Chapter 15

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The provoked fans on Weibo quickly jumped into the bloody battle, and in the end, the blood that was spilled belonged only to the enemy. The only good thing about the photo that had pictured Mo Zhen sitting alone in the amusement park ride was that the angle of the shot had been extremely complicated, and the lonely and helpless side profile of Mo Zhen brought out the angst and desperation from his thousands of fans.

This was like sprinkling salt on a fresh wound to Mo Zhen’s fans, and across the screen you could hear the hissing and anger of young devoted girls across the country. The fans that were hit and abused before, felt like they had drunk an instant miracle elixir, their waists and legs were no longer sore, and with a deep breath, they battled onto the 7th floor.

(TN: if I remember correctly, floor is like a page in a forum, correct me if I’m wrong)

Because of the difference in strength and numbers, the bloody battle between the enemy and the fans did not last very long, Song Ni and her new boyfriend had been cursed and beaten until they had no bones left. Ah, and that not very famous boyfriend, early into the first round had been skinned by Mo Zhen’s fans.  Incidentally , they found out that he was only a new fashion magazine model.

Mo Zhen looked at the bloody battle unfolding before him. The truth was that, even though it appeared that he went to an amusement park alone… … it was really not related to Song Ni in anyway. When he saw a fan’s comment, “Song Ni, to cheat like this, you really make me envy you,” he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

However, to suddenly be cheated on, this did not match Mo Zhen’s usual elegant and cold character.

So Mo Zhen issued a statement on his Weibo.

I do not know how the rumors started, but Song Ni and I have never been in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. This has never happened. I went to the amusement park because it was my birthday, since I had a half-day holiday and it was on the way. Would to ask Weibo to bless Song Ni and her boyfriend, may they live a hundred years together.

When he posted this on Weibo, his fans quickly reposted in the thousands. Some fans commented that Mo Zhen was a very good person. There were also many who wished them a hundred years of happiness with him, and even more were there fans confessing their admiration to Mo Zhen.

Mo Zhen was scrolling through 2 pages of comments, when his phone on the table suddenly started to vibrate..

Lowering his head to glance at the screen, Mo Zhen picked up the phone, “Tang Qiang, what’s up?”

“I have just seen the post on Weibo about Song Ni cheating. Don’t be too excited ah, Emperor Mo.”

Mo Zhen quickly glanced at his just posted Weibo statement, and lightly said: “I am not excited, I even made them a post to wish them a hundred years of happiness.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

He cried a little internally and went to see the post Mo Zhen had just posted.

He had drawn a very clear line about the relationship between Song Ni and him, his statement was very well thought out and prepared, it was not flawed, like water that could not leak, it was done genuinely and sincerely.

Well, even though he really did have a clear line in his relationship with Song Ni, this was not the result the company had wanted. As an artist, fighting with his own-affiliated company, was definitely not an easy thing, but for his agent, it was even more difficult work.

“I will contact you if I need to about the follow up report.” Tang Qiang said these things with a pale face. Some of the happiness in life was not shared;  he was someone who really deserved to be pitied . Mo Zhen, however, did not take these things to heart. Anyway, he had already decided that even if the contract would end up being broken, he could always find another company to make a new contract with.

Even if Mo Zhen did leave Kai Huang, he would still always be Mo Zhen.

He hung up the phone on Tang Qiang and dialed the number of Yunze, his name appearing on the screen.

Pressing the call button, Mo Zhen had not spoken a word when a sound of a greeting traveled to his ear, “Emperor Mo, happy birthday, you have officially entered the ranks to be an old man.”

The corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth lifted, “I remember we belong in the same year, and you were even born in the first half of the year.”

“I’m not the same as you, Stars like you can only fall as they get older, but scholars, like me, will become more wise.”

“… I think you have insulted both the stars and the scholars.”

“I am very honored.”

“… …” Mo Zhen took a breath, smiled and said: “Are you finished now?

“If you really cannot find someone to accompany you to the amusement park, I might be free.”

“Goodbye!” Mo Zhen hung up the phone, and flung it by his bed. After three seconds, he picked up the phone and put it back beside his ear, but this time he did not give the other party a chance to respond: “That Li girl finally woke up?

Ever since he and Yunze had last spoke on the phone, they have had no contact with each other. Both of them were busy with their careers, and they did not need to maintain their relationship through frequent contact.

But the Li girl incident, he has taken that matter carefully into his heart. Although Yunze did not take the initiative to mention it, he could not help but ask him.

“There has been no change.” Sure enough, mentioning the Li’s little girl had made Xiang Yunze’s attitude turn 180 degrees, “But the doctor told us not to give up hope. He said that there was a patient that had slept for 3 years and finally woke up recently. ”

Mo Zhen’s mouth twitched, would she have to sleep for another 3 or five years to wake up? Do you really have to wait for her?

But this question could not be easily asked. Mo Zhen’s lips folded into a straight line, and facing the phone he said: “She is so young, there certainly should not be a problem.”

“Yeah …” Yunze was silent for a moment before replying, “I was going to invite you to dinner tonight, but her condition suddenly changed so I was delayed.”

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, “How is it now?”

“It’s stable now, why else would I be in the mood to call you?”


# Too honest #

Hanging up the phone once again, Mo Zhen had his hands on his pillow as he laid on his bed, only to see Ah Yao in a posture parallel to his, face to face, and floating in the air.


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I thought I would discuss this, but compared to Chestnut’s other characters, Mo Zhen is an ice block with a laser forcefield, just look at my baby Song Nanchuan and Qiao Yichen, they are so hopelessly in love with their girls they can’t even see clearly. But the reason why i like Mo Zhen so much, *hides*, I’m sorry but it’s very k-drama and asian drama fans dream, HOT MOVIE STAR FALLS IN LOVE BECOMES A HOT AF ICE BLOCK, plus *hides behind bush* I LOVE THE ICE COLD CHARACTERS  THAT ARE HOPELESS THE MOST OUT OF ANYTHING, *cough cough* what can I say I love tsunderes male characters.

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Chapter 15.2

Her hair could even sweep his face.

Mo: “…”

“Is your friend’s friend okay?” These words were from Ah Yao’s mouth, but all Mo Zhen noticed was the opening and closing of her little innocent mouth.

Do not look, Mo Zhen internally chanted as he turned his body to face the window, “You have medicine?”

“…” Ah Yao choked, straightened her body, and drifted to the window, “You are a really boring person.”

Mo Zhen glanced up and looked at Ah Yao and grinned at her, “It’s boring so I’m going to sleep now, you can go out.”

Ah Yao’s mouth flattened into a line and whispered: “Looking will not eat any meat.”

(TN: idiom for, looking will not cause any harm, referring to Ah Yao’s cough cough habits of staring at Mo Zhen while he sleeps)

Mo Zhen’s smile deepened, “What did you say?”

Ah Yao smiled back at him, “I said good night, Mr. Mo.”

July 25, was still a sunny day. At six o’ clock as usual, Tang Qiang’s wakeup call came on time just like every other day. Mo Zhen hazily woke up, picked up the phone from his bedside drawer, and said a few vague words, his voice as if it was still in a deep sleep.

“Mo Zhen, you don’t have to go to the studio today, but come to the company at nine o clock.”

When Tang Qiang finished, Mo Zhen’s side was silent for a moment, when he spoke, his lazy sexy voice asked: “What time is it right now?”

“Six o’clock.”

What time do I have to go to the company?

“Nine o’clock.”

“I want another agent.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

Mo Zhen hung up on Tang Qiang, threw his phone somewhere, and fell back asleep. When  it was seven o’clock, it was Ah Yao’s turn to wake him up. Irritated and sitting up on the bed, Mo Zhen messily rubbed at his mass of black hair.

When he got out the door, it was already eight o’clock. He  had to drive very quickly to barely make it on time.

“Why aren’t you going to the studio today?” Ah Yao sat in the passenger’s seat beside him. This was her first  time going to Mo Zhen’s company. Her  heart was beating very fast, although she did not really know why she was so excited.

“Don’t know.” Although Mo Zhen had said this, in his heart he already had a faint idea as to why.

Because it was morning rush hour, the traffic on the road was blocked in both lanes. Fortunately, the car he was driving today was a low key Land Rover , because  if he were  recognized there was no way to run away or escape.

Kai Huang’s headquarters was located in the city center and it often had fans loitering around the main entrance for a lucky chance to see their favourite stars. However, recently, since it was summer break for students, the amount of people near the main entrance of the building had multiplied. It  was as if it was main tourist attraction in the city.

Putting his signature sunglasses on, Mo Zhen pretended to be one of the staff and low-key drove into the underground parking lot. As he passed the main door, many fans stopped and stared at the Land Rover, but after they examined for it a while, they did not find any suspicious clues so they returned to looking for any celebrities near the main entrance.

After stopping the car, Mo Zhen walked into the elevator and pressed the floor 36 button on the elevator wall.

The elevator rose all the way to the top floor, with people occasionally coming in or out. Some  of them were the company’s staff, and the few others were artists belonging to the company. Ah Yao looked at the waves of people coming and going and discovered that when they met Mo Zhen, they would always take the initiative to say hello to him. There e were many who had to deliberately hide the excitement in their eyes as they stood beside him.

Although they belonged to the same company, it was not every day that they would have the chance to meet the great Emperor Mo.

More and more people got off as the elevator rose, until there were only a few people standing in the elevator. Finally, when the elevator stopped at the 36th floor, there was only Mo Zhen in the elevator.

The 36th floor was Tang Qiang’s office, and Mo Zhen’s lounge was also on this floor.

A “bing ” sound was heard, and the two brightly colored left and right elevator doors opened. Mo Zhen walked out of the elevator, looked at the corridor, and turned to the left.

Ah Yao glanced at the long and bright corridor, excitedly  looking around her. Tang Qiang’s office was at the very end of the corridor. Ah Yao looked at the large hall in front of her.  The  golden sunshine shone from the huge window that covered the entire wall, making the walls have a warm and sunny glow.

There were definitely people in the lobby. Looking at the wax shiny floor, 2 silhouettes vaguely appeared in the reflection of the floor. The  voice of the two girls traveled to the end of the hall, though the sound was too quiet for Ah Yao to hear clearly.

Mo Zhen’s footsteps were very light, like a silent cat in the night. Since Ah Yao was floating in the air, she also did not make any sounds with her movement. The people in the lobby had not noticed that someone was coming so they  continued to talk among themselves, and seemed to have reached a new topic. Even  the level of their voices had increased.

“If I knew that Emperor Mo was so lonely that he would go to amusement park by himself, I would’ve made a move!”

“Have you gotten his phone number?”

“Hey, a while ago, I took advantage of Tang Qiang going out for a while, and secretly went into his office to look at the company’s internal phone addresses.”

“If someone finds out, you’ll be dead! … So, what’s his phone number?”


Mo Zhen listened to their dialogue without speaking, hesitating on whether to walk in or not.

“Compared to this, the death of Song Ni’s reputation last night was even more exciting!”

“I’ve seen this too, and all I have to say is that I’ve done a modest effort for this crusade!”

“Ha ha ha ha me too!”

The young girls’s silver-bell like laughter was even more appealing in the warm glow of the sun. Mo Zhen’s sun-bathed appearance and the girl’s laughter appeared in front of each other in the hall.

However, the silver bell-like laughter ended abruptly.

When the sun appeared in all of its magnificence, the heavens and the earth were only left with two words.

The wild lion, Emperor Mo appears behind the bush, the magnificent sun bathes his golden mane, as he appears in front of the lionesses. *speaks in documentary narration voice*

I apologize for my mentally unstableness, but what can I say, I’m a gemini, all of us are unstable most of the time.

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