Chapter 34

The filming for God Forbidden Zone 3 finished before the end of the year, it would have to go through post-production editing before being released nation-wide in early April of next year..

From the early preparations to the completion of filming, the entire process of God Forbidden Zone 3 was a duration of one year and three months. Now that the shooting is finally over, Mo Zhen was finally relieved. As the main character of the God Forbidden Zone  series, he had put all of a year’s effort and time into this film and the company was waiting for him to reprise yet again as the character of Dr. Gao Sen in future films of this series.

Originally in accordance with the company’s arrangements, after finishing shooting the film, Mo Zhen was supposed to non-stop record his album, and then release his new album at the end of the year- the CEO of Kai Huang had personally picked an auspicious day for the release, December 25th, Christmas.

But this plan would eventually be disrupted by Mo Zhen’s one sentence.

As a gold medal nanny, Tang Qiang used his three-inch tongue and all of his effort to persuade Kai Huang’s CEO and finally after reaching a consensus, the album’s release date was pushed to next year – he even provided the company with an auspicious date for the release, February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

(TN: auspicious date? lolololol, more like xixi steals food and shoves it in her cheek pockets day)

On the company’s side, Mo Zhen had Tang Qiang to help him manage the higher-ups, but when it came to the fans, Mo Zhen could only rely on himself to explain.

At this time, the initiator of this incident was leisurely sitting on a big sofa in his living room , eating imported butter cookies as he went through Weibo.

The company had not yet announced the news of the album being postponed, quoting the CEO’s words, this animosity would have to be personally put on Mo Zhen’s shoulders. After he stabilized everyone’s animosity, the company would then issue an official statement confirming it.

Mo Zhen did not object to the company’s decision, this incident would solely his own responsibility and fault. The problem was explaining it to the fans… … it must be compiled with heart-wrenching and tear-jerking sentences in order for them to accept it.

“Zhen Zhen, Turkey’s usually quite cold at this time of the year, do you need to bring your down jacket?” Ah Yao floated down from the second floor, a man’s down jacket drifted in the air behind her as she approached Mo Zhen..

Mo Zhen’s eyes could not help but widen as he pulled a floating down jacket from the air, looking quite impatient he said, “No, I checked, it’ll be sunny all next week, the weather is supposed to be very good.”

“Oh,” said Ah Yao, nodding her head; she thought for a moment, “What kind of changes of clothes do you need to pack? Such as that thing…” Ah Yao said, shyly lowering her head.

(TN: there’s supposed to be something suggestive and shameless here, but I’m probably too young and a single dog to catch it, apologies~)

Mo: “…”

What is that thing supposed to be?!

Patting the down jacket with much force, Mo Zhen worked hard to have a calm and patient tone: “Do not rummage through my wardrobe, I will pack my things myself.”

“… Oh, okay.” Ah Yao bitterly drifted to the sofa sofa to lie down. Mo Zhen placed the down jacket on a table and glanced at Ah Yao laying on the sofa for a moment; and once again edited his Weibo post.

“I am very sorry, the original plan was to release my new album” LOST HEAVEN ” on December 25th, however this will be delayed. This is mainly due to the theme song that I am personally writing myself, at this point I am not satisfied with the changes made to the song. Both the company and I have invested a lot of effort and time into this, and everyone has also been waiting so patiently, but I do not want to use a half-finished product to deceive everyone. Therefore, I made a final decision to travel abroad for a while, hoping to find new inspiration. I ask for everyone’s understanding.”

it was Just 140 words. But this was definitely Mo Zhen’s longest Weibo post he had ever written.

Mo Zhen reread it a few times, since his language and attitude seemed to be sincere enough, there shouldn’t be big uproar right? Staring at Weibo for a while, Mo Zhen decided to attach a selfie to his post, hoping for a better effect.

And so he put his phone at a 45 degree angle in the sky and took a picture, finally, after attaching his picture to his 140 worded post, he sent it out.

And then he nervously waited for everyone’s reaction.

Everyone responded very quickly, as if they were safe-guarding Mo Zhen’s weibo page the entire time, it was not even a few seconds afterwards when the first forward and comment was posted, and then just like the house pricing market, the number of replies and forwards quickly blew up .

“┬┬ ﹏ ┬ ┬ This is definitely the worst and biggest news announced this year, Zhen Zhen Zhen Zhenzi you cannot abuse me.”

“Although I’m excited that Male God has written so many words for the first time, but I still can not help but want to say … … FML is it not April Fool’s Day today?!”

“Zhenzi when will it be delayed to? QAQ”

“I understand Zhenzi, the money I have already saved, whenever you release, I will buy ^ _ ^”

(TN: Zhenzi means hazelnut)

“He he, make an excuse whenever you can’t write lyrics, what inspiration are you taking about? Mo Zhen has always had to rely on his face in order to eat- want to sing, but cannot sing, want to act, but cannot act.”

Mo Zhen’s eyelids jumped, from time to time, some strange yin-yang people would comment Weibo, although the person would usually be cursed to death quite quickly by his fans, but Mo Zhen could not help but want to laugh evilly at them for a moment.

Refreshing the page, Mo Zhen was surprised to find Boiled Lemon had also forwarded his post.

“I was very angry when I saw the content, but when I saw the picture I was suddenly not angry anymore, am I the only one?”

The people on the left agree with you, you are not the only one.

Mo Zhen was finally satisfied, a world that cared a lot about looks was quite good to live in.

“Zhen Zhen, what are you doing?” Ah Yao, who had floated up from the couch, leaned over to look at Mo Zhen. Mo Zhen’s eyes quickly scanned the computer and then brutally unplugged the power.

Ah Yao: “…”

Ah Yao bit her lip and with some awkwardness she said: “Zhen Zhen, you are a normal boy, visiting the small yellow network is normal, I will not despise you.”

(TN: cough cough small yellow net = porn)

Mo: “…”

His mouth moved, and then finally decided to let everything go along with the wind.

A few hours after Mo Zhen posted his announcement on Weibo, Kai Huang’s official website formally announced the delaying of the album, and the new release date was set as February 14th of next year.

The originally hopeful fans had now completely given up, spreading their devastation online. It was like a land swarming with disaster victims. This matter had been announced just before the year ended and managed to be squeezed onto the top ten tragedies of the year list.

Chen Qingyang turn off her phone and restlessly walked around Li Yan’s ward.

When Xiang Yunze returned and so Chen Qingyang walk aimlessly back and forth, he could not help but ask: “What’s wrong?”

“There has been a tragedy.” Chen Qingyang held her bag as she sat down beside Xiang Yunze, sniffing sadly. “Mo Zhen’s album is being delayed.”

Xiang Yunze blinked, “Why?”

“He said he was going to travel abroad for inspiration.” Oh, this inspiration should go to hell.

Xiang Yunze raised his eyebrows. Traveling abroad? Did Mo Zhen mention traveling abroad to him the last time they spoke? Ah no, the focus is, who is he going with?

Xiang Yunze hesitated, and ultimately did not call with Mo Zhen to confirm this matter. Meanwhile, Mo Zhen embarked on an expedition to Turkey. Actually, it was a journey.

Before going out, Mo Zhen and Ah Yao first tested Master’s mysterious treasure to see if it actually worked. The magic treasure was a small beautiful ring that looked quite sophisticated, and it even fit Mo Zhen’s ring finger perfectly.

Ah Yao excitedly possessed the ring, came out, went into, and out again… This went back and forth for a few times before she excitedly came out and exclaimed to Mo Zhen: “Zhen Zhen, I feel like the genie in Aladdin lamp’s ah!

Mo: “…”

Although the destination was Goreme, their first stop was actually Selcuk. After sitting ten hours on the plane, by the time Ah Yao was able to come out of the magic ring it was already dusk. The Western-style buildings revealed a rich religious history and the fresh flowers and small kittens that could be found everywhere added to the grace and style of the foreign land.

(TN: not kidding, legit says kittens, i need to go here)

As Mo Zhen took out his camera to take pictures of the small kittens on the street, Ah Yao excitedly floated around and made a great effort to play with the kittens. The dusk sunset painted the street in a warm orange colour, Mo Zhen faced the sunset and standing in a corner of a white-walled hut; facing the camera towards him, he pressed down the shutter.

They did not stay outside for too long; at the scheduled time, Mo Zhen and Ah Yao went back to the hotel to rest. When Ah Yao rushed into the room and discovered that the balcony was facing St. John’s Cathedral, she could not wait to float around as Mo Zhen took out his laptop and connected it to the wifi.

(TN: searched up St. John’s Cathedral and got a place in hong kong?? Rip xixi)

This was the task Tang Qiang had specifically assigned to him, he had to post on Weibo at least once a day to show that he was safe. Mo Zhen felt that this was flawed, if he wanted to determine his safety, wouldn’t it be easier to call instead?

Finally, he came to the conclusion that Tang Qiang’s mobile phone did not accept long-distance international calls.

Picking two of his own photos he had taken, he posted them directly to Weibo. However, this time Mo Zhen did not wait patiently for everyone’s reply but instead turned off his computer and laid on the bed.

After sitting for a day on the plane, all he wanted to do was recharge his energy for tomorrow’s journey.

But meanwhile, Weibo had already flipped the pot over the two pictures Mo Zhen had posted.

“WTF, when Male God said he’s going out for a while, he meant traveling abroad? By himself??”

“Honeymoon … travelling?”

“In the end, who is the one Male God is traveling with ah ah ah ah! but the photo was taken by a self-timer ah ah ah!”

This Weibo discussion was quickly moved to the Cape Forum, as the moderator of the forum, Chen Qingyang was one of the first to see the post.

The Landlord posted high definition screenshots of Mo Zhen’s Weibo post, and also included the caption- Male God is in love.

(TN: Landlord = person who started the post)

Everyone following the forum had already gone crazy at this point.

“The one who said he was in love, roll!”

(TN: roll = get out)

“How could my Male God be in love he he he he?”

“This is irrelevant, but Zhen Zhen’s handsomeness is making me cry QAQ”

“The landlord is simply frantic, Zhen Zhen is so spicily handsome, how could someone be traveling with him! He must be by himself!”

(TN: spicily handsome is apparently a thing woooo~)

“I think the person upstairs is more frantic ah …”

(TN: upstairs = person posting above you)

“You guys don’t need to fight, is there anything crazier (frantic) than falling in love?”

However, facts have proven, there truly are more things to be frantic about than falling in love.

Chen Qingyang sealed the landlord’s IP address.

Dare to say Emperor Mo’s in love? Even your entire family does not believe!

Xiang Yunze glanced at Chen Qingyang burning with anger as she sat in the hospital corridor, the corners of his mouth could not help but rise: “What’s wrong with your family’s Emperor Mo now?”

Chen Qingyang was silent for a moment, finally she raised her head and looked at Xiang Yunze: “Xiang Xiang, they said that Emperor Mo has fallen in love QAQ.”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

He did not know whether it was the ridiculing tone that called him Xiang Xiang, or her large round watery eyes that made him feel good .

Xiang Yunze sat beside Chen Qingyang and gently patted her head to comfort her: “Mo Zhen is also a normal man, falling in love is to be expected.”

# God, hand me a knife #

Chen Qingyang angrily threw off the pair of big hands that were on her head, a pair of red eyes blinked then stared at Xiang Yunze, “You’re in love, you’re entire neighborhood is in love!”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

When did love become a curse word?

When Chen Qingyang finished, she gave him a kick, and headed down the hospital corridor As he watched her back disappear around the corridor, Xiang Yunze revealed somewhat of a helpless smile.

This girl was so funny

But seriously, Mo Zhen was in love? Why didn’t he know about this?

Xixi’s theatre

Ah Yao sees forum, “Zhen Zhen, you’re in love with me, why didn’t you say so?”

Emperor Mo’s face darkens by the minute.

Tang Qiang calls, “Emperor Mo, do you have something to confess to me?

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