Chapter 2

It was only for a small moment that Mo Zhen stared blankly at her, he then pretended not to see her and drove the Land Rover straight into the garage. When he came out of the garage, the woman was still sitting in the doorway, her position unchanged. The rain continued to pour down from the sky, but the woman’s clothes were not wet,

As rain slowly dripped along the front of his hair, Mo Zhen gently shook his bangs and took out a key from his pocket to open the door.

As if she was aware that someone had finally arrived, the woman raised her head from her knees, a pair of dark black eyes blinked and stared at Mo Zhen.

Even Mo Zhen, who was used to being stared at by thousands of people, felt uncomfortable under her gaze. But to say where it was uncomfortable, he could not explain it. Trying not to see the woman sitting by his side, Mo Zhen’s eyes squinted as he entered the passcode for the house and unlocked the door. The whole process was done calmly and smoothly, as if he had done it more than a thousand times. In fact, this was the truth.

“Bang!” the door closed with a loud sound, startling the woman.  She stared at the puddle of water that had dripped from Mo Zhen’s hair a moment ago, the woman finally stood up from the ground. Curiously glancing at the large red door, the woman calmly walked over to it.

Mo Zhen had just taken off his coat and was wiping his hair- preparing to take a bath. The woman drifted through the door and to Mo Zhen’s side, continuing to stare at him.

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, though he was used to people watching him, he has never been stared at this closely before. The woman’s eyes were clear, there were unclouded and piercing enough so that people cannot ignore them.

Wrinking his brow as he turned, Mo Zhen wiped his hair with a towel as he walked towards the second floor. The woman walked behind him and watched as he walked into the room, took of his shirt and held pieces of his clothing into the bathroom. The translucent frosted bathroom door slammed shut with a pop sound and the woman touched her nose to the frosted glass, her body passing through the bathroom door.

Mo Zhen was in the middle of taking off his pants when his hands froze, he looked at the woman who was curiously staring at his face, and finally roared: “Enough! Stop following me!”

Mo Zhen’s voice had a large amount of power, especially in the small space of the bathroom, it was as if the string had finally snapped- he had gone three days without a break. The woman was startled for a moment, but her eyes widened and brightened as she realized, “You can see me? You really can see me?” she said excitedly while waving her right hand in Mo Zhen’s face.

Mo Zhen impatiently tried to block the woman’s hand, of course all that he touched was only air. When the woman saw Mo Zhen’s hand pass through what was suppose to be her own hand, she quickly took back her hand.

Mo Zhen proceeded to put his pants back on and finally looked properly at the woman.

The woman looked about the age of twenty years old, long supple black hair fell down to her waist, the slightly curled hair made her appearance look somewhat cute. She was wearing a navy blue dress and had delicate facial features and clear eyes; in some men’s eyes, she could be described as a goddess.

Fine, Mo Zhen admitted that for a moment he was amazed by her appearance, but it was only for a moment.

Because he knows very clearly that the woman in front of him right now was not a goddess, but rather, she was a ghost.

“Please go out.” Mo Zhen politely pointed towards the door, hoping that this little ghost would leave on her on accord. However, strange to say, ever since he went to the mountains to worship his master, he has not seen these dirty things for a long time, and now all of the sudden they show up at his home.

The ghost with a wronged expression looked at Mo Zhen’s slender finger pointing to the door, and whispered, “I have no ill will.”

So you just want to see me bathe right? Mo Zhen’s eyebrows were raised, so this woman was not only a ghost, but she was a perverted ghost, huh?

“Out.” The words this time were more of a command than a request. The ghost watched his hands ruefully as she stood there motionless.

“Oh.” The ghost hung her head as if she was crying, and reluctantly floated out of the bathroom.

Mo Zhen stayed in the bathroom for almost an hour, but the ghost continued to sit in Mo Zhen’s bedroom. Mo Zhen’s room had a large poster taped onto the wall, it was the “Blood Ride” DVD Collection Edition that came with a limited edition poster that of course, was of the sixteen-year old Mo Zhen dressed in a foreign costume.

But the question was, would a bad film such as “Blood Ride” have people willing to buy the DVD Collection Edition for it? The answer, is obviously yes, not only were there people willing to buy it, but there were a quite a few of them who did.

Even a while later, after Mo Zhen had the status of a revered star of the entertainment world, his first appearance as the sixteen year old foreign teenager did not disappear into history, but instead was the object of worship and admiration of countless fans across the country.

Our family’s Hazelnut is too handsome to have friends- This was the voice of all Mo Zhen fans, oh right, hazelnut is their fan club name to represent their love of Mo Zhen.

Personally, this role had a milestone-like importance to Mo Zhen. The poster of his own face affixed to the wall in the bedroom was due to his own more or less, narcissism.

The little ghost had been sitting at the head of the bed, absorbed in staring at the poster when she heard a noise, and stared from the bed.

Mo Zhen subconsciously pulled at his collar, his tone was blunt: “Why are you still here?”

“I don’t know where else to go,” said the ghost, as she floated to Mo Zhen with tears in her eyes.

“Go back to where you come from then.” Mo Zhen walked to the mirror, picked up the hairdryer on the table and began to blow dry his hair. The ghost looked blankly at Mo Zhen’s soft hair, with a pitiful voice she said, “I don’t even remember who I am.”

Mo Zhen blow-dried his black bangs, his voice was cold: “That has nothing to do with me.”

“Of course it has something to do with you!” the ghost suddenly became excited, even her cheeks were slightly red. But of course, Mo Zhen felt that he probably only seeing things.

“You are the first person to see me in half a month, and you can not only see me, but also hear me! I will not leave you!”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

If a beautiful woman said to you, “I will not leave you”, perhaps every man would be secretly pleased; but if a beautiful ghost said so – he believed that the majority of people would not be so happy.

Mo Zhen casually tousled his semi-dry hair and switched off the blow-dryer, “Do whatever you want, if you don’t leave I’ll just have to find some Ghostbusters to catch you.”

Those two words “Ghostbusters” seemed to scare the ghost, she hesitated for a moment, and her eyes suddenly filled with tears, she looked at Mo Zhen, “I really will not harm you, I’m just a little ghost after all, you do not need find someone to catch me. ”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Such a superb acting, when she was alive she was definitely a leading actress.

Seeing Mo Zhen’s will start to loosen a bit, the ghost cupped her hand into a small fist and with said with a determined voice: “As long as you help me remember who I am, I’ll leave!”

If it was someone else, this unreasonable request would be directly and harshly refused, but the ghost had such delicate and charming eyes that his heart softened a bit. Mo Zhen pursed his lips as his heart gave out a cry. The ghost had been relentlessly staring at Mo Zhen and saw that Mo Zhen looked helpless. As he sat down onto the small couch in the bedroom, Mo Zhen glanced at the ghost girl and saw that she was standing as if she was small poplar admist the wind.

“When you remember who you are, you must leave right away, or else don’t blame me for being uncourteous.”

“Thank you!” the ghost finally broke into tears and nodded gratefully at him.

Mo Zhen looked at her, they got up and went downstairs. The ghost continued to follow him and said, “Is the man in the poster in your room you? Do you stick your posters on the wall to ward off evil spirits?” But it does not seem to work. Seeing how she could walk in freely.

Your sister’s evil! Mo Zhen cursed foul language in his heart. He swallowed his frustration- it was common knowledge that one should never argue with a person of the dead!

Mo Zhen went all the way to the kitchen, took out a fresh lemon from the refrigerator, across the board cut into two halves. Watching the lemon on plate break into two, Mo Zhen put down the knife and pick up half of the lemon into his mouth.

The ghost seeing this felt that her own teeth ached from seeing the acid and unconsciously winced, “They aren’t sour?”

Mo Zhen glanced at the ghost and did not speak. The first time Mo Zhen had won a major award was because of his role in the “God forbidden zone 1” as the genius Dr. Gao Sen, he wore a white coat and always had a lemon in his hand, these were the symbols that represented Dr. Gao Sen.

Gao Sen particularly liked to eat lemons, his laboratory could be missing anything, but it always had to have lemons.

When Mo Zhen began to shoot the film it could be said that he had suffered multiple hardships. It was obvious that his teeth may ache from the acid, but the largest hurdle was to also have a normal expression on his face while eating the lemon-that was the greatest test for his skill as an actor. After this movie finished, Mo Zhen had not only won a major award, but had also harnessed a new skill- eating lemons.

Mo Zhen’s kitchen was filled with boxes of lemons. Because the role of this fruit was a huge symbol representing Gao Sen, the lemon has now become the Mo Zhen’s fan club auspicious fruit.

Seeing how Mo Zhen did not pay any attention to her, the ghost was not angry, instead she continued to shamelessly follow Mo Zhen to the living room. Mo Zhen, one hand tightly holding the lemon, angrily turned to look at the ghost, “If you want to stay here, you must remain on the first floor, the second floor above is my personal space and you are not allowed there, also do not talk to me, I do not want others to think that I am crazy! There are things in this house that should not be touched and if you damage something, you must compensate me according to the price. And lastly,- “Mo Zhen took a deep breath, then continued on, “Stay away from me !!!”

Ghost: “… …”

After Mo Zhen finished speaking, the ghost could only feeling buzzing in her ears.

She flashed a harmless smile that only animals and humans had, and obediently drifted three meters away.

Mo Zhen bite the lemon in his hand, sat down on the sofa, and pressed the TV switch.

For a while, the ghost sitting on the side had been very quiet, and unwillingly asked: “What is your name ah?”

You don’t even know the name of your savior? How ignorant!

Mo Zhen growled in his heart, but his cold expression on the surface did not change.

The woman swallowed and carefully got up as she said, “You do not remember your name?”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Sometimes he wished he could slap this ghost’s mouth shut!

The ghost was certain that he did not remember his own name and with great courage, she floated to his side and said comfortingly: “It does not matter, later you can be called Li Goudan, okay?”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

What about you? Shouldn’t you be called Li Gouhai then!

(Goudan means dog egg, Gouhai literally means hey dog. Not exactly sure how those are connected but okay.)

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