Chapter 35

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Alice: “How long is forever?

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Chapter 35

Mo Zhen requested a single room in the hotel – even though he was accompanied by the female Ah Yao – because it was impossible for her to open up her own room.

When Ah Yao came back from playing on the balcony, Mo Zhen was already lying quietly on the bed, his breathing slow and steady. The colours of the sunset sprinkled on his face, making the usual angular contours of his face look soft.

This defenseless image, it made people really want to take advantage of him.

Leisurely drifting in front of Mo Zhen, Ah Yao bent her waist to stare at him: “Zhen Zhen, can I sleep next to you?”

Although it seemed as if she was asking for permission, Ah Yao did not wait for a reply as she drifted to lay next to Mo Zhen.

Ah Yao giggled in heart a few times and then turned around to study the person lying beside her. Tall nose, thin lips and fine curling eyelashes.

Ah Yao unconsciously lowered her gaze, wanting to stare at her own eyelashes, but the result was that she could not see anything. She looked at Mo Zhen’s eyelashes. They were so long he should be able to see them himself right? They shouldn’t be false lashes right? Should she try pulling one out?

Ah Yao in thought drifted closer to Mo Zhen, raising her head as her gaze landed on Zhen Zhen’s smooth white skin…

In accordance with all the gangster movies, the next development should be a kiss scene.

Ah Yao stared at Mo Zhen’s side profile and nervously swallowed. Slowly bowing her head, Ah Yao watched as Mo Zhen’s face came closer and closer in view. Although she usually wished she could breath, but at this time – if she could breathe – her breath would be spraying onto Mo Zhen’s face, right?

Not being able to breath was really great. It allowed her to simply steal divine assets.

Just when Ah Yao’s lips were about to press the side of Mo Zhen’s face, the cell phone on the bed rang. It was already too late for Ah Yao to retreat: Mo Zhen had opened his eyes.

Big eyes stared at small eyes.

“Haha.” Ah Yao laughed awkwardly a few times as she distanced herself from Mo Zhen, “Zhen Zhen your skin is so good ah, you can’t even see the pores close up.”

Mo Zhen removed his gaze from her but did not speak, he picked up the phone and got out of the bed.

“Hey?” Walking out to the balcony, Mo Zhen picked up the phone.

“You really are so sad.”

Mo: “…”

The evening air had a trace of coolness. Mo Zhen took a deep breath and pulled the window to the balcony open: “Professor Xiang, you aren’t asleep this late at night, is your brain all right?” It was already midnight back home; it was strange to see Xiang Yunze with his strict habit of sleeping before 12 staying up so late.

Xiang Yunze sighed on the other end of the phone, his tone filled with bitter resentment: “You are in love, but the object is not me, so my heart cannot not sleep.”

Mo: “…”

His mouth moved, but with great patience he asked: “Who told you that I’m in love?”

“Everyone online is saying it.”

Mo: “…”

So during the time he took a nap, what exactly happened?

Taking a deep breath, Mo Zhen made a great effort not to get angry: “I am now in Turkey, and I’m wasting three dollars per minute on an international long-distance call to listen to your nonsense?”

Xiang Yunze finally could not help but laugh. Facing the microphone, he said: “What are you doing in Turkey? Who did you go with?”

“… Your reaction right now is like a husband who interrogates his wife’s affairs.”

“I am ah.”

Mo: “…”

He really wanted to hang up directly.

But the demons and gods were at work, and he could not help but want to emphasize the matter clearly to Xiang Yunze: “I am by myself.”

Xiang Yunze expected this answer.Since he was young, Mo Zhen’s character had always been a little eccentric; his appearance was too beautiful, so naturally there would always people eyeing him. Now that he had grown up, although he was no longer the child who refused to stay within a thousand miles of other people, he still only had a few friends.

Speaking of which, for some time in primary school, a classmate of Mo Zhen’s spread the rumour that Mo Zhen could see and talk to ghosts – making everyone even more afraid of approaching him. The rumour faded away, later on, after Mo Zhen pounded a few fists at the person who had spread the rumour.

Now that he thought about it, Xiang Yunze could not help but smile and ask: “Your ghost friends aren’t accompanying you?”

Mo: “…”

Sometimes the truth is often the one that seems to be the most unlikely.

During elementary, there was indeed a rumour that spread in his class that he could see ghosts, but he did not think that Xiang Yunze would remember that now. Mo Zhen glanced at the Ah Yao rolling in the big bed for a moment and replied to Xiang Yunze: “Yes ah, it’s even a beautiful female ghost.”

This long distance phone call was worth a lot of money; when Mo Zhen finally hung up the phone, five minutes had passed. Re-opening the glass door on the balcony, Mo Zhen went to the computer desk to sit down as Ah Yao floated up from the bed, and as if by habit she drifted to his side: “Zhen Zhen, who did you call? So mysterious. ”

Mo Zhen gave her a glance and replied: “Girlfriend.”

Ah Yao: “…”

She blinked, and with a puzzled expression on her face, Ah Yao stared at Mo Zhen: “But I didn’t call you.”

Mo: “…”

Ah Yao shamelessness always exceeded his limits.

No longer caring about the Ah Yao at his side, Mo Zhen opened the computer and found that the internet really was raging on about his new-found love. He reluctantly wrote a new Weibo post.

“This is a trip I am taking by myself. I will visit several monuments tomorrow and intend to sleep early tonight. Good Night everyone.”

Although it was already midnight back home, there was still a considerable number of people who were night owls. Not long after Mo Zhen issued his post, a large number of enthusiastic fans responded.

“That’s great, Male God is traveling by himself, now I can sleep contently at night!”

Currently, what was trending on Weibo was #handsomebuthasnofriendsseriesPART2

“A person visits the amusement park by himself, and then goes on a trip alone. The next should be, marrying …himself?”

Xiang Yunze was just about to go to bed when he heard the phone ring.

When he was about go to bed, usually Xiang Yunze would turn his phone off. However, due to Li Yan’s current situation, he was worried that there might be an emergency at the hospital- causing him to leave his phone on. If it wasn’t for the caller ID that showed as Chen Qingyang on the screen, Xiang Yunze would have definitely hung up.

“He’s traveling by himself, he’s not in love!”

Xiang Yunze’s mouth moved as the corners of his mouth rose, “Oh, congratulations then.”

“He also said good night!”

“En, so you hurry and go to sleep please.”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

Emperor Mo did not mean it this way!

She hung up the phone, and humming a small song she wrote a Weibo post – I heard that Emperor Mo is lonely traveling by himself, so I decided to add one more to accompany him.

After having a good night’s sleep in the hotel, Mo Zhen’s spirit was a lot better the next morning. Ah Yao, however, did not even need to be mentioned; as a ghost, her energy was like a bottomless pit.

After eating a simple breakfast, Mo Zhen tidied up his things and left the hotel with Ah Yao. The December sky was a bright blue, and the warm sun that covered their bodies did not feel even a little bit cold, so Mo Zhen was only wearing a T-shirt and shorts. He walked around the clean and tidy streets of Miletus while taking pictures of the scenery.

The advantage of being in a foreign country meant that he did not need to deliberately disguise himself, but was able to stand straight in the sun uncovered. Occasionally someone would recognize him, but they would only stare at him from afar, smiling and nodding at him.

In addition to having a well-preserved semi-circular theater, the streets were also very unique. After eating in a small shop located on the street, Mo Zhen sat in his chair looking at the pictures he had taken.

Ah Yao squatted at the side of the shop as she played with a little kitten. It seemed as if the small kitten could see Ah Yao and it continued to face Ah Yao while meowing. Ah Yao stuck out her hand and petted the little kitten as it raised its head. The noon sunshine spilled onto Ah Yao’s transparent body; even the smile on her face seemed to lit up.

Mo Zhen could not help but lift the camera. Facing Ah Yao, he pressed the shutter.

There was a “kacha” sound, but when Mo Zhen looked at the picture, all that was recorded was a brown cat. The left side of the picture was only filled with the noon sunshine shining on the street.

Although the picture did not have Ah Yao in it, the corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth rose anyway.

A person’s eyes were the best camera one could ever have;, They can help you record the all the beautiful moments in life that a camera itself cannot record.

That scene has already been recorded by Mo Zhen’s eyes.

That night they stayed at a hotel beside the Aegean Sea. When Ah Yao entered the room, she finally showed signs of being a little tired and directly occupied the two by two-meter double bed. Although it did not feel soft to her, it was still quite satisfying. Mo Zhen set down the luggage and went to the table next to the balcony to sit down, opening his computer to post about today’s trip.

Mo Zhen wrote a lot more in his post this time, compared to the previous two photos, because this time he posted a set of nine photos from today’s trip.

In addition to the spectacular historical relics, there were pictures of white triangular huts.There were little kittens that sprawled lazily on the ground as they basked in the sun, and there were also pictures of the occasional pedestrians in the streets. Of course, the most important was Mo Zhen’s self-portrait.

(TN: had a mental battle on whether to put Selfie there, but the word Selfie is too peasant like for Emperor Mo)

The fans’ reaction was quicker and warmer than last time. After the post was written,in almost the blink of an eye, it sped up the charts of the hot and trending list on Weibo.

Mo Zhen looked at the comments. There were many who were awed by the beautiful scenery, there were ones who were shocked by Mo Zhen’s superb photography skills, but they were all shocked when they saw Mo Zhen’s tail ring.

Tail ring, representing loneliness, independence, and being single.

(TN: Xixi thought it was just a ring, but nopeeee, a tail ring is a ring signifying independence. You put it on your pinky, basically as a message saying “Don’t pursue me and waste your time,” or basically “ALL THE SINGLE LADIES ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, PUT A RING ON IT” but for a different reason than what the Queen Bey song is implying. AKA it’s a ring for “I’m single and I wanna stay single”)

It seems as if their Male God has finally accepted his “handsome, but no friends, single life” fate. The fans were very pleased.

Mo Zhen, sitting at the other end of the computer, could not help but chuckle. It was only yesterday that these people were guessing that he was in love, but today they have decided that he will be single for the rest of his life. The world truly changed too quickly.

Walking to the bathroom to take a bath, asn Mo Zhen glanced at the Ah Yao lying on the bed like a starfish with all four of her limbs spread out, he had the urge to give her a kick. But this could only remain a thought.

“You do not have to sleep, right?” A cold voice came from above as Ah Yao drowsily muttered a cry, opening her eyes to look at Mo Zhen at her side, and then moving to the right side of the bed.

Mo Zhen looked at the empty side of the bed, standing there motionless. Ah Yao had already caved into the force of the pressure of his eyes, but when she moved to the right side of the bed, Mo Zhen still did not move.

Ah Yao was finally unhappy: “Everyone has a share of this bed, you cannot drive me away, not to mention this isn’t the first time we’ve slept together ah.” We even slept together last night!

Mo: “…”

What do you mean we’ve slept together! Can you speak clearly please!

With his heart raging as he laid down on the empty side of the bed, Mo Zhen pulled the quilt up to where his heart was. The scent of shower gel and water vapour drifting from Mo Zhen, who had just come out of the bath, lingered in the air as it drifted towards the tip of Ah Yao’s small nose.

The little kitten sniffed… Ah Yao moved towards Mo Zhen: “Zhen Zhen, you smell nice.”

Mo Zhen’s eyes were closed, pretending as if she wasn’t there.

“Zhen Zhen ~” Ah Yao continued to move closer to Mo Zhen. In the blink of an eye, her face was next to Mo Zhen’s ear. A picture of last night flashed in Mo Zhen’s mind. Mo Zhen could feel his ears getting hot as he remembered Ah Yao’s large eyes staring at him up close.

Clutching the quilt as he turned his body, Mo Zhen coldly turned his back on Ah Yao.

Ah Yao glanced at Zhen Zhen’s soft black hair, smiling as she said: “Zhen Zhen, good night.”

Good night.

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