed how much Mo Zhen treated her differently from others.

“Rest assured, I will sort it out with her.” Mo Chan scrolled down randomly and found himself on the page where someone had accused him of getting plastic surgery, his mouth frowned even more deeply.

And the Tang Qiang who had been completely shocked silent by Mo Zhen did not notice this change.

What did Mo Zhen mean, admitting that he really did have a woman? And sorting it out with her… … it wasn’t on the bed that she would be sorted out right… …

Tang Qiang did not know what to think, his face had suddenly became a little red.

Mo Zhen endured his anger and turned a page and once again saw the name of Sadako ID.

His scrunched up eyebrows loosened a bit, he clicked the small red X box on the right hand corner of the display screen.

Hmph, even though you insulted me yourself, you still defended me from others.

When Mo Zhen had turned off the computer and got off the Bentley, Tang Qiang had still not recovered from his thoughts.

He had been at Mo Zhen’s side every day for years, but in the end, when Mo Zhen had a woman, he didn’t even know!

With his pride as a talent agent on the line, Tang Qiang’s self-confidence had dealt with a serious blow.

After Ah Yao had drifted out of the car that morning, Mo Zhen had not seen her all day in the studio. After finishing his work at night, Mo Zhen drove home, turned on the living room light, loosened his necktie and sat down on the sofa.

“Come out.”

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