Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: the entire chapter !!

Lying on the sofa, Ah Yao looked up at Mo Zhen wiping his hair with a towel, completely dissatisfied as she complained, “That uncle is really annoying ah, he scared me so much. I thought this time I was really going to end up dead!”

Mo Zhen’s hand holding the towel paused as he reminded her, “You are already dead.”

“But your soul can perish, and you will never be reborn.”

” … your thinking is very…unique.” Mo Zhen put the towel on the large coffee table in the living room and turned to walk to the second floor.

Seeing him walk to the second floor, Ah Yao’s eyes followed him as she drifted along and tried to catch up, “You want to sleep?”

“Take a bath.” Mo Zhen’s answer was crisp.

Ah Yao raised her eyebrows as a spark lit in her eyes, “Do you need any help? Whether it’s massages or foot rubs my skills are first class, and best of all, everything is free,”

Mo Zhen looked back at her and nodded with a smile, “Help me guard the door.”

“There’s no need” she said shaking her head. “Besides me here, there’s no one else who will peek at you in the bath.”

Mo: “…”

In truth, being this shameless was also a good personality trait.

Ah Yao really did not dare to enter the bathroom to peek at Mo Zhen in the bath. When Mo Zhen came out of the bathroom with water vapor still stuck to his hair, Ah Yao looked like a stone statue standing in front of the bathroom door.

The unique aroma of bath soap filled the air as Mo Zhen walked forward, the lingering smell at the tip of the nose felt like a burst of morphine.

Ah Yao looked blankly at Mo Zhen for a moment, and finally she burst out, “Why did you put on your clothes?”

Mo: “…”

He did not want to talk to her.

After he blow-dried his hair, Mo Zhen went back to the first floor. He rummaged in the refrigerator for a while before finally settling on something for dinner.

Putting a few of the frozen foods into the microwave, Mo Zhen sat down at the table, “Today, did the talisman harm your head?”

Ah Yao touched her forehead subconsciously, “No ah, I slipped very fast.”

“Why do you seem to be even more stupid than before?”

“It must be your illusion.”

The microwave sang a “bing!” sound and Mo Zhen got up and took out the food, getting a pair of chopsticks from the kitchen drawer, “You aren’t coming to the studio with me tomorrow.”

It was as if this bad news had fallen out of the sky, Ah Yao could not stand from this blow, “Why QAQ?”

Those big watery eyes made her look like a pitiful abandoned dog. Mo Zhen snorted. Did she stay in the studio for too long? Her acting has gotten better by leaps and bounds.

“The man will probably come by tomorrow, so you staying in the studio is not safe.” Mo Zhen buried his head and quietly picked up some ribs.

“If he dares to come back, I’ll beat him up!” Ah Yao said, as if flames were shooting out of her eyes.

Mo Zhen glanced at her, “What will you use to beat him up? You left hand or your right hand?”

“… with my spiritual magic.”

“Big winds and storms?”


Why were her two most powerful moves disdained by Mo Zhen, so much? They should at least be given the title invincible winds and deadlock elevator ah!

“In short, you must behave at home for a few days until the problem passes by.”

While Ah Yao was still trying to think of a cool name, Mo Zhen had already put his foot down. Ah Yao was very sad, “Why do I feel like I’m part of a secret organization that isn’t allowed to say anything?”

“What kind of organization is that?”

“That’s the point, I can’t say it. Haven’t you heard of the recent crackdown case in China?”


Ah Yao’s protest was finally rejected. When it came to these things, Mo Zhen always had the final say. Ah Yao was a ghost. She did not have any human rights, so when it came to her problems, Mo Zhen always made the final decision.

(TN: Poor Ah Yao’s human rights hahahahahahha)

She wandered around the villa for the entire day,. Even the fridge she had been into… Ah Yao had been looking forward to Mo Zhen coming home for the entire day. Hearing the door open, Ah Yao emotionally rushed up to him, “Xiao Zhen Zhen, you do not know how pitiful I am ~ ~ I’m alone here, it is so empty and lonely, boring and intolerable. This so-called one day felt like 3 years to me, you cannot abuse me like this! ”

Mo: “…”

Looking at the little ghost girl’s expression of resentment, Mo Zhen for a moment had really thought that he had done her wrong- although he still felt that the sentences that she had just said did not make much sense and the language did not really flow.

He walked to the sofa to sit down while Ah Yao continued the story of her grievances. Mo Zhen glanced at her watering eyes. It was a pity; she had such bright and righteous eyes, Director Cui would’ve definitely liked them.

“Today, there were people who brought lunch from there into the studio, so you must still obediently stay at home.”

“But I am really bored!” Ah Yao finally exploded. “There is nothing good on TV right now and I can’t even go on the internet!”

Mo: “…”

In fact, this was her true purpose.

“Fine, you can go online, but the premise is that you aren’t allowed to say anything about me on the internet.”

See Mo Zhen finally loosen, Ah Yao hit while the iron was hot. “Really? What are your three measurements then?”

Mo: “…”

He took a deep breath, smiling as he looked at Ah Yao. Ah Yao shyly bowed her head, her hands behind her back twisted together, “Don’t look at me like this please. I feel embarrassed.”

Mo: “…”

Will you really be embarrassed?  Even the walls in front of your face are embarrassed for you, okay?

Mo Zhen had finished cursing in his heart, and was about to open his mouth when Ah Yao rushed up, “No! Do not tell me, let me find out on own!”

Mo Zhen thought, maybe it would’ve been better if he let the bearded uncle exorcise her.

He stood up from the couch and brushed off the dust from his clothes, and then very gentlemanly asked, “How are you going to measure?”

“Of course, with my hands.” Ah Yao laughed evilly, her open arms floated in front of Mo Zhen. Those eyes made people want to hide from them. Mo Zhen decided to give up resisting and lowered his head.

Looking at Mo Zhen’s expression of surrender, Ah Yao could not believe that what she had wished for was delivered on a silver platter. She felt Mo Zhen must be extremely muddle-headed in order to agree to this kind of request, so she must catch him before he realizes what is truly happening!

She quickly moved as fast as lightning. Ah Yao’s thin white airs wrapped around Mo Zhen’s waist, but she did not hug him. She was afraid that if she pressed harder, her arm would go through his body.

She did not want to see such a scene. It was like it was blankly telling her in the red \ \ \ \  you are not normal.

Mo Zhen did not know why he liked to indulge this little ghost, but when he looked at her head buried in his chest, he did not really hate it.

Ah Yao had wanted to rub her head on Mo Zhen’s chest, but in the end she could only look. She fixed her ears on Mo Zhen’s chest and could clearly hear Mo Zhen’s heartbeat. .

Pu-Tong, Pu-tong. (TN: heart beat sounds)

Ah Yao was a ghost so of course she did not have a heartbeat, but in this moment she felt his heart was thumping very quickly, as if it was ready to jump of out his chest.

“Are you finished?”

Mo Zhen’s voice came from above her. As if it was disturbing her sleep, the dissatisfied Ah Yao replied, “Not yet.”

This was clearly shameless. The corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth were pulled up. and he chuckled, “Today’s quota has run out. Please try again next time.”

Finishing talking, Mo Zhen took a step back, creating some space between him and Ah Yao.

Looking at her empty arms, Ah Yao gave a sorrowful cry, muttered really stingy, and worrying, she asked: “Will there really be a next time?”

Mo Zhen coughed dryly, the one suffering would be him again, “Did you figure them out?”

“No, how about we try again!” Ah Yao made a wonderful suggestion.

Mo Zhen looked at her silently, said: “In fact, my password is not my measurements.”

“Ah? That is … …” Ah Yao’s eyes silently drifted to Mo Zhen’s lower body.

Mo: “…”


What in the world was this girl thinking all night and all day long?!

Taking a deep breath, he lightly said: “My password is 12345.”

Ah Yao: “…”

Should she climb the mountain to fight the tiger?

In any case, finally knowing the computer password was a good thing. Ah Yao rushed to open the computer. Mo Zhen really did not lie to her, the password was really 12345!

This horrible secret was something she could’ve figured out herself such a long time ago, ah, but she had been away from the internet for so long!

Ah Yao felt that there was some old grudges that she needed to take revenge for…

“Now you can’t complain right?” Mo Zhen undid the buttons at his collar, ready to go take a bath. However, Ah Yao had spent the entire day inside, she did not know if the sun was round or flat today. She thought, shamelessly, as she smiled at Mo Zhen, “Zhen Zhen, how about we go on a date ah?”

Mo: “…”

Can you not make the word ‘date’ sound so righteous and just?

“We already have that kind of relationship, are you not going to be responsible for me?”

Mo: “…”

What kind of ah! Don’t think that just because you have a poor and pitiful expression that you can do whatever you want!

“Eating microwavable food every day is not healthy! We can go out and get some nutrition!” Ah Yao was not that cheap, and at least came up with a decent excuse.

Mo Zhen clenched his teeth, and then gave an indifferent smile, “Fine then. I’ll just pretend as if I’m walking the dog.”

Ah Yao: “…”

Mo Zhen opened the Land Rover. The summer sun still shone as brightly as before. Although it was a little after eight o’clock, it was still quite bright outside. Mo Zhen as he drove was pondering restaurant names, and he finally chose one of the most remote restaurants he knew.

Although it was she herself who shamelessly pulled and begged Mo Zhen to bring her outside, as Ah Yao followed Mo Zhen into the magnificent western restaurant, her heart felt a little uneasy. “Zhen Zhen, say, will today’s Weibo’s hot trending topic be that you like to eat Western food?”

Mo Zhen’s mouth twitched, “Don’t worry, the guests in here don’t really have that kind of interest. Also, don’t call me Zhen Zhen.”

“Hey, you do not like this nickname? How about I call you Zhenzi?”

(TN: Zhenzi literally means hazelnut)

“You can call me landlord DaRen.”


What was this bad taste ah?

The waiter walking in front of Mo Zhen watched as he heard Mo Zhen talk softly to himself, but the content was vague. He frowned and no longer really cared.

The waitress took Mo Zhen to a table in the corner. The lights above his head were bright, but not so bright so that they could not see anyone around them. It made the entire scene look like a hazy dusk, so romantically intoxicating.

Ah Yao sat down opposite to Mo Zhen and looked up at the abstract oil painting on the wall.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Zhen also looked at the oil painting. The painter who had painted this painting was sort of a local minor celebrity. Mo Zhen had seen her twice, both times were at a company party.

He did not know why the party would invite this person and he was not interested anyway. But he is so curious about why Ah Yao was so interested in this picture.

“Well … …” Ah Yao frowned, “Nothing, but I have this strange feeling. I seem to have been here before.”

moral of the story, ah yao needs holy water

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