Chapter 17

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Chapter 17.1

“Zhang Chengyi may have gotten into some trouble with Senior Tang!” Han Mei Mei put the cover sample Tang Qiang had given her on the table, her fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard.

BOSS is a Big pervert: why? Is it because he does not want to succumb to Tang Dong’s pity?

Nine Pairs of Plums: woah slow down, Senior Dong isn’t like your family’s boss, he does not go home and play with small boys.

BOSS is a Big Pervert: don’t say it out loud! It sounds bad if you say it straight out like that! But today, An Ge (brother An) and Luo BOSS came to the company together, they even went into a small dark room together!

Nine Pairs of Plums: But if it’s like what you said, Mo Zhen and Zhang Junior were also alone with Tang Qiang in his office.

BOSS is a Big Pervert: Wow, his taste is very heavy!!

(TN: if you don’t get this… well… umm…if you are underage it’s good that you don’t get this…)

Han Meimei was about to reply with her hands on the keyboard, when Tang Qiang’s door was pushed open. Mo Zhen’s right slender leg had just walked out the door, but Han Meimei had already at the speed of light logged off her QQ and with a “woosh”, she stood up from her chair and bowed respectfully, “Emperor Mo, have a nice day!”

Mo Zhen glanced at Han Meimei from the side, he did not reply and only continued to walk down the corridor…

Watching as Mo Zhen’s back gradually disappeared in view, Han Meimei patted her chest and sat down in her chair once again.

Nine Pairs of plum: Emperor Mo has just left.

BOSS is a Big Pervert: Luo Big BOSS just came out of his office.

Nine Pairs of Plum: … … I have a very strange feeling.

BOSS is a Big Pervert: … … well that’s a coincidence, I also feel it too.

Nine Pairs of Plum: … … you say, do we need to call the police?

BOSS is a Big Pervert: … … report it ah, the earlier, the better.

The corridors were finally as empty as they were before, Ah Yao was flying in the air and making sure not to drift far from Mo Zhen, “I think that the words you said before were too harsh.”

“Were they?” Mo Zhen’s hands were in his coat pocket, the ends of his mouth slightly curled up.

Ah Yao felt that Mo Zhen’s smile was not a friendly one at all, but she decided to be brave and continued: “If you say it like that to him, it’s very easy for him to turn evil!”

Mo: “…”

“Do you really like Zhang Chengyi that much?” Mo Zhen walked to the front of the elevator and pushed the button, and then asked the question..

“He looks very handsome.” Ah Yao said honestly.

(TN: ah Ah Yao I have taught you well, if things must be admired, admire them with all your might)

“Oh, so not only does your brain have problems, even your eyes are blind.” Mo Zhen wholeheartedly despised Ah Yao, and completely did not notice that the elevator was going up to the 38th floor.

Ah Yao studied Mo Zhen’s elegant side profile and blinked, “But I still think you look the most handsome.”

Mo: “…”

Although he felt like she only trying to curry favour with him, but there was a strange feeling of happiness in his heart, what was this?

But there was no extra time for Mo Zhen to reflect on his feelings, the elevator with a “bing” sound suddenly opened its doors.

In the elevator stood a man in a suit, when Mo Zhen saw him, he scrunched his eyebrows up unconsciously in displeasure.

It was Luo Tiancheng.

Luo Tiancheng had obviously not had expected that when the elevators door opened, Mo Zhen would be looking back at him.

Almost subconsciously whistling, Luo Tiancheng eyes flashed a certain excited light, “Emperor Mo, such a coincidence?”

Mo Zhen stood motionlessly in front of the elevator and did not reply. Ah Yao looked back and forth at the two figures and could more or less grasp the situation, Luo Tiancheng in Mo Zhen’s eyes, was on the same level of Xiao Xi..

… …Oh my god, why were there so many two-faced people around this year?

The two were still in a deadlock when the elevator was about to automatically close, but Luo Tiancheng placed his hand between the doors to stop them from closing and said, “Emperor, you aren’t coming in?”

This was an invitation for war.

Mo Zhen’s lips went in a straight line and he coldly glanced at Luo Tiancheng before placing his right foot into the elevator.

As the elevator door closed yet again, Ah Yao stood in the middle of Luo Tiancheng and Mo Zhen, trying to separate the two of them- despite being transparent.

When the number on the elevator went from 36 to 35 and then 34, Luo Tiancheng finally spoke, “Mo Zhen, no matter when I see you, you are always so amiable.”

Ah Yao: “… …” Someone please come and help!

Mo Zhen only blankly stared at the elevator door, but his cold side profile only made Luo Tiancheng desire to conquer him even more.

He looked at Mo Zhen and smiled, he stepped forward, wanting to grab his arm, however, what was quicker than him was Mo Zhen’s flying fists.

“Boom” there was a loud noise, and the elevator shook a little.

Luo Tiancheng had been hit by the impact into a corner, he wiped the blood on his mouth with his backhand sleeve as Ah Yao exclaimed  at Mo Zhen’s vigorous skills.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she was literally “untouchable”, she knew for sure that on the first day they met, she would’ve definitely played dummy to Mo Zhen’s fists alright!

“Mo Zhen, your temper is still as irritable as that year.” Luo Tiancheng looked at the dark red stains on his sleeve, and as if he was remembering a pleasant experience, he laughed out loud.

“Don’t you just like little boys? I’m 26 this year. ”

Luo Tiancheng gazed at every corner of Mo Zhen’s body, not hiding the lust showing in his eyes.  “If that’s the reason why you are objecting, age does not really matter.”

Those lustful eyes made Mo Zhen nauseous and he frowned. He turned to stop the elevator, and at the 23rd floor, he walked out.

As Luo Tiancheng watched while Mo Zhen’s figure got farther away, his expression had a touch of laughter in it.

Suddenly, without any warning, the elevator lights were extinguished all at once, followed by an alarm sound ringing through the elevator as the elevator abruptly stopped.

Luo Tiancheng was caught off guard and his left shoulder had severely hit the side of the elevator wall..

It was already too late to bother with the severe pain in his shoulder as the main problem right now was the broken elevator. Luo Tiancheng, although he was not as scared as a screaming girl, was, in reality, trapped in 20 layers of high altitude and surrounded by darkness. Even his heart would be a little afraid.

Luo Tiancheng took his phone from his suit pocket Using the phone’s cold light, he reached forward to press the emergency alarm button.

Mo Zhen had not gone two steps when he heard the sharp alarm of the elevator behind him. He stopped and looked back, and then shifted his eyes to the one guilty, “Your work?”

“Absolutely not!” Ah Yao looked at Mo Zhen while shaking her head, “Look at my sincere eyes.”

Mo: “…”

Sorry I only saw the feces.

The security staff of the building came particularly quickly. It  only took three minutes for them to rush out of the elevator beside the one that was broken.

Mo Zhen had also decided to stay and wait on the 23rd floor. He  was very interested in how the security guards were going to rescue Luo Tiancheng.

The two head security guards rushed out of the elevator, but the first thing they saw was Mo Zhen standing in front of the elevator on the 23rd floor. The security guard on the right was obviously a huge fan of Mo Zhen, even his words were illegible as he spoke excitedly, “Mr. Mo Mo Mo Mo! Please give me an autograph!”

Mo: “…”

The left side security guard turned to his partner and knocked him on the head and shouted: “Fool!  This  is the time to ask ‘Mr. Mo, who is trapped in the elevator?!’ ”

The realization dawned on the right side security guard as he nodded heavily. He  repeated like a parrot what was just asked, “Mr. Mo, who is trapped in the elevator?!”

“Luo Tiancheng.”

The two security guards looked at each other and then they both shifted their gazes to the elevator door, “Mr. Luo, Mr. Luo! You still alive?!”

Luo Tiancheng listened to the buzz from above, frowned, looked up and shouted: “What are you dawdling for? Hurry up and repair the elevator!”

Hearing the voice of Mr. Luo shouting at them, the two security guards simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief and cried, “Mr. Luo, do not be afraid, we’ll soon come to save you!”

The left-side security began to use their tools to break the door. The  right side security guard, however, decided to use this time to appease Luo Tiancheng: “Mr. Luo, do not carelessly move around in the elevator, or else the elevator with fall!”

The security guard on the left stopped halfway in his movements. He  leaned closer to the right side security guard and yelled in his ear, “Fool!  Even if he doesn’t move, the elevator will still fall!”

“Hahahahahahahhhhahahahahahhahah.” Ah Yao appreciated that nobody could hear her and let out her laughter, “Those two are definitely your fans… They  belong in the idiot fan category.”

Mo Zhen’s bad mood seemed to have vanished in Ah Yao’s happy laughter. He walked toward the stairs, “Let’s go.”

Ah Yao floated alongside him, but reluctantly looked at the elevator, “Are you not going to continue to watch?”

“Not watching anymore.” Mo Zhen pushed the mahogany door of the stairs, not intending to go back to where the show was being held.

Walking down the stairs from the 23rd floor to the main floor was a very long journey. “You know, you can just take another elevator.”

Mo Zhen looked back at her, and laughed in a low voice: “Are you still not going to admit it was your work?”

Ah Yao bit her lips and said in a quiet voice, ” Who told him to want to take advantage of you? Even  I haven’t been able to take advantage of you yet… ”

Mo Zhen’s walking pace became a little unstable, his shoulder slightly shook as he turned to face Ah Yao, “What did you say?”

“Haha ha ha ha.” Ah Yao laughed out loud and bluntly transferred the topic into a different direction, “Oh yeah, he was talking about ‘that year’. What happened during ‘that year’?”

Mo Zhen turned his body to continue going down the stairs, “Nothing, it was just like today. I punched the living daylight out of him.”

Ah Yao stared at the back of Mo Zhen’s head intently for a moment, and made her own guess, “You are definitely hiding something.”

Mo Zhen glanced at Ah Yao and then nodded, “En, the last time I beat him up he lost a tooth. It  was even more tragic than this.”

Ah Yao: “…”

Mo Zhen did not take very long to reach his intended floor. Han Mei Mei  received the news from the security room and she could not wait to spread the news on QQ. “Your  family’s BOSS was trapped in the elevator and just climbed out!”

BOSS is a Big Pervert: …

Nine Pairs of Plums: And according to the security brother, he revealed that when your family’s BOSS came out there was some sort of bruising at his mouth! Although he himself said it was because he had gotten injured when the elevator went off, who is he kidding?!  What kind of position does one have to be in to get this kind of injury?!

BOSS is a Big Pervert: …

Nine Pairs of Plums: Did you get the main point?

BOSS is a Big Pervert: I’m just thinking about a new QQ name.

BOSS’s posture is very: ← how about this?

Nine Pairs of Plums: … …it’s like you’ve personally encountered it before.

BOSS posture is very *: … do not scare me.

BOSS’s posture is very:  Did the elevator only have Luo BOSS in it?

Nine Pairs of plum: Ha ha ha ha ha, you have finally found the loophole! Yes, the security brother said that Emperor Mo was waiting outside watching the play!

My king has super powers: I decided to use this name.

Nine Pairs of Plums: … who are you ah!

God Forbidden Zone 3 resumed shooting the next day and Mo Zhen was finally handed the updated version of the script. In addition to some deleted scenes which had  Song Ni in them, the rest of the script did not change much.

Mo Zhen took the script and turned two pages. He noticed that Song Ni did not come to the studio today. But whether the staff and actors were not aware of it, or they were just too smart to mention it, Mo Zhen did not know. However, if they did not mention it, he would not either.

He looked at the script, Song Ni had about 3 scenes left. This  was because her character had gotten the virus and it was GAME OVER.

However, the ability of the scriptwriter was really first-class. He  had planned it so that Song Ni would receive the long end of the short branch- using this method to try to cope with different sponsors.

Mo Zhen usually ate his lunch in the studio or in the dressing room. Every day , it was Tang Qiang who came and personally gave him his lunch. If Tang Qiang did not come, it was one of the crew members who would send him his lunch.

But when Mo Zhen looked at the unrecognizable bearded uncle in front of him, his eyelids unconsciously jumped in surprise, “Who are you? I seem to have never seen you before.”

“Uncle’s lunch.” The bearded uncle took out a greasy business card out from his coat pocket and shook it in front of Mo Zhen, “You have been eating my family’s lunch.

Mo: “…”

The uncle turned the business card to the back, and put it in front of Mo Zhen. “But yes, I have also have a side job: I help people catch ghosts.”

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows.

“Mr. Mo, I have noticed this for a very long time. Are you ghosted?”


and + shameless Ah Yao once again.

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