Chapter 3

Mo Zhen irritably pressed the TV remote, flipping through channels until finally stopping at an entertainment news station. The female TV presenter was beginning to explain what exactly was going on. Although you could not see her face on the TV screen, it wasn’t hard to imagine how excited she was by the tone of her voice.

“Today, the sci-fi action move, God Forbidden Zone 3 held its grand opening ceremony, the director and the main actors were all present, when the leading actors made their first appearance it set the  audience in a huge frenzy.”

You could barely hear the female TV presenter’s voice under the screams of the audience, the loud shrill noise filled the entire living room.

The ghost subconsciously took a step back, her hands covered her ears.

A man appeared on the TV screen, and all the girls in the audience screamed one word “Mo Zhen” over and over again. The ghost was surprised to see that the very same man who stood on the stage, was it not her landlord?

“You’re a celebrity!” The ghost excitedly drifted to the front of the  TV, as if she was a child who had seen a new toy. “So you’re called Mo Zhen! This name is much nicer than Li Goudan.”

“… … Shut up! Li Gouhai!” Contrary to his gentle and handsome appearance on TV, Mo Zhen was unrestrained and had no manners in front of the ghost girl.

The ghost shrunk her head and tentatively pointed to her nose with the index finger. “Li Gouhai?” She asked.

Mo Zhen pursed his lips, and vented his frustrations as he bit the lemon in his hands, the acid staining his teeth.

The news on the TV continued to broadcast; dressed in a white coat, Mo Zhen leaned forward as if he was seducing the audience, his low magnetic voice leaned into the microphone and became even more intoxicating, “I will die with you, and you will rise with me.”

These lines were one of the most well-known lines in God Forbidden Zone, and ignited the audience’s passion as their loud screams became overwhelming, making Mo Zhen decisively press the shut-down button on the TV remote.

“Why aren’t you watching it!” The ghost had only started to get interested in it, when a black screen appeared at the TV, she turned her head and stared disgruntingly at Mo Zhen.

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, this ghost had dared to stare at him, she was nothing like the teary-eyed, sobbing person begging to stay a while ago.

Ignoring the ghost, Mo Zhen threw his finished half of a lemon into the trash. The little ghost stood and looked up, preparing to follow him upstairs.

Mo Zhen stepped down the stairs, quickly turned around, his cheeks almost pressing against the ghost’s face. Fortunately the ghost did not have a solid body, so Mo Zhen did not feel anything.  “I’m saying this once, you are only allowed to stay on the first floor! ”

The ghost sniffed and instantly entered the pitiful mode. “But even you have a name, yet I don’t even have one.”

How do you not have one! Aren’t you called Li Gouhai!

Mo Zhen could not resist rolling his eyes, she really had a talent for acting, he needed to find a chance to introduce her to Cui Dao.

“I know!” The ghost had suddenly thought of something, she gracefully turned to block Mo Zhen’s path, “Maybe if I remember my own name, then I will be able to remember who I am!”

Mo Zhen glanced at her from the corners of his eyes, and turned back to the living room sofa to sit down again, “Oh, well what is your name?”

“Well … …” This question seemed to make the ghost a little distressed, “What are some popular girl names right now?”

Mo Zhen leaned his head on the sofa and casually replied: “Xiao Qiao, Wei Wei, Xin Er, Li Sha.”

The ghost was silent for a moment as if she was seriously considering the names. After a while, she glanced at Mo Zhen and tested out the waters: “These names aren’t your ex-girlfriends names right?”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

He lifted his eyebrows, and gave a smile of indifference, “You want to entertain me?”

“No, no, not at all!” The ghost’s head shook from side to side like a rattle. “But if I don’t have a name, how will you call me?”

Mo Zhen let out a sigh and went to the refrigerator to take out the remaining half of the lemon, “I’ll never have that problem.”

Ghost: “… …”

She sighed, and sounded very sorrowful. “Ugh, if I never remember my name, I’ll have to stay here the entire time.”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

He squeezed the lemon in his hand until drops of lemon juice fell down on the floor, Mo Zhen clenched his teeth as he finally said, : “Ah! Yao!”

(Ah is something you put in front of a person’s name if you are familiar with them, for example my name is Xixi, so some of my relative call me Ah Xi, Yao is the Chinese word for faraway.)

“Ah Yao?” The ghost looked at Mo Zhen oddly as she replied, “I don’t want your ex-girlfriends name.”

“This is the name of my last album, or else you can be called Ah Bu, Ah Ke, Ah Ji!”

(Bu is no in chinese, Ke is to drink in chinese and Ji is to hurry in Chinese)

Ghost: “… …”

“Alright, it will be Ah Yao then.” She was really worried, if Mo Zhen continued to be angry like this, his blood vessels will soon burst.

Mo Zhen angrily went up the stairs, he had gone up two steps before he aggressively turned his head to look at her, “You cannot come up to the second floor, and also, if you don’t remember your name in month’s time, it doesn’t matter, you must leave!”

Ah Yao sniffled her nose, Mo Zhen did not have to command her not to go onto the second floor, she wouldn’t have gone anyway.





The poor Ah Yao’s plan had failed, she had no choice but to hover around the stairs for a while, and then finally drifted back to the living room. Staring at the LCD TV hanging on the wall, Ah Yao sighed. He seemed so gentle and kind on television, but why was he the complete opposite when he got home? If his fans knew his true colors, would they still support him?

Mo Zhen went back to his bedroom, ate his lemon, and went directly to sleep. He thought that perhaps it was because he was too tired today that he had hallucinations, hopefully when he woke up tomorrow, there would be no ghost in his house.

Mo Zhen buried his head into his pillow and silently sighed.

He even gave the girl a name.

He once heard a saying, the name is the shortest spell, when you name something, you will forever be tied to it.

Mo Zhen was really tired today, and the rain continued to pour outside, and he soon drifted off into sleep. He heard the faint sound of water running, Mo Zhen frowned, was it not raining?

When Mo Zhen slept, he needed absolute silence, even if there was a little bit of noise, he could not sleep at all. Hearing the sound of water echo in his ears, Mo Zhen finally could not help but sit up from the bed, went to the window opened the curtains looked.

It was dark outside; perhaps it was because of the rain, but the evening stars seemed to be particularly bright tonight.

It was not raining.

But that sound of water pouring down did not disappear, it seemed to be coming from somewhere downstairs.

It must be Li Gouhai!

Mo Zhen messily rubbed his hair, opened the door, and went to the first floor.

The first floor bathroom door was open a crack, the door revealed a warm yellow light and the sound of water that had caused Mo Zhen to unable to sleep was inside.

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, and then opened the door.

Warm water sprayed down from the shower head, Ah Yao was standing under the shower, her face stared at Mo Zhen in shock. Suddenly, she covered her chest and screamed.

Mo Zhen was startled for a moment and quickly turned away, he quickly closed his eyes, but they immediately flashed opened when he realized that Li Gouhai was wearing clothes!

Ah Yao was still covering her chest and screaming, Mo Zhen’s forehead blood vessels were ready to burst: “Shut up!”

The screaming suddenly halted.

Walking to turn off the shower, Mo Zhen glanced at Ah Yao, “What are you doing?”

“Ah,” Ah Yao replied, “I wanted to take a bath.”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

“You are just a ghost, can you please have the awareness that ghosts have?” Mo Zhen tried to calm the anger in the chest, he looked at the ghost’s dry clothes and hair, “You need to take a shower? Even the rain outside can’t make you wet, are you wet now?”

Mo Zhen finished his words, but he felt that it sounded… … … … a little dirty.

Fortunately, Ah Yao was a pure ghost, and did not think anything was out of place, “Although I can’t get wet, there’s still a certain mood about a bath!”

Mo Zhen took a deep breath, ineffectively exposed a Mo Zhen professional smile, “So the water and electricity charges are not going to be deducted from your rent?”

That smile had made Ah Yao a little absentminded, but she soon recovered from her senses and stared at Mo Zhen, “You’re so rich, yet you actually asked a ghost for money, do you not feel a little ashamed?”

“Of course not, this is something I rightfully deserve.” This is the way he has always been, his belief was to always pay back what one owed.

His confident appearance made Ah Yao choke, she immediately lowered her eyes to stare at the floor, “I am a ghost, I have no money.”

“Oh, so now you know you are a ghost?” Mo Zhen clutched the shower head in his hands. “In short, all the things in this house are my personal property, you are not allowed to touch them.”

“I know.” Ah Yao sobbed, her index finger wiped at her non-existent tears.

Mo Zhen turned a blind eye to Ah Yao’s performance, he glanced at the shower, and asked, “How did you turn on the shower?”

“Ah, that was very easy.” Ah Yao had a proud smile on her face, “Like this.”

Her voice fell as the water burst out of the showerhead with a “bang”, pouring onto the unsuspecting Mo Zhen… … in a short period of time, he had already been drenched by water twice.

Ah Yao: “…”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

“You’re going to get out of here now !!!!!” The roar nearly knocked the roof off of the bathroom.

Ah Yao floated back and forth in the living room, her mind was filled with worry. Judging by the tone of his voice, Mo Zhen seemed to be really angry. Listening to the sound of the water running, Ah Yao could feel the storm brewing.

Mo Zhen pushed out the bathroom door, as Ah Yao drifted to the kitchen. Mo Zhen messily dried his hair as he walked into the living room, got a glass of red win and walked to the kitchen, “Why are you still here? Get out immediately.”

“Mo Zhen, I’m really … …” Ah Yao nervously prepared to explain, but before she could finish what she was saying, Mo Zhen grabbed a small bottle of salt, poured it into his hand and threw it at where Ah Yao was standing.

The white salt floated down like snowflakes, through what was supposed to be Ah Yao’s body, falling onto the bright and clean floor.

Master had mentioned it to him before, salt could be used for exorcism. But when he actually tried it… … Ah Yao was still standing in front of him as before.

“Uh … …” Ah Yao pulled a long face, and decided to give Mo Zhen some advice. “Maybe you aren’t in the right position, try changing positions?”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Your sister ah! Do you think these are radio exercises?

Mo Zhen felt that if this went on – if the ghost was unable to remember who she was, he himself would turn into a ghost, moreover an insane one.



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      I think it’s hard to not be exposed to these things in entertainment circle. Being a beautiful 16 year old idol was not always a good thing. Even if Mo Zhen successfully avoided eating pork, he must have seen other pigs run.

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