Chapter 27

Two people sat side by side on a bench in the corridor of the A city central hospital. Xiang Yunze crushed the milk box in his hands easily and threw it into the nearby garbage can. “Miss Chen, next time could I please trouble you to explain the situation clearly when you call me? I was almost scared to death.”

Chen Qingyang’s face was black, “I am a liberal arts student!” Her increased level of voice and high pitched tone indicated it: “This is not my fault.”

Xiang Yunze turned his head to look at her. In his eyes, Chen Qingyang’s excuse about literary language and such were all a big joke. “Liberal arts students are required to learn how to write detective novels?”

Chen Qingyang used one-third of the time to angrily contemplate the words Xiang Yunze said, and her anger became dismay in the remaining two-thirds of the time she was thinking: “Oh my lord, you’ve read my novel?”

“I wish I had not read it.” Xiang Yunze turned around. As if he were recalling a painful memory, he said, “The physics theorems in your novel are almost impossible in real situations.”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

As a person who has never passed a physics exam, and yet dared to write a novel about physics, she felt her courage to explore and experiment was truly worthy of praise and encouragement!

“It was because the storyline needed it! It is a literary creation!!! Literature!!! Do you understand?!” Three consecutive exclamation points – Chen Qingyang’s expression while trying to persuade the other party was very strong and vivid indeed.

“I understand physics.” Xiang Yunze leaned his body slightly back on the chair, and with a light and carefree expression, he threw out such a sentence.

Chen Qingyang: “…”

How could she forget, this person was a physics professor.

# Cannot properly talk to those kinds of people #

Chen Qingyang sulked in her corner, pretending as if the milk box in her hands was Xiang Yunze as she squeezed it bitterly\\ As Xiang Yunze glanced at the tragic milk box crushed in her hands, he raised his eyebrows, “Miss Chen, as a person who understands literature very well, do you feel as though we have a problem between us?”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

Alright, she knew very well that misleading Xiang Yunze was her own fault, but shirking responsibility was also one of her greatest talents.

Quickly organizing the feelings in her heart, Chen Qingyang was determined to push all of the responsibility to the doctor’s head as she confidently said, “You know Dr. Fang? The professional terminology that comes out of his mouth sounds exactly like the scriptures from temple masters. I can’t understand it. ”

Xiang Yunze’s mouth moved, and he was about to reply when Chen Qingyang interrupted, “but I can read his micro-expressions ah!”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

He felt that it would be better if he shut up.

“That beard covering up his frown, those curious eyes, these are all cues telling me that the overall situation was not good! And all those words he said afterwards, I could only understand the words” strange ” and “Not Right” from his entire sentence. Hearing these two words from Dr. Fang’s mouth, how could I not call you?!”

Xiang Yunze Yunze: “…”

But he is very thankful that she had only called him and had forgotten to call the entire Li family. Otherwise if they had woken all of the members Li Yan’s family to go to the hospital in the middle of the night, there was no way he could live through it.

“Translating Dr. Fang’s microexpression into white lies.” The truth was, “the patient has had a clear physiological response. Although it quickly went back to a calm state, it is very likely that she will wake up soon. ”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

Dr. Fang’s micro-expressions were too out of place!

“No, anyway, it’s good news that she’s finally waking up. Congratulations Xiang Yunze!” Chen Qingyang like a good bro – clapped Xiang Yunze’s shoulder, cleverly changing the topic.

She was so witty.

Xiang Yunze shook off the hand that was on his shoulder and glanced silently at Chen Qingyang. When Mo Zhen had left, his facial expression seemed to be very bad. If it weren’t for Chen Qingyang’s phone call, he definitely wouldn’t have allowed Mo Zhen to leave without him.

Now that he’s cleared up the issue with Li Yan, he was more worried about Mo Zhen.

“It’s getting late, you should go back early.” Xiang Yunze stood up from the bench, and said a sentence to Chen Qingyang, leaving without turning his head to look at her.

Chen Qingyang stared at his back hurrying off into the distance and scowled. This guy can’t still be angry right? He’s even stingier than women.

Xiang Yunze walked out of the hospital doors and went straight to his car. Sitting in the driver’s seat, he took out the phone, ready to call Mo Zhen – but after thinking about it for a while he decided to send a text message instead.

“Is your kitten alright?”

After the message was sent, he soon received a reply. “Nothing. It’s back.”

It came back? Xiang Yunze raised his eyebrows, it really did go missing before?

“I might not go to America.”

Mo Zhen’s hand shook a little as he held the phone and asked, “… How is your little girlfriend?”

“The doctor said she was about to wake up. ^ _ ^”

Mo Zhen froze for a moment, then with his thumbs he quickly tapped the screen, “Congratulations, the clouds have finally dispersed for the moon to shine.”

(TN: idiom, 終於守得雲開見月明了bad things have gone away good things are here to stay)

The corners of Xiang Yunze’s mouth did not have time to rise before Mo Zhen sent another text message:, “…but that smile of yours is truly disgusting to see.”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

He smiled and edited a text message, “^ _ ^ ^ _ ^ ^ _ ^, three times the power, hoping to succeed in disgusting you.”

Mo: “…”

Who was the one who called him childish?

“It’s your friend again ah?” Ah Yao edged closer to Mo Zhen bit by bit, trying to see the text messages on the phone screen.

Mo Zhen put the phone on the table. Tilting his head, he looked at Ah Yao, “Ah, it’s the friend who sent you the fried fish.”

Ah Yao: “…”

How can the world be so cruel QAQ?!! She didn’t even have the chance to eat her beloved little fried golden fish before she came out of the cat. Now that she was a wandering soul again, how could she eat ah? She didn’t know how to ah, god damn it!!

“Zhen Zhen, are you really not considering letting me possess your body?” Ah Yao’s small face stared at Mo Zhen. The smile on her face seemed to be harmless.

Mo Zhen’s eyebrows moved. Why was it that every time he heard these words he always felt that they were a little… dirty.

“Not happening.” Mo Zhen went to the bed to lay down. Heturned off the light, ready to sleep, “But you can consider possessing the cat’s body again.”

But that was impossible.The little black cat was now very weak; if she possessed it again, who knew if it would be sent to the afterworld.

After considering the outcomes, Ah Yao finally decided to give up on fried fish.

The room was quiet for two minutes when the drowsy sound of Mo Zhen’s voice came from the pillow, “Why are you still here?”

Ah Yao looked at him blankly, the expression on her face very innocent, “I’ve always stayed here. You’ve forgotten, we usually even sleep together!”

Mo: “…”

He really wanted to flatten this little ghost into paper and throw it into the shredder!

Opening his quilt to sit up, Mo Zhen looked at the floating ghost in front of him and tried to calm his anger,  “It was because you were a cat before. Now that you’ve come out, go to the living room to sleep.”

Ah Yao with her thick skin directly replied, “Zhen Zhen you don’t have to be shy, we’ve already kissed, so you must take responsibility.”

“The one I kissed was the black kitten. I will now go and take responsibility for it,” said Mo Zhen as he stepped down from the bed and walked to the door. Ah Yao quickly floated as she followed him, “Where are you going?”

“Bringing the small cat upstairs to sleep.”

Ah Yao: “…”

She is going to have nothing to do with that little black cat!

In the end, Mo Zhen did not have to bring the small kitten upstairs to sleep because Ah Yao had gone obediently downstairs. Even if Ah Yao was gone, how could Mo Zhen still sleep? Although the kitten had been found and Ah Yao had already gotten out of it and everything was satisfactorily resolved, he still had an irritable feeling lingering in his heart, making him slightly uncomfortable.

Worst of all, he did not even want to know had cause this irritation in his heart.

Although Mo Zhen did not sleep well that night, the next day, Tang Qiang’s phone call came as punctual as always, causing him to wake up.

“Emperor Mo, what have you done?!” It was rare that Tang Qiang’s opening greeting was not the usual “Good Morning”, but a question. Mo Zhen could even imagine Tang Qiang’s shocked expression.

“What did I do?” Mo Zhen rubbed his hair tiredly. The little sleepiness he had, had already been chased away by Tang Qiang’s loud angry voice.

“Today, the police sent a banner to the company and said it was for you!”

Mo: “…”

“Oh my lord, Mo Zhen, you aren’t an undercover agent the FBI has planted right?”

Mo: “…”

“Tang Qiang, go to sleep again.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

When Mo Zhen finished getting ready he did not go directly to the studio, but in response to Tang Qiang’s angry call, he first made a trip back to the company. Now that Ah Yao had finally been able to lift the ban, she happily followed Mo Zhen out the door, floating along.

When they had left, the little black cat laid in the corner of house contently sleeping.

Since it was her second time coming to Kai Huang, Ah Yao found it the route very familiar. When they arrived on the floor of Tang Qiang’s office, she even smiled at Han Mei Mei and said hello.

Mo Zhen’s mouth moved, he really had the urge to throw her out the window.

Knocking on the door twice, Mo Zhen did not wait for the people inside to tell him to come in before opening the door himself. Tang Qiang was sitting at his desk, dealing with some documents when he saw Mo Zhen at the door. He was about to say “Come in”, but had to swallow the words quietly.

“To make me come this early in the morning, what is the issue?” Mo Zhen sat down on the empty chair and lazily looked at Tang Qiang.

Tang Qiang only glanced at him and asked: “Did you not sleep well last night?”

“En?” Mo Zhen vaguely replied. Tang Qiang’s eyes changed a few times and finally restored to their original calm, “Emperor Mo, do you not intend to become one of the top ten singers in the country, ready to take the top ten big awards? ”

Mo: “…”

The reaction of Tang Qiang… well… he was angry.

Tang Qiang was really angry. The police had explained to him about the events of last night. Mo Zhen had infiltrated an enemy camp by himself, had defeated the members of a Cat Gang, and successfully rescued his family’s kitten.

In the face of this kind of blood boiling story, all Tang Qiang wanted to say was – Can it be someone else please?!

Do you think you are a green giant? Or a small spider that spins silk ah! In a dangerous situation like this, what if something went wrong? You’ve already call the police, why can’t you patiently wait for the police to handle it instead of going in there yourself?

Internally, Tang Qiang was suffering from large waves of anger, but on the outside he continued to maintain a calm disposition.

Because he realized long ago that his angry roar can not defeat one of Mo Zhen’s.

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