Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Ah Yao sat on the windowsill as she watched Mo Zhen’s Land Rover drive farther away, and finally dispelled the idea of trying to follow them. Although Master looked very much like a fake conman, if she were to secretly follow them, without a doubt she would be discovered right away.

The bells on her wrist tinkled inadvertently a few times. Ah Yao raised her left hand and studied the craftsmanship of the bracelet very carefully.

Mo Zhen sat in the driver’s seat of the car, turning his head to look at the person sitting straight beside him: “Master, what do you mean by this?” Deliberately separating them from Ah Yao, and insisting on going out? His actions were definitely not all for the sake of eating steak.

Don’t be fooled by Master wearing a suit because this guy definitely likes to eat Chinese food.

When Master heard his words, he laughed softly. His eyes that had been looking at the scenery outside moved to glance at Mo Zhen’s expression, “I should be the one asking you this question. Mo Zhen, do you already know the identity of this ghost?” When he revealed that Ah Yao had not died, although Ah Yao was stunned for a moment, she did not show too much of a shocked reaction. As for Mo Zhen, he had maintained a calm expression from start to finish.

This was really interesting.

The hands that held the steering wheel tightened subconsciously. He was silent for a moment and finally whispered: “I only found out a few days ago.” As for how he had discovered the truth, there was no need to mention it.

“Oh.” Master, like a clever fox, squinted and glanced carefully at Mo Zhen’s expression and then turned back to look out the window, “Then what do you intend to do?”

A black limousine drove closer to them, its reflection showing on the side of the window. Mo Zhen listened quietly to the whistling sound near his ears. Just as he was opening his mouth to reply, Master interrupted, “You do not need to rush to answer me. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but when she returns to her original body, she will forget everything that happened during this time – including you. ”

Mo Zhen’s pupils slightly shrink. The green traffic light at the intersection before them flashed a couple times before turning red, stopping Mo Zhen’s car at the intersection.

After waiting for a while for the light to turn green again, they drove past the crossing quickly. Mo Zhen slowly opened his mouth: “Other than to let her go, what else can I do?”

Yes, he had no other choice.

Master did not answer but instead stared at the window glass. The window glass vaguely showed the reflection of Mo Zhen’s face, the smooth and straight lines, angular.

But it revealed a trace of sadness that was very hard to distinguish.

He could not help but sigh. Master propped one hand under his chin as he entered a meditation state. From the first time he saw Mo Zhen, he knew that the child would be destined to encounter misfortune, peach blossom robbery.

(TN: 桃花劫, in Chinese folktales, a peach blossom has two types of peaches: a good peach and a bad peach.  A good peach symbolizes a love that is happy and lasts forever; a bad peach symbolizes lovers disputes and a love that may never be able to survive. Master is contemplating how Mo Zhen’s relationships are destined to be filled with misfortune, like a peach blossom with bad peaches, encountering the right person but at the wrong time, and therefore being unable to be with them.)

In fact, even if one were not a fortune teller, just by glancing at Mo Zhen’s outstanding appearance there were many people who would say that he must have robbed the peach blossom.

(TN: Emperor Mo is so great, therefore the heavens balance it out by giving him misfortune.)

But it so happened that Mo Zhen was not someone who was easily tempted, nor was he very emotional. Therefore, those whose flowers aimed to be on the peach blossom – before one’s petals could open – they were one by one withered in the presence of  Emperor Mo’s cold and elegant style. As long as his heart could move through this situation, he would be able to escape this misfortune.

“I heard that she had fallen down the stairs and is still unconscious.” Mo Zhen’s voice was so low and soft that, although he was speaking to Master, it seemed as if he was talking to himself. Another car from the opposite side passed by. Mo Zhen drove the Land Rover manually, but he did not know whether to turn left or right at the next intersection.

Master, with a light in his eyes, glanced at the obviously absent-minded Mo Zhen and asked: “You do not intend to see her?”

This sentence was like a bait; there will always be fish who would be tempted to bite.

“See her?” Mo Zhen unconsciously repeated the words. He can go see her? He remembered that Xiang Yunze said she was in Central Hospital.

This idea had not settled into his brain when the hands on the steering wheel turned a sharp corner. A  right turn at the intersection would lead to the Central Hospital.

Aware of the sudden change in the car’s direction, Master could not help but mumble a cry. Love was one of the most difficult things to understand in the world; it can make a person act as if they are a completely different person.

A city center hospital never lacked business. Even if other companies in the area would suffer an economic downturn and thousands of layoffs, the hospital would still be overcrowded.

Mo Zhen brought his coat collar closer to his face, and from his back seat he took his baseball cap and dug out his big sunglasses. He looked as if he were a shady criminal, someone you would not trust.

If he had a mask, it would be even better. Was it possible to send Master into the hospital to buy one?

Mo Zhen glanced at Master and was about to speak when the other side asked: “What is her name? I’ll go and ask for her ward.”

Mo Zhen stood on the side trying to cover his hair with his cap.  With some awkwardness in his voice, he said: “Li Yan.”

This name was much more of a mouthful than he had first imagined, Ah Yao sounded much better.

After asking the first floor information desk for Li Yan’s ward number, Master walked to where Mo Zhen was standing in the corner and stated a number. The floor number was not too high, but Mo Zhen – for paparazzi insurance – had to take the stairs. Although he didn’t have much of a problem climbing the stairs, Master still felt quite bitter. He felt Mo Zhen’s actions were abusive to the elderly.

Unfortunately, since the Elderly had a stronger curiosity than his bitterness, he followed behind Mo Zhen, both running as fast as flying.

Li Yan’s ward was the third in the corridor. The room was a bright and spacious single-patient room. In the hospital, each inch of this land was fought over. To live in a single room, it seemed as if Li Yan’s family situation was quite good.

Other than them, there were no other people in the ward. Mo Zhen stood quietly in the corridor, looking through the glass window at the person laying on the bed.

Her face was pale, and her lips were devoid of colour. Although there was not a speck of blood on her body, the weight she had lost over the months was evident. An IV needle was buried in the skin of her left hand with a piece of white tape securing it, the IV bag hung high as it dripped slowly down.

Mo Zhen’s eyes glanced at her. She looked very weak compared to the smiling girl in the photo. The difference seemed to be a world away.

“You aren’t going in?” Master’s bewildered voice sounded from behind. This feeling was like a devil incarnate living in the mountains becoming a peerless beauty, or the temptation of an ignorant scholar with their own home.

She was lying there; as long as Mo Zhen went into the room, he could meet her.

Unfortunately, this time Mo Zhen did not bite the bait.

“Let’s leave.” He did not know how long he stood there silently, but Mo Zhen finally turned to Master and spoke. Master looked at him with the corners of his mouth rising into a curve. Without saying anything, he left and walked down the corridor.

Mo Zhen followed behind him, and took a final glance at the person lying on the bed. When they left, the two decided to take the stairs again. It was only after their backs had completely disappeared down the stairwell that Xiang Yunze walked out from a corner of the opposite corridor.

Although Mo Zhen had deliberately disguised himself and was far away from where Xiang Yunze was standing, Xiang Yunze would always be able to spot Mo Zhen no matter where they were.

Xiang Yunze stood in place with his eyebrows scrunched up as he frowned, staring in the direction of where Mo Zhen had disappeared a minute ago.

What was he doing here?

He had been  standing in front of where Li Yan’s ward was located. Although he had told Mo Zhen that her  name was Li Yan and that she was residing in Central Hospital, he did not think that Mo Zhen would deliberately run over and see her.

A person who has nothing to do with him.

“Xiang Gonzi, what are you standing here for?” Chen Qingyang tried to push the frozen as a stone statue Xiang Yunze forward in the corridor, her expression and her tone of voice filled with annoyance.

But Xiang Yunze turned a deaf ear to Chen Qingyang’s complaints and continued to stand motionless.

Chen Qingyang frowned and tried to look in the same direction Xiang Yunze was staring at.

Other than an empty corridor, nothing else was there. What was this person staring at ah?

Many years later, whenever Chen Qingyang recalled this scene, her tear ducts could not help but overflow.

She and Emperor Mo, they had passed by each other!

“Hello!” Chen Qingyang retracted her eyes, and facing Xiang Yunze’s ear, she shouted loudly. Xiang Yunze was obviously surprised by the noise. His entire body jumped in shock and turned to look at Chen Qingyang: “This is a public area, please do not yell.”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

If it’s a public area, please do not fossilize randomly in the middle of the corridor!

Chen Qingyang’s mouth whispered bitterly and she walked around the human fossil and down the corridor.

Although Doctor Fang had said that Li Yan would wake up soon, over the past few months she could not find any signs of Li Yan regaining consciousness.

Chen Qingyang held a package in her arms and sat next to the bed. Xiang Yunze also pushed the door to come in.

“What were you staring at ah?” Chen Qingyang took a few chocolates from the bag and easily threw them to Xiang Yunze.

“An acquaintance.” Xiang Yunze unconsciously caught the things that were flying in the air.  When he saw that they were chocolates, he threw them back to Chen Qingyang, “I do not like to eat sweets.”

Chen Qingyang snorted. Peeling the chocolates he had thrown to her, she popped some into her mouth: “Sweets can re-energize the brain. Don’t your kind of high IQ people like to eat this?”

“Who did you hear this from?” Xiang Yunze chuckled, “Gao Sen likes to eat lemons.”

“Of course he is not the same!” Chen Qingyang was suddenly very excited, “That’s the character Emperor Mo plays, you know!”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

Emperor Mo was just here, you know.

“Ai,” said Chen Qingyang as her mood finally started calming down. “If this was like before, and we ate sweets and poisonous things in front of Da Li, she would definitely get up and beat us up.”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

So this was why she would always eat in the ward ah? Really is well-intentioned ah.

Sitting down on the vacant seat beside Chen Qingyang, he asked her: “You like Mo Zhen?”

“Nonsense – or why else do you think my pen name is Boiled Lemon?” Chen Qingyang smiled brightly at Xiang Yunze.

“Oh.” Xiang Yunze smiled lightly and nodded, not speaking again. The ward was quiet for a while until Chen Qingyang finally asked slowly: “Xiang Gongzi, when do you think Da Li will wake up ah?”

Xiang Yunze glanced at the Li Yan lying on the hospital bed and moved his mouth, “Very soon.”

Coming out of the hospital, Mo Zhen drove Master to the Carlisle Restaurant. As expected, the restaurant had not opened yet.

Master was very dissatisfied with this! He was even wearing a suit. How could the restaurant not be open for business?! This was absolutely unscientific!

Mo Zhen drove the car away before the person made any drastic moves. Although this person had already reached an old age, he still liked to do things according to his whims.

“Master, does that bracelet really work?” It was unknown if this question was to distract Master’s attention, or if it was really a question, but Mo Zhen’s voice suddenly sounded in the car.

“Are you questioning me?” Master squinted dangerously, his front bangs moved suddenly despite having no breeze. “With this bracelet, she can stay stay outside for at least half a year.”

Half a year?! A light flashed in Mo Zhen’s eyes. A month was all he truly needed.

“Master, can Ah Yao sit on an airplane?”

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