Chapter 29

Chapter 29

In the end, of course Mo Zhen didn’t win the Top Ten Youth Artists Award. In fact, he suspected that he has already passed the age of what can be considered youth.

Time has passed silently; in the twinkle of an eye, it was already November. The weather was getting cooler, but Ah Yao was still wearing her white dress.

Watching her, Mo Zhen felt cold himself, but thinking of how ghosts were originally stone-cold he felt a little relieved.

Every day, Ah Yao followed Mo Zhen to the studio and drifted around. As God Forbidden Zone 3 entered the final stages of filming, Ah Yao felt a little sentimental.

In order for the director to control the process of the filming, the scenes with English dialogue were all put into the final stage of filming. Almost every actor had a large section of English lines, and the NG’s for each actor increased as the speed of filming slowed down.

“I did not expect to be able to see the God Forbidden Zone series after I died.”

A voice full of longing suddenly appeared beside Ah Yao’s ear, making Ah Yao jump in shock. She turned around and looked at the person with surprise, “Piao Piao!”

Piao Piao also looked Ah Yao and raised her head and smiled, “Long time no see ah, little kitten.”

Speaking of the little cat, Ah Yao scrunched up her eyebrows. “That little black cat has already run away from home.”

Piao Piao was not surprised, “Stray cats are like this. As they say, wild is harder to tame.”

“So it’s like this…” Ah Yao’s shoulder sagged. She always felt that one day the little black cat would leave. Piao Piao watched Ah Yao’s mood became gloomy and she floated closer to her, “What wrong little kitty? Did Emperor Mo bully you?”

“No,” said Ah Yao, shaking her head and looking at Piao Piao. “Where have you been this entire time?”

“I go where there is injustice and crime.”

Ah Yao: “…”

It seems like being a brave, chivalrous woman was addicting.

“Your family’s Emperor Mo stole my credit and drove me out of your house, it’s simply maddening!” Piao Piao deliberately increased the level of her voice, making Mo Zhen glance at her. This subconscious move made the director call cut.

“Piao Piao, don’t disturb Zhen Zhen’s work!” Ah Yao strongly condemned Piao Piao for trying to disturb Mo Zhen’s work in the studio.

Piao Piao stuck out her tongue and looked in the direction of Mo Zhen. She grabbed Ah Yao’s hand and dragged her away, “Small kitty, let’s go. I’ll teach you more skills.”

“Really?” Ah Yao’s eyes immediately brightened, “What kind of skills?”

“Three Kingdoms.”

“Three Kingdoms?”

As Mo Zhen heard the sound of the two drift farther away, the corners of his mouth silently rose up.

“Emperor Mo, are you ready? Can we start filming now?” Director Cui stood behind the camera with his assistant and eagerly looked in Mo Zhen’s direction.

“Ah.” Mo Zhen nodded his head, re-entering into his acting state of mind.

Daytime in autumn is significantly shorter, and the sky was already black when it was seven o’clock. When Mo Zhen left the studio, Ah Yao had not come back yet, but Piao Piao had reappeared.

Mo Zhen let out a sigh and drove the car in the direction of the villa.

Forty minutes later, he stood in the huge room and suddenly felt a sense of loss.

The room was very dark, it was obvious Ah Yao had not come home yet. He took a bath and ate a simple dinner. Tiredly laying down on the sofa, he surfed the internet and at the same time waited for Ah Yao.

Opening the computer, Mo Zhen suddenly realized that today was November 11th.

He actually forgot about such an important holiday!

The importance of this holiday was not because it was National Single’s Day, but because everything on Taobao was half price!

Although he lived in an expensive villa and drove a luxury car, there was still a lot of pleasure in enjoying Taobao’s 50% off sales.

Catching up to the running car, Mo Zhen took a deep breath and opened up his collection of favourite snack shops and began to buy his snacks. It was a little later in the day and the good snacks were running out, but fortunately there weren’t many people who would fight with you to get them.

By the time Mo Zhen had finished this large project, it was already ten o’clock. Mo Zhen stared at the smaller hand on the clock, his eyebrows subconsciously wrinkling. It seemed like it was necessary to set a curfew for this household.

Exiting out of Taobao, Mo Zhen easily opened his Weibo account. He had been busy for a while now and had not updated his Weibo, .Well, even when he wasn’t busy he still didn’t really update his Weibo.

This previously caused Tang Qiang to be very dissatisfied. He lectured Mo Zhen about the importance of communicating with one’s fans, but he later discovered that when Mo Zhen casually updated his Weibo, thousands of fans would forward it no matter what it was about so Tang Qiang silently shut his mouth.

But considering how today was Single’s Day, Uncle Mo kindly updated his Weibo.

[Bless this happy holiday, every year it is the same. ][Ha ha]

(TN: idiom, 年年有今日,歲歲有今朝.)

“This cannot be my Male God [Bye Bye].”

“Someone with such a poisonous tongue cannot be my Male God [Bye Bye].”

“Male God must have been hacked [Bye Bye].”

“Forward the positive energy [Bye Bye].”

“Left side, no need to thank [Bye Bye].”

Netizens’ positive response once again confirmed Mo Zhen’s Weibo appeal –  in a twinkle of an eye, this post entered the hot and trending section of Weibo.

Mo Zhen did not dare to doubt anymore how great a single Emperor’s power was on social media.

Wanting to abuse his fellow netizens, Mo Zhen glanced at the other top posts in the hot and trending section of Weibo. When he saw the name Boiled Lemon, his mouse stopped.

Boiled Lemon- the name seemed to be familiar, where had he heard it?

Mo Zhen clicked on her profile and a yellow V plus a Godzilla profile picture popped up next to a row of words: Pujiang network signed author, has published “The Future Bookmarks” series, “Thermos and Electric fans ” and many other works.

(TN: literally what is says, Thermos and electric fans, I don’t even know anymore)

Mo Zhen’s eyes widened. Isn’t the difference between those two novels a little too big? But he had finally realized who this person is. Xiang Yunze had mentioned it to him before: she was the little girl Li Yan’s friend.

Mo Zhen scrolled down on her page. The majority of Boiled Lemons posts were publishing dates and information about  her novels, and then a post sending her blessings to one of her friends, and then the next one …Mo Zhen’s hand froze as he stared at it.

“Haha ha ha ha, being born on November 11th, my bones must be quite strong, don’t you think so! [Laughing tears] My wish for this year’s birthday is for my family’s Da Li to get better and recover. Don’t you still want to go Goreme to ride a hot air balloon?

(TN: Goreme is a town in Turkey)

Below the Weibo post were two pictures, one was a picture of a hot air balloon in Goreme and the other was a picture of two girls in a resturaunt.

The background was a Japanese restaurant and the two girls were sitting on the tatami smiling at the camera. The girl on the left was most likely the blogger Boiled Lemon. She had shoulder length wavy brown hair,red framed glasses, and wore an English-style fancy hat.Her entire atmosphere screamed that she had a literary background. The girl on the right hand side had all of her long black hair piled on her head with a light pink mosaic cherry blossomed styled hair barrette in her hair. She wore a light blue flowing shirt with denim shorts, Japanese-styled flip-flops were placed on her feet.

Although the dress was completely different, this person- she looked exactly the same as Ah Yao.

Mo Zhen stared at this photo for at least five minutes as he sat in front of the computer, motionless. From what the Weibo post was stating, the name of this girl should be Da Li. The name Da Li was obviously a nickname, but remembering everything Xiang Yunze had said about her, it was not hard to realize that this Da Li girl was the girl in the coma, and was also the same person Xiang Yunze has been in love with for years.

Mo Zhen remembered, her name was Li Yan.

It was as if something in his head had exploded, like a  boom sound that made his head feel all fuzzy and dizzy for a moment.

Ah Yao is Li Yan? Li Yan is Ah Yao?

No, there must be some connection in the middle that he had gotten wrong. Maybe, it was a twin sister?  Should he make a phone call to Xiang Yunze?

But no matter how many countless possibilities Mo Zhen came up with, it could not cover the clear and underlying answer.

Ah Yao is Li Yan.

Sitting in front of the computer for another five minutes, Mo Zhen’s hand slowly opened some of the comments, wanting to see if there were any clues in them.

“Blessing Da Li, but why would you call her Da Li?  She’s obviously such a beautiful girl(⊙_ ⊙).”

“It’s clear that Lemon is jealous of her beauty; hoping Da Li has a speedy recovery.”

“Oh My lord, Shampoo! What’s wrong with Da Li ?!”

(TN: shampoo = Chen Qingyang, her name is the same as a shampoo)

Mo Zhen paused when he saw this comment, judging by this person’s tone, she and Boiled Lemon were definitely close. But Boiled Lemon did not reply to her instantly, he refreshed the page, and after a while, a reply from the blogger jumped out.

“Pian Pian, Da Li fell down from the stairs, and she hasn’t woken up yet QAQ”

Mo Zhen frowned, and refreshed the page once again.

The person called Pian Pian was like Mo Zhen and had continued to refresh the page for the Blogger’s reply. So after Mo Zhen pressed F5 three times, there was finally another reply.

“How could you not tell me about such an important thing!”

Mo Zhen refreshed continuously for a very long time but the blogger had not replied, they were probably conversing on a private chat.

Mo Zhen bit his lip and scrolled again to the top, staring at that picture once again.

Whether it was the upturned mouth or the clear eyes, Mo Zhen was familiar with everything about her. But this person was not Ah Yao.

She was a beautiful woman, the girl who Xiang Yunze has had a hopeless crush on for years.

He suddenly felt some pain in his stomach, Mo Zhen laid on the couch with his right hand pressing his stomach and exposed a bleak smile.

How could this world have such a coincidence?

Since she was Li Yan, why couldn’t her soul go and fly to see Xiang Yunze? Instead, she drifted to his own door ah! Was America too far away for her to fly to?!

Mo Zhen’s heart was full of bitterness, making his stomach heart. Although the stomach medicine was a few steps away, but he did not want to move nor did he want to eat, at least this severe pain can ease the pain in his heart.

After all, stomach pain was better than heartache.

The phone on the sofa vibrated for a bit. Because it was already in Mo Zhen’s hand, Mo Zhen picked it up and looked at it.

Mo Zhen stared at the long string of numbers on the screen and opened his text messages, there were only three words listed on the screen.

I am back.

sob sob sob, cry with me, Mo Zhen my baby

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