Chapter 33

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When Mo Zhen had finally arrived home after his long hours, the sky was already dark.

Because he had asked for leave in the morning, when he had arrived in the afternoon, Director Cui was ready to rub off his own skin in anger. Mo Zhen sighed and took out his house key, ready to open the door.

Ah Yao had been curled up on the couch watching TV when her ears twitched, she keenly heard someone opening the door. At the same time, the TV made it “click” sound and automatically powered off.

“Zhen Zhen you came back! Did you eat dinner already?” Ah Yao looked at him attentively, like a virtuous wife waiting for her husband to come home.

“No.” Mo Zhen took off his shoes and threw his coat on the couch.

“It just so happens that I made some steak today!” It was as if she was making food for herself, Ah Yao put every inch of effort she could to make Mo Zhen content.

Mo Zhen raised his head to look at her for a moment, with a surprised expression, he asked: “You can make steak?”

“Yes ah! I just searched it up online!”

Many things are like this- speak too soon, and things will go awry.

(TN: don’t celebrate too soon, because you will get jinxed)

“Oh, online.” Mo Zhen nodded indifferently, walked toward the kitchen.

Ah Yao followed him closely, her face had a honest and righteous expression: “But I did not visit the forum, and I did not even smear you at all, I swear!” She said as she stuck out her hands as she was swearing.

Mo Zhen did not pay attention to her and looked at the small piece of steak in the frying pan. These small pieces of steak was sent to him by Tang Qiang a while ago, but he had no time to cook them at all.

The truth was, even if he did have time, he would still be too lazy to cook them.

The Steak was still hot, it seemed as if it had been fried not too long ago. Mo Zhen shoved it out with a spatula, put it on a plate and carried it to the table.

Cutting a small piece of steak and shoving it into his mouth, Mo Zhen felt that it was very delicious. As he opened the computer in front of him, he did not press ctrl+H to look at his recent history, but instead directly searched for Goreme hot balloons in the search engine.

Ah Yao floated to Mo Zhen’s side and stared at the computer screen: “Wow! That place is so beautiful ah!”

“En.” Mo Zhen made an agreeing sound and slowly scrolled down with the mouse.

“Zhen Zhen, do you want to travel?” Ah Yao turned her head, her eyes brightly stared at Mo Zhen.

Mo Zhen turned his head and glanced at her for a moment and then turned his eyes quickly back to the computer screen: “En, the shooting for God forbidden Zone 3 will soon be completed and since I’ll have no work afterwards, I wanted to go traveling for a while.”

“Oh oh.” Ah Yao nodded heavily, “Bring me! Bring Me!” She desperately pointed to herself.

As the corners of his mouth raised, Mo Zhen forked a small piece of steak into his mouth and hid the secret smile on his face: “You? That place is very far away, can you ride an airplane?”

“An airplane?” Ah Yao’s eyebrows scrunched up together in thought, although she can fly very high, but to fly at the height of an airplane, that seemed to be a little more difficult ah. And the distance too… …

“I will work hard!” Ah Yao made a small fist, her two eyes brightened with determination.

In order to be able to travel with Zhen Zhen, she will fight!

Mo Zhen finally could not hold back and laughed out loud. He covered his mouth with his hand quickly and looked at the hot air balloon on the screen: “Master gave me a good treasure today, he said that as long as a ghost possessed it, you could take them anywhere.”

“Really?!” It was as if she had seen an oasis in the desert or tasted hot porridge in the winter, Ah Yao’s entire spirit brightened up. She had thought that if worse comes to worse, she would casually possess a random passenger on the same flight, and when they arrived at the destination, she would then come out. Now that she had this magic, even my mother will not have to worry if I ride an airplane!

Ah Yao felt that she was a very adorable person.

Mo Zhen glanced at the very cute Ah Yao for a moment, snorted and began to search for a travel guide.

Ah Yao looked very excited and kept asking Mo Zhen when they would leave, Mo Zhen felt his head hurt as Ah Yao bothered him continuously, and only replied that when the movie finished filming, they would leave.

Ah Yao was excited all night, she twirled around and even somersaulted all over the place, disturbing Mo Zhen until he finally could not tolerate it any longer and went to the second floor to sleep. Ah Yao had initially wanted to follow him, but lost her enthusiasm when she saw the threat in Mo Zhen’s eyes. His eyes seemed to be saying, if you follow me, don’t even think of coming to travel.

In order to travel, Ah Yao obediently drifted back to the living room to sleep. Without Ah Yao disturbing his ears, Mo Zhen laid on the bed as he concentrated on thinking. The ceiling seemed to have some hypnotic effects, because after staring at it for a while, Mo Zhen fell asleep.

(TN: Goreme is beautiful)

Mo Zhen’s sleep was too shallow and woke up before the rooster sang out its morning call. Taking out his phone to look at the time – it was five forty-five. Mo Zhen sighed as he casually dialed Tang Qiang’s number into his phone.

At that time, Tang Qiang had just finished showering and was holding a cup of hot water as he picked up his phone to give Mo Zhen his usual morning call. However, to his surprise, before he picked up the phone, Mo Zhen’s number was already flashing on the screen.

Tang Qiang raised his eyebrows, the wind must be blowing in a different direction today- Emperor Mo had actually taken initiative to call him first

Picking up the phone, Tang Qiang was about to ridicule Mo Zhen when he heard Mo Zhen’s voice speak before him on the other side: “Tang Qiang, where are you now?”

Tang Qiang was silent for a moment, “So early in the morning, of course I’m at home.” He ruffled his hair, and using his shoulder, he gripped the phone at his ear as he put on a pair of trousers.

“You go the company, I have something to say to you.”

Tang Qiang raised his eyebrows, “You can’t tell me at the studio?” Since the filming was almost complete, recently the crew was so busy that it seemed as if they were flying as they moved, he really did not want to waste any time making a trip to the company.

“The studio is not very convenient.” Mo Zhen spoke unclearly, Tang Qiang suspected that he was brushing his teeth as he spoke to him on the phone.

“Alright,” He nodded, Tang Qiang asked, “I’m about to go there now, when will you arrive?”

“I’m also about to leave, at most it’ll take about half an hour.” Mo Zhen spit out the mouthwash he had been gurgling and hung up the phone. When he arrived downstairs, Ah Yao was surprised to see him, “Zhen Zhen, you woke up so early today?” She had not gone to steal his quilt yet, why did he already wake up?

“En, I have some matters so I’ll have to go to the company first.” Mo Zhen walked as he put on his jacket, but Ah Yao quickly stopped him, “You aren’t going to eat breakfast?

“I’ll eat at the company.”

“Oh.” Ah Yao followed behind him, preparing to go out with him. However as Mo Zhen opened the door, he turned to Ah Yao and said: “The crew will be finished in a week, you stay here at home and see what needs to be prepared for the trip.”

“Oh …” She’s a ghost, what does she need to prepare? Although she felt that Mo Zhen’s excuse was a little crappy, she was scared that he would suddenly change his mind and not take her with him, so Ah Yao decided this time to be on her best behavior, and become a three-star well-behaved ghost.

Mo Zhen watched as Ah Yao obediently floated back to the living room and then walked out the door. As he drove his Bentley out of the garage, Mo Zhen looked at the time, it was six o’clock sharp.

Since it was very early in the morning and there were little to no cars on the road, Mo Zhen drove smoothly and arrived at the company in less than twenty minutes.

The entrance doors of Kai Huang Company had not yet opened and the door was being guarded by a security guard was half squinting in a nap. Mo Zhen walked through the staff channel in the company and rode the elevator until it stopped at the 36th floor. Walking through the familiar corridor, it was strange not to see Han Mei Mei’s shadow as he approached Tang Qiang’s office.

After knocking on the door, Mo Zhen pushed it open and saw that Tang Qiang was already sitting inside.

Pouring a cup of warm water for Mo Zhen, Tang Qiang spoke as he sat down, “To be in such a hurry, what do you want to discuss?”

Mo Zhen swirled the warm water in his cup and spoke straightforwardly, “Tang Qiang, after God Forbidden Zone 3 finishes, I would like to take a break for half a month,”

As he finished his sentence, Tang Qiang wrinkled his eyebrows, “Can you tell me why?”

“I want to travel abroad.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

Can’t you say that your grandmother got cancer, or your grandfather suddenly died?! The excuse of traveling abroad, will the teacher really believe it?!

After Tang Qiang inhaled deeply with some difficulty, he opened his mouth to speak: “Mo Zhen, you’re aware that the end of the year is always the busiest time for you, why must you travel abroad now? And you also have to record an album before the end of the year. ”

Mo Zhen bit his lip and said to Tang Qiang: “The purpose of coming here was to talk about the album, can we not wait until after the year is over to record the album?”

“I can wait, but can your fans wait?” Tang Qiang finally could not keep his calm, “Mo Zhen, your most recent album was released last year, the company has already exerted a lot of resources for the production and publicity for this new album, even the songs have already been chosen, but if you want to delay it now, how do you intend to explain it to the company and your fans?

Mo Zhen frowned, “LOST HEAVEN” was his upcoming album after being on hiatus from the music world for a year and a half; even more, all of the production team members were top figures in the music industry, the album’s main song lyrics’s would be written by himself, not only did the company place great importance on this album, but this album had a huge significance to Mo Zhen himself. He had already thought about the things Tang Qiang had stated, but … … but Ah Yao was going to leave soon, by that time, she would not even be able to remember who he is at all. However, before this happens, he wanted to take her to a place she wanted to go and do the things she wanted to do.

This was the only thing he could do for her.

“This trip is very important to me, I have to go.” Mo Zhen looked at Tang Qiang, although his eyes seemed to be apologetic, there was not a shred of regret in his conscience, “On the fans’s side, I will explain it to them, I apologize for causing trouble for the company.”

Tang Qiang was silent.

Mo Zhen had debuted for so many years, but he had never once made any excessive demands, not to mention he never ever deliberately caused trouble either. Tang Qiang believed that for Mo Zhen to make this decision, he must have his own reasons. However, just because he understood, did not mean that the company would accept it.

Sighing, Tang Qiang finally compromised: “Alright, I will try to consult with the company.”

“Thank you.” Mo Zhen stood up, and exposed a smile that was like the spring breeze to Tang Qiang.

Tang Qiang’s mouth moved, even he was used to his beauty, one could never be sick of it, “Can I ask you who you are travelling with?” To see him so anxious, it was as if he was trying to hurry off to his honeymoon.

Mo Zhen looked down at him, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised: “Only myself.”

“Only you?” Tang Qiang did not fully believe him, “Where are you going?”

“Goreme, sitting on a hot air balloon.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

Alright, it would be impossible to find a companion to go on such a childish travel idea.

Speaking of childishness, Tang Qiang suddenly remembered that there were two boxes of Mo Zhen’s parcels sent to him, “Mo Zhen, when did you buy snacks? I received two boxes of your food again.”

“You did?” Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, he did not expect to receive his parcel so quickly after ordering it, the speed of the courier was simply astonishing, “Did you help me bring it over?”

“It’s in my car.” Tang Qiang felt that he really was like his nanny, no, his job was even more bitter than being a nanny, at least nannies did not have to follow and wipe butts, “We should leave first, it’s almost time to go to the studio. ”

“Ah.” Mo Zhen made an agreeing sound and left together with Tang Qiang out of the office..

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