Chapter 18

Chapter 18: THE ENTIRE CHAPTER (are you proud of me? mwahahha)

The bearded uncle who Mo Zhen had never seen before stood in front of him. His jaw was circled with a very messy and frizzy deep black beard; when the sun shone on it, it was tinged with a slight gold colour. It was as if he hadn’t slept for a very long time. His  sagging down eye sockets were stained with an evident green-black shade of colour, even his pupils seemed to be clouded.

But as he looked at Mo Zhen, his eyes seemed to be extremely serious.

These strange words, if they came into the ears of other people, they would just laugh it off as casual nonsense. But Mo Zhen knew very well, even if it was only casual nonsense, the look in his eyes was  way too serious.

He looked up and glanced at the eyes of the bearded uncle. His heart had no reason to panic, yet it did. However, Mo Zhen was an actor through and through. During  this critical moment Mo Zhen had used his heaven-defying acting skills to conceal his restless heart.

The black pupils gradually dyed a layer of faint ridicule. Even  his rose-colored lips laughed in an expression that seemed to treat this as if the  person in front of him was madman, “I am sorry, but I do not believe in them.”

Mo Zhen’s reaction made the bearded uncle very surprised. He  bit his lips and continued to look straightforwardly at Mo Zhen: “Mr. Mo, I did not come to trick you, nor to deceive you. Although  this sounds a bit ridiculous, please believe in my professional judgement. ”

“Ah,” Mo Zhen sneered, “But I do believe in the powers of a mental hospital.”

“Ai, I’m not really sick.” The bearded uncle tapped his fingers on his thighs impatiently, as if he was in a hurry. He raised his finger and pointed to Mo Zhen’s side, and said, “She should be here, and it should be a ghost.”

The root of the rough index finger pointed to where Ah Yao was roughly floating around.

Ah Yao stared blankly at the finger, she then stretched out her hands and waved them in front of the bearded uncle “You can see me?”

But the bearded uncle did not respond. It  was obvious that he was unable to see Ah Yao.

Mo Zhen put down the lunch box in his hands and stood up from his chair, “Sir, if you still want to play around like this, I will call the police.”

Hearing this threat, the bearded uncle had already heard these words multiple times before. He quickly pulled an object from his pocket and put it into his hands. Ah Yao looked closely and discovered that the object in his hands was a yellow talisman.

Her heart had some mixed feelings, an uncle who sold lunchboxes could bring out a yellow talisman?! It would’ve made more sense if he had brought out a pot instead!

Even Mo Zhen was surprised for a moment. Not  waiting for him to react, the bearded uncle had already murmured a quick spell and then flung the yellow talisman in the air. The  yellow talisman began to catch on fire in mid-air.

“Ah!” The fire the yellow talisman emitted was very bright and blinding, Ah Yao quickly covered her eyes with her arm, but it was already too late. Her drifting figure gradually became unstable and finally, she suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Mo Zhen’s heart tightened. With  a clang, he abruptly stood up from his chair in shock. Ah Yao had disappeared very thoroughly, not even a single hair on her head was left.

Mo Zhen’s reaction to this scene was not small at all. It was as if something had been fired off in his brain, and  it felt scorching hot. He turned and looked at the uncle’s beard in a fiery rage, “What are you doing? Are you now using these tricks to deceive me?”

Mo Zhen’s figure was at least a head taller than the bearded uncle. As  he stood in front of him, his shadow fell onto the bearded uncle’s body. The bearded uncle’s eyes turned black. Being  looked down upon and despised by someone much taller than you did not feel very good.

If this person was like a burning flame, threatening him, this feeling was even worse.

The bearded uncle had been glared at coldly and remained scared motionless. Even the yellow talisman had withered onto the ground. By now, the noise had attracted many of the crew members who had hurried over to ask what was wrong.

Mo Zhen’s heart was restless, but he still quickly explained it again. After the crew members heard the story, they all exposed disbelieving eyes and tried to bring the bearded uncle out of the studio. But the bearded uncle stood motionlessly in place, still firmly believing that Mo Zhen was somehow entangled with a female ghost. No matter what, he wanted to continue catching the ghost.

Mo Zhen finally exploded! He he took the lunchbox on the table and stuffed it into the bearded uncle’s arms, “Do you believe that in the future, no crew will ever want to eat your family’s lunchboxes ever again?”

This was really a serious threat.

Although catching ghosts was the bearded uncle’s hobby, making lunchboxes was his family’s main business. This trick of Mo Zhen’s became instantly effective. The bearded man’s heart became sorrowful. Although  his  heart was unwilling, with his tail in between his legs he ran away.

Watching as the figure of the bearded uncle disappeared farther and farther away, Mo Zhen finally exhaled from his chest.

When the staff saw that the trouble had already left, they went back to finish their meals. Mo Zhen, however,  no longer had any appetite. He excused himself to the toilet, and taking advantage of everyone’s distracted attention, he secretly turned the corner.

Down the corridor, he called Ah Yao’s name a few times, but the only thing that responded was the warm summer breeze brushing through.

Mo Zhen eyebrows gathered together and he took out his phone from his pocket and quickly boarded QQ.

The Divine Scoundrel’s profile picture was grey. Mo Zhen opened the conversation box between himself and Divine Scoundrel.

“Master, do you know the ‘Prospering Lunchbox’s’ people?”

(TN: this is most likely the name of the business)

He waited for three minutes, but there was no response from the other side.

Mo Zhen’s patience was exhausted. He twisted his brows and stared at the phone for a while, and then finally logged  out of QQ.

The slender fingers quickly patted the screen, Mo Zhen searched his phone book to try to find a number he had not contacted for a very long time, he had no idea if

[The number you dialed is not connecting, please check and dial again]

Sure enough.

As he tiredly put down the phone from his ear, Mo Zhen heavily pressed the hang up button, he had put all of the troubles in his heart onto the small phone. Mo Zhen walked forward a few steps and called Ah Yao’s name, but when he did not get a response, all he could do was frown.

Just as he was about to turn a corner to go back, the phone sprung up as if it was being shocked.

Mo Zhen took out his cell phone and looked at it, the long string of numbers on the screen were identical to the number he had just caled. Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows and quickly accepted the phone call, soon enough, a man’s voice casually resonated through the phone, “What is so urgent?” If there was nothing, Mo Zhen would usually not contact him, but if there was something, Mo Zhen would contact him on QQ, but calls like this were extremely rare, it meant that Mo Zhen had a very urgent issue at hand.

Mo Zhen heard the man’s deep and sleeply voice, the hand around his phone tightened and he almost roared out, “Master, why is your phone always disconnected!”

He was never online on QQ, and his phone was always disconnected, who was he trying to play!

The voice on the other side was still indifferent, “They all said that only anyone worthy can be able to get through to my phone.”

Mo: “…”

Taking a deep breath, Mo Zhen did not want to argue with him on this issue, “Do you know the people at Prosperous Lunchbox?”

“Prosperous Lunchbox?” the person on the other side thought for a moment, “Their bacon fried rice is delicious. ”

There was silence on Mo Zhen’s side for two minutes before Mo Zhen finally spoke: “The boss of that place is a self-proclaimed ghost hunter did you know?”

This time it was the other side’s turn to be silent, “Mo Zhen, you keep a ghost around?”

Mo Zhen mouth moved, he did not admit and nor did he deny it, “The boss took out a yellow talisman, is it dangerous?”

The silence of the other side was longer, and finally with a compromised tone, he said: “Rest assured, if that man could really catch a ghost, he would have to resort to selling lunchboxes for a living.”

Mo Zhen was slightly relieved, the last time Ah Yao had disappeared she returned home after a while right after, would it be the same?

“But if you even told me that you are being ghosted, then you and that ghost are really too close.”

Mo Zhen was silent, of course, he knew that hanging around with ghosts would have an effect on his body, but he still did not feel anything strange about his body, so he could only indulge himself not think about this problem.

“The last time you contacted me, was it related to this ghost also?”


After pausing for two seconds, the other side finally spoke: “I will come back as soon as possible, when necessary, I can give you the amulet.”

“She is not malicious.” For some reason, subconsciously Mo Zhen wanted to defend Ah yao.

The other side was silent for a very long time, and he finally said only four words, “Ghosts and people are different.”


Mo Zhen had clearly known the truth since he was five years old, so he had always ignored the wandering ghosts seeking for revenge around him, but Ah Yao… …

Laughing at his own hypocrisy, Mo Zhen whispered against the microphone: “I know.” He escaped by only saying two words, Mo Zhen hurriedly hung up the phone.

As he walked from the corner, the director was already signaling to get ready for shooting.

Mo Zhen again took a deep breath and walked toward the studio.

Closed laboratory, the high end precision of instruments made the laboratory feel cold and sharp. Dr. Gao Sen sat in front of the computer as his fingertips quickly knocked on the keyboard. The contents on the screen constantly switched to the assistant in the thick camera lens, like playing a silent movie. The assistant stood behind Gerson and looked at the glasses on the bridge of his nose. “Doctor, the virus seems to start to have mutated.”

Gao Sen stopped the movement of his hands, he turned his body to face his assistant, his hand on his chin. The two of them stared at each other for a full five minutes until Mo Zhen placed his forehead into his hands. “Sorry, I forgot the words.”

“Cut.” The voice of Director Cui sounded in the room, “Rest for five minutes.”

The young actor, who played the high school assistant, bowed to Mo Zhen and went to take a break. Director Cui went to Mo Zhen and patted his shoulder. “What’s wrong Emperor Mo? You have never forgotten words before.”

Mo Zhen rubbed his eyebrows, and once again said he was sorry.

Seeing Mo Zhen look a little tired, Director Cui once again patted his shoulder, and did not say anything as he walked back to the camera like before.

Mo Zhen leaned on his chair to rest, and strived to make himself go back into the state of the character he was playing.

When the camera once again turned to Mo Zhen, he bit a lemon and finally found the feeling of Gao Sen once again. Watching the changes in Mo Zhen’s eyes, Director Cui nodded in approval.

A good actor should not only have solid acting skills, but they must be able to quickly readjust their state of mind.

The entire day of filming had finally ended smoothly at seven o clock.

Mo Zhen absently drove back home, since there was heavy rain pouring outside, he had to slow down his speed. Mo Zhen hated rainy days, his clothes would always stick to his body on these days, making him extremely uncomfortable.

The car drove back to the villa area, but the rain had not stopped.

The rain poured heavily onto the car as Mo Zhen looked at the villa in front of him, there was a woman sitting on the footsteps in front of the entrance of the villa.

This scene was exactly the same as the first time Mo Zhen had seen her.

Mo Zhen stopped the car, and walked to the woman sitting in front of his villa.

Ah Yao raised her head from her arms and saw the eyes of Mo Zhen looking back at her, her slightly pale face bloomed a bright smile like fireworks as she said softly, “Mo Zhen, you came back.”


The heart that had been restless all afternoon, had finally calmed down in his chest.

Emperor Mo is missing his poor little ghost wife

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