Chapter 30

Master came back.

Mo Zhen’s right hand clutched his stomach and his mouth moved bitterly. He suspected that this person had intentionally picked this day to make a special trip back.

But maybe it was a good thing, he would no longer have to feel sorry for Ah Yao.

Just as he was thinking about Ah Yao, Ah Yao’s voice floated near his ears, “Zhen Zhen, what’s wrong ?! Your face is so pale ah!”

The sudden sound shocked Mo Zhen, as if he was a plant that was uprooted from the ground he quickly sprang up and closed the computer .

Ah Yao: “…”

It couldn’t be that he was just watching porn right? Her high level of curiosity only appeared when she went on Mo Zhen’s forum and smeared his reputation.

Violently shutting the computer, Mo Zhen laid down once again on the sofa. But his stomach’s condition had worsened due to his nervousness.

He did not know if Ah Yao had seen it.

Thinking of this, Mo Zhen could not help but laugh mockingly. He had moved out of his own instinct, somewhere subconsciously, he did not want Ah Yao to know who she was.

But what about this? Master had promised to come back and find her identity, she was going to have to go sooner or later.

But he had not expected it to be so soon.

“Zhen Zhen, does your stomach hurt?” Ah Yao drifted into the air and bent over to look at Mo Zhen.

Mo Zhen’s forehead exuded a fine layer of sweat due to the severe pain, but he still stubbornly pursed his lips and shut his eyes tightly.

He does not want to see her now.

Just the sound of her voice made his heart violently twist in pain; it was much more painful than his stomachache.

When Mo Zhen did not speak Ah Yao did not question it, she guessed that he was in too much pain to speak. The second drawer under the TV was opened, and a box of medicine floated in the air to Mo Zhen. Ah Yao floated to the water dispenser and filled a cup with hot water. Bringing the cup of hot water to Mo Zhen’s side, Ah Yao spoke beside Mo Zhen’s ear, he could feel her breath tingling, “Zhen Zhen, sit up and take the medicine.”

Mo Zhen’s brow moved as if he was internally struggling. When Ah Yao saw that he remained unmoving, she floated to his other side and spoke in his ear, “Zhen Zhen, you have to take the medicine to be cute!”

Mo: “…”

Even when I don’t take medicine, I’m still cute!

Mo Ze speechless, at this time the conservation can still be easily driven off track by Ah Yao.

Sitting up from the sofa, Mo Zhen took the floating glass of water and medicine into his hand, he then lined up the tablets according to size and swallowed them.

Ah Yao on the side sighed, what was more important; his OCD or dying?

After he had swallowed the pill he layed down on the couch once again, it was only until the pain had been reduced by half that he half-opened his eyes and stared at Ah Yao.

He did not know when she had changed her clothes, although it was still a dress, she had changed into a long-sleeved fall dress with a small jacket on the outside..

“What happened to your clothes?” Mo Zhen opened his mouth, some low voice dumb.

Ah Yao heard Mo Zhen question and excitedly turned around, “Does it look good? This is the latest TOMATO magazine’s clothing line!”

Mo: “…”

It seems that even death could not stop a woman’s vanity..

Ah Yao, however, was still immersed in her new clothes, “Piao Piao is really so powerful! This is what she taught me today, now I don’t have to worry about changing clothes!”

Mo Zhen silently stood up from the sofa, preparing to go upstairs and sleep. Ah Yao followed him from behind, drifting up the stairs until Mo Zhen stopped and glanced at her.

“What’s the matter?” Ah Yao said as she looked at Mo Zhen’s back, continuing to float in place..

“My master is back, and I will make some time for you guys to meet,” Mo Zhen said as he stood still for a moment.

After Mo Zhen said this, he did not look back at her and walked directly up to the second floor.

Ah Yao floated near the entrance of the stairs aimlessly, his master had come back? Would she soon be able to remember who she is?

But why did she not feel happy at all?

The sound of Mo Zhen closing his door made Ah Yao glance up at the second floor, when she saw the door of the bedroom shut, she turned around and drifted back to the living room to sleep.

Perhaps it was the stomach pain, or maybe Ah Yao, Mo Zhen did not sleep well that night. Although his physical and mental condition was terrible, he still had to get up early to go to the studio.

As usual, Ah Yao floated behind Mo Zhen, intending to follow him to the studio. She had not stepped a foot outside the door when a cold voice sounded in the air, “You cannot come to the studio with me.”


Ah Yao opened her mouth in protest, but when she saw Mo Zhen looking coldly at her, only a quiet “oh” came out of her mouth.

” Master will come over soon and you should not run around.”


When Mo Zhen closed the door and drove out of Kenisini Villa, he felt a little relieved.

As long as Ah Yao was by his side, he always felt as if it was harder to breathe.

On the way to the studio, Mo Zhen wanted nothing else but to sit on the Land Rover and sleep. Tang Qiang, who was following him, glanced at the obvious green and black circles under his eyes and raised his eyebrow. “Emperor Mo, are you feeling troubled?”

He pointed at his own eyes.

Mo Zhen’s neck shrunk deeper into his collar, his eyes closed as he ignored Tang Qiang.

But Tang Qiang would not let this piece of gossip go, he sat down beside Mo Zhen and poked his shoulders with his index finger. “Say, who is so capable to make Emperor Mo sleepless at night?”

Mo Zhen slowly opened his eyes and looked sideways at Tang Qiang: “You.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

Mo Zhen’s acting skills was definitely not something to joke about, with his dignified tone and deep eyes that stared into your soul, even Tang Qiang felt himself being fooled for a moment.

With his heart leaping, Tang Qiang ‘s Adam’s apple rolled up and down and finally issued a grunt, “Mo, Mo Zhen, don’t scare me please, or else I’ll really believe you.

Mo Zhen looked lazily at him, “Then my acting skills are quite good.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

The King of the Acting Emperor Industry is really extraordinary ah!

Tang Qiang was still thinking about how he was sexually harassed after asking about dark circles. When the makeup assistant saw the dark circles under Mo Zhen’s eyes, she grinned from ear to ear.

Finally a chance to touch Emperor Mo! Even with dark circles, he’s still cute!

However, unfortunately, after Mo Zhen’s makeup had been finished, the young makeup assistant could only quietly take back her hands as Mo Zhen glanced at himself in the mirror, and then left to go film.

Now that Ah Yao was not by his side, the studio seemed to be quiet. Although Tang Qiang was still by his side like a saddle on a horse, Mo Zhen felt as if the studio was a little empty.

Perhaps, it wasn’t the studio that was empty, maybe it was his heart? Mo Zhen suddenly felt a little funny, he was acting like a broken-hearted young girl.

Tang Qiang’s hand holding the boxed lunch froze in its place, he stared at Mo Zhen’s not yet disappeared smile and swallowed fearfully, “Mo Zhen, you are very strange today, you aren’t in love right?” He said, but then changed his mind,” No, it’s more like you are lovelorn. ”

Mo Zhen squinted in thought, he was lovelorn? Ha ha!

“Tang Qiang, whether I am lovelorn or not is not important, but do you want to lose your job?”

Tang Qiang: “…”

He began to concentrate on picking up the peas inside the lunch box.

Working until the evening, Mo Zhen was so tired he didn’t even want to lift a finger. But he still refused Tang Qiang’s proposal to send him back and drove his own car back to the villa area.

Just as he was parking in the garage, the phone in his pocket vibrated a few times. Mo Zhen took out the phone and looked at it, a few unread messages appeared on the screen. The long string of numbers on the screen undoubtedly belonged to Master.

“Do you have time tomorrow? I want to meet your little girl.”

Mo Zhen stared at the line of words for two minutes before replying.


Put the phone back into his pocket, Mo Zhen sighed bitterly and tiredly leaned back on the car seat. After calling Director Cui to ask for a half-day leave and informing Tang Qiang, Mo Zhen came down from the car.

Looking at the familiar door, he suddenly lacked the courage to push open that door.

Standing in front of the door for a while, Mo Zhen took a deep breath and entered the password to unlock the door.

“Zhen Zhen you came back!” It was as if Ah Yao was about to erupt after being forced to stay home all day, after Mo Zhen walked in, she drifted towards him in excitement.

“Ah,” Mo Zhen glanced at her passionate expression, and simply walked past her gracefully like an Emperor to his subjects.

Even if Ah Yao was a little slow on some matters, even she had already realized that Mo Zhen was deliberately avoiding her.

Staring blankly at the back of Mo Zhen, she drifted into the kitchen, “Zhen Zhen, today I boiled porridge ah! You had such a terrible stomach ache yesterday, eat a little lighter today.”

Mo Ze subconsciously looked at the kitchen, a pot sat under the gas fume hood- he could still see the faint traces of heat.

Ah Yao with her bright eyes continued to explain it to him, “This is my White Demon Porridge 2.0, the taste has much improved since the first version,”

Mo: “…”

He bit his lips, put down his keys, and sat down on the couch. “Master is coming here tomorrow.”

Ah Yao’s smiling mouth gradually drooped down, she stood in place for a long time and finally, bowing her head as she said an, “Oh” sound.

When Mo Zhen glanced at her depressed expression, his heart could not help but go soft. Forcing himself not to look at her, Mo Zhen sat with two large cushions in his arms, his two slender fingers played around with the corners of the pillows, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy that you’ll recover your memory?”

As if she had been stabbed by a needle, her heart felt as if it was tingling. Ah Yao sniffed and raised her head to look at Mo Zhen, “Zhen Zhen, do I have to leave now?”

Her voice was muffled in tears.

Although Ah Yao was a very good actress, however, Mo Zhen knew for sure that this time, she was not acting.

The stomach pain that had already passed swept once again, Mo Zhen tightly hugged the cushions in his arms, the entire time he did not even glance at Ah Yao, “You never belonged here in the first place.”

You do not belong here.

He always knew that like the day Ah Yao had suddenly appeared on his doorstep, one day she would also have to leave.

“I am too tired today, I’ll first go to bed and sleep.” Mo Zhen put down the pillows in his arms and got up from the couch.

Ah Yao stared as he passed by, watching him as he walked step by step up the stairs, and continued to watch him as he closed the door.

He is right, she does not belong here.

Ah Yao hugged her legs as she curled up on the spot of the sofa Mo Zhen had just sat on and suddenly felt a little cold.

Winter would probably be arriving soon.

For Mo Zhen, it was a sleepless night once again, when the first light of dawn shone through the window, the sound of the doorbell echoed in the quiet house as a voice rang out, traveling from the first floor to upstairs.

“Mo Zhen, if you don’t open the door soon, I’ll come in myself.”

someone come cry with me.

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