Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Suddenly both did not speak, the office was surprisingly quiet.

Tang Qiang’s eyes blinked as he stared at Mo Zhen, as both of them tried to suppress the other through their gazes.

But Mo Zhen was a man who could stare at a bright torch unblinkingly, so no surprise, this war was won by Mo Zhen.

Tang Qiang poured a cup of coffee on the table and blinked his eyes with a sour expression.

Mo Zhen took the cup of coffee and only slowly said: “It is my fault for not thinking about the consequences, sorry.”

If Piao Piao had not defeated those people in advance, he was not certain that they would be able to get out unhurt; and if he were to get hurt, it would give the company a lot of problems. In addition, ever since he debuted, Tang Qiang has been by his side, the two had a decade relationship of being colleagues and friends, Mo Zhen knew that he was just worried about him.

Tang Qiang sighed and rubbed his eyebrows, “Well, people just fine, but after making a decision before, even if you do not consider for yourself, but also think about their side of the people, and you thousands of fans ”

“I know.” Mo Zhen replied with a good attitude so that Tang Qiang could not retort back; Tang Qiang dug out something from his drawer and placed it on the table, “Do you want this banner to hang at home?”

Mo Zhen looked at the flag that was as bright as the national flag that hung in school gyms and raised his eyebrow, “Or you can hang it in the company, so it can shine in all of its glory.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

You just think it and your home decoration style do not take it.

Because Mo Zhen still had to rush to the studio for filming, he did not stay long in Tang Qiang’s office. Coming out, Han Mei Mei smiled to him as she watched him leave.

Male God’s unrivalled Martial Arts: What happened? What happened? Did the Emperor take the little flag?

Nine Pairs of Dried Plums: no ╮ (╯ _ ╰) ╭

Male God Unrivalled Martial Arts: I knew it! Male God isn’t the kind of person who chases fame and fortune!

Nine Pairs of Dried Plums: …

Nine Pairs of Dried Plums: I think he may just simply feel that the small flag does not meet his family’s style.

LUCY’s fingers on the keyboard moved, just as she was about type out of a refutation, Han Meimei’s QQ ID messaged her again.

Nine Pairs of Dried Plums: Senior Tang told me to put the small flag in Emperor Mo’s lounge. _ (:  “∠) _

Male god unrivalled martial arts: When you finish hanging it up, give me a call, I want to pay tribute, pay tribute..

Nine Pairs of Dried Plums: … Actually, I would like to hang you up even more.

Male God unrivalled martial Arts: … Believe me, I can’t be a small flag hanging in the breeze.

Nine Pairs of Dried Plums: You are now on the 38th floor?

Male God’s Unrivalled martial arts: Do you have a problem?

Nine Pairs of Dried Plums: I’ll come up to let you feel the breeze.

Male God’s Unrivalled Martial Arts: … I think you can make your hobby a little more low-key.

Male god’s Unrivalled martial arts: where did you go?

Male god’s Unrivalled martial arts: You won’t really come up right?!

Male God’s unrivalled martial arts: The police are close by, do not mess with me!

Ah Yao with Mo Zhen finally arrived at the studio she has been away from for so long, but unfortunately, she encountered Song Ni. Today was the last scene that had Song Ni in it, the virus would infect Song Ni’s character, and she would die.

Ah Yao felt honoured to be one of the witnesses to this scene.

In order to show the results of the virus invading her body, the makeup artist painstakingly painted on a rotten-flesh makeup effect, this effect was very gruesome once you saw it you could not look away.

When Song Ni saw herself in the mirror, she was shocked and began to confront the makeup artist about it. Make-up artist earnestly explained to her that what she had done was to heighten the visual effects, but she did not dare to mention that she was Mo Zhen’s secret biggest fan.

Finally, after consulting with some of the members of the crew, the makeup artist reluctantly made Song Ni’s makeup more simple. She modified the makeup, but at the same time, she comforted herself in her heart. Whatever, anyway, Song Ni would still have to go through other special effects, though she would not say it out loud, the girl who did the special effects was also a huge fan of Mo Zhen.

Song Ni finally accepted her half-rotten face reluctantly; her mood was very bad, when she shot the scene, the grimy wound was exposed in the fierce bright light, looking like torn human flesh.

At half past two, the crew went to go see the workers that brought them their lunch boxes, Ah Yao subconsciously hid behind Mo Zhen

Mo Zhen could not help but laugh, he looked at the little Ah Yao hiding behind him and lowering his voice, he asked: “Why are you following if you’re so afraid?”

Ah Yao’s flattened mouth made no sound as Mo Zhen opened his lunchbox and used to his chopsticks to snatch the pork, “Rest assured, that Wang Wang lunch boss is now on the blacklist of the crew, even all the security personnel have his portrait”

Ah Yao laughed at what Mo Zhen said, in fact, even if the boss came again, she was not afraid, she had learned many things from Piao Piao!

Staring at the chicken wings in Mo Zhen’s lunchbox, Ah Yao felt hungry in her stomach, “Zhen Zhen, I want to eat chicken legs.”

Mo: “…”

He pretended not to hear as he put a piece of beef into his mouth. See Mo Zhen ignore her, Ah Yao said again and again: “Chicken wings are good too.”

Mo Zhen continued to diligently eat his lunch.

Ah Yao bit her teeth her eyes scanned her surroundings as she floated in a circle in the studio and finally selected Song Ni – because her lunch box was full of sweet and sour pork that Ah Yao was very interested in.

Mo Zhen watched as Ah Yao floated closer to Song Ni, in a blink of an eye, Ah Yao’s body instantly disappeared from her place. Song Ni’s body had suddenly stiffened, the assistant at her side quickly caught the chopsticks that had escaped out of Song Ni’s hands and asked with a worried expression: “Song Ni sister, what happened?”

Ah Yao who had finally adapted to this body, raised her head and looked at the assistant with short hair up to her ears, “Nothing.”

The assistant’s expression immediately went blank, Song Ni had never laughed in front of her before, but this smile was covered in face-makeup… … it looked slightly terrifying.

Ah Yao took the chopsticks out of the assistant’s hand and carried her lunch as she walked towards Mo Zhen. The assistant looked at the direction she was moving to and her mouth hung open in shock. Oh My lord, was Sister Song Ni ready to commit suicide again?!

Mo Zhen looked at Song Ni walking towards him, his mouth moved but he did not speak.The atmosphere around Song Ni was very warm and she directly sat in the space beside Mo Zhen, “Zhen Zhen, I will trade my sweet and sour pork for some of your chicken legs, okay?”

Mo: “…”

The direction this was going to was just too strange, all of the crew members in the studio could not help but stare.

Oh my lord, was this the turnaround in the second episode?!

As the audience around them earnestly looked forward to the next scene, Song Ni had traded her pork ribs for Mo Zhen’s bowl of chicken legs. That’s right, she really did take away Mo Zhen’s bowl of chicken wings! Using small pork ribs!

And Emperor Mo had not resisted!

Ah Yao had finally gotten her wish to eat chicken, and she satisfiedly let out a small burp, “Zhen Zhen, why aren’t you eating?”

Mo: “…”

Looking at this face of yours, there’s no way one can finish eating.

The audience seemed to be able to hear Mo Zhen’s voice as he nodded his head. The makeup girl on the side was currently biting into her handkerchief bitterly, had she known that the script would be written this way, she would not have spent so much time making Song Ni look terrifying!

And Song Ni’s assistant was completely lost in thought, when did Song Ni sister and Emperor Mo’s relationship become so good? Why did she not know about it at all?

After Ah Yao had eaten her full, she stood up and stretched her muscles. But not to mention, Song Ni was truly very flexible, she had no problem doing the splits. The audience was simply stunned seeing Song Ni go into bridge and then do the splits right afterwards, it was so overwhelming that they were dizzy afterwards.

(TN: 5 years of competitive gymnastics comes in handy once in a while (lol not really), this is a bridge )

Mo Zhen could not watch further than this.

“OK, can you come out now?” Mo Zhen concealed his face and lowered his voice so that only Ah yao could hear.

“Oh.” Ah Yao glanced at Mo Zhen and walked to where Song Ni was originally resting.

Then, in full view, Song Ni did a somersault on the ground/

This time, the studio’s staff members were frozen in place from shock.

Ah Yao drifted back to Mo Zhen’s side as Song Ni got up from the ground. Looked at her own dirty clothes, Song Ni inexplicably asked the assistant: “What happened?”

The assistant stiffened and turned to look at Song Ni, “You … do not remember?”

“Remember what?” Song Ni asked impatiently once again, why was everyone looking at her, even Mo Zhen was staring at her?

The assistant let out a sigh of relief and relaxed her facial muscles as she smiled, “Nothing happened.”

Mo Zhen lowered his head to pretend he was eating his lunch, but in reality he was talking to Ah Yao in a low voice, “Do you not remember that you don’t have to do a somersault in order to get out?”

Ah Yao tilted his head and thought, she then smiled at Mo Zhen: “Oh, it seems so, I had forgotten.

Mo: “…”

He would swear on the chicken that Ah Yao had taken away from him, that she absolutely did it on purpose to Song Ni.

During the shooting in the afternoon, all of the crew members were unintentionally or intentionally avoiding Song Ni. Song Ni’s heart doubted herself even more, she could not remember anything that had happened during lunch and she would definitely not eat such a greasy lunchbox!

As Song Ni doubted herself, the crew member’s minds felt as if firecrackers were going off. Fortunately, today was her last scene, they did not know if neuropathy could be contagious.

Soon, a post called “How to get Neuropathy” popped up in the corner of a forum page, it showed a picture of Song Ni with her half-rotten face doing the splits and somersaulting, the highest HD version of the photos won a gold medal from the netizens.

This news made an uproar for days, but it was soon followed by more important news!

Emperor Mo was in the headlines! Yes, though Emperor Mo making the headlines was nothing new, but this time, it was not the entertainment headlines, but instead, it was the headline of the national news!

The one that published this article was a national powerful press network, in this message, not only did they disclose the evil things the abusing cat gang had done, but they even also announced the court’s final decision in this case. Most importantly, it also credited the public for helping the police solve this case.

In this world, there may be many people who have the same name as Mo Zhen, but someone had mentioned that the police had sent a banner to Mo Zhen’s company, solidifying evidence that it was truly Emperor Mo.

The report about the process wrote vividly that Mo Zhen bravely fought against the criminals, as if the writer himself had witnessed the scene, the image of Mo Zhen in the hearts of his fans was more glorious than any American superhero.

Mo Zhen nodded as his eyes swept over the newspaper article in his hand, they did not disclose any of his personal informations and where he lived, the worry in Mo Zhen’s heart greatly reduced as he said, “You guys do not care about the way they reported it?”

Tang Qiang looked at the opposite person and could not help but chuckle.”Then you should’ve told them at the time your name was Lei Feng.”

Mo: “…”

“This is the way they wanted to thank you for getting justice for their kittens, how can we have the heart to refuse?”

Mo: “…”

You just have the heart to be cheap ah!

The boss of the newspaper was also the inhabitant of the Kensini manor, whose wife’s kitten had died in the case, it was only after he had completely understood what had happened from the police’s explanation, did he publish this story.

It was important to emphasize, this report was absolutely free advertising.

Tang Qiang stood up from his office chair and patted Mo Zhen’s shoulder, “Emperor Mo, you just wait patiently and win the top-ten artists of the year award for us ah.”

Xixi’s theatre

“Today is Xixi Groundhog day, where the wild Xixi comes out of hibernation to see if we either have 6 weeks of winter, or spring is soon! Now, it comes down to this, does Xixi see her shadow or not? Wait wait, Xixi has gone back to her hole! Someone grab Xixi, she doesn’t want to go outside in the first place!”

Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, Xixi is a hermit and will always be a hermit therefore the weather doesn’t matter for her!

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