Chapter 37

Chapter 37

When Li Yan woke up, the sky outside the window was dark.

She opened her eyes slightly. Her line of sight was no longer vague, and she could finally clearly see her surroundings.

White walls, white lights and white curtains.

The air had the scent of disinfectant, the unique smell of every hospital..

Chen Qingyang was sitting at her bedside, reading a novel; Li Yan’s grandfather had just left. Li Yan’s unpredictable situation had made him age a lot in these past months.

“Cough, cough, shampoo … ” Li Yan’s voice was very light. It was so dry that it felt a little numb, like a desert that had experience a long drought… even the slightest collision could create a spark.

Chen Qingyang’s hand that was holding her book froze. Did she just hear Da Li’s voice?

Unconsciously swallowing her saliva, Chen Qingyang nervously looked up. Li Yan’s large black eyes blinked and stared at her..

The book in Chen Qingyang’s hands fell to the ground with a “crash” noise as she almost ran into Li Yan’s arms: “Da Li you woke up! Or am I dreaming?!”

“Cough … ” Li Yan coughed a few times, the sound of her voice was weaker than before, “I want to drink water … ”

“Water, water!” Chen Qingyang stood up straight and immediately and rushed to get water, “No! No, I should find a doctor first, Doctor Fang!”

When Chen Qingyang ran to find the doctor, the wind in the ward seemed to pick up with her.

Li Yan: “…”

Doctor Fang arrived very quickly, bringing with him a group of white coated nurses. After doing a series of check ups, the doctor was finally relieved and said to Chen Qingyang: “The patient is now awake and we will do a detailed physical examination for her. You quickly notify her family.”

Ah! Inform the family!

Chen Qingyang went to the corridor and took out her phone.

“Xiang Xiang Xiang Xiang Gongzi, Da Li has woken up!” Right when the phone was connected, Chen Qingyang shouted across the phone in a passionate manner.

The other side of the phone was silent for a moment, and then hung up.

Chen Qingyang: “…”

As she stood alone in the open corridor,she  suddenly felt a little cold.

After notifying Li Yan’s family, Chen Qingyang finally remembered that she was supposed to pour some water for Li Yan.

When she walked into Li Yan’s ward once again, Li Yan was staring at the white ceiling, unmoving. Chen Qingyang’s mouth moved as she walked to Li Yan’s side: “If you’re like this in a hospital, you might be mistaken for a corpse.”

Li Yan: “…”

She continued to look at the ceiling.

Chen Qingyang gave her a cup of warm water and pushed it towards her mouth until Li Yan could no longer silently protest: “Shampoo, what happened to me?”

Chen Qingyang put down the cup and turned to stare at her: “You have the nerve to even ask? You tell me, how old are you this year? To fall down the stairs at this age!”

Li Yan raised her eyebrows, yes, she did fall down the stairs, but …

She felt her head hurt a little as she stared at Chen Qingyang: “How long did I sleep?”

“Half a year, lazy!”

Li Yan opened her mouth, preparing to speak when the ward’s door was abruptly pushed open with force. The sound of the impact almost made Li Yan jump.

Xiang Yunze burst into the room. His entire appearance looked as if he had ran all the way to the hospital. Chen Qingyang asked: “Xiang Yunze, you got here so quickly?”

Less than ten minutes had passed since she made the call.

Xiang Yunze did not even want to know how many red lights he had sped through in order to get to the hospital. But the moment he saw Li Yan’s clear large eyes, his restless heart immediately calmed down.

“Yan Yan … ” Xiang Yunze walked to Li Yan’s side and flicked the bangs on Li Yan’s forehead. “You finally woke up.”

At Kensini Villa, Mo Zhen was going through the pictures he had taken on the trip. Although he was physically exhausted from being on a plane for so long, he did not feel sleepy in the least.

Mo Zhen was surprised when he discovered that there were more than a dozen folders of pictures in total. He didn’t remember taking so many while he was on the trip. When he saw the scenery in the pictures, however, he could remember the surroundings very clearly and could even recount what Ah Yao had said and done at that time.

Mo Zhen’s expression was very detached, as if he was reading someone else’s travel log instead of his own. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon a picture of him and Ah Yao together that the finger on his mouse stopped scrolling – frozen in place.

That photo… The last time he checked he was the only one in the picture, but now there were two.

Sticking close to his head, this person smiled stupidly at the camera.

Her facial features, her mouth, her every expression, he was familiar with them all.

It was Ah Yao.

As if realization had suddenly struck him, Mo Zhen quickly exited the photo and looked at the rest of the other ones.

Sure enough, all the photos that he had taken of Ah Yao, now had Ah Yao’s figure pictured. Teasing the kitten, enjoying the flowers, holding the hot air balloon, smiling, frowning, and even her being shameless …

In every photo, her figure was clearly pictured.

Mo Zhen stared blankly at the computer. It seemed that only one person could possibly explain this situation to him.

Picking up the phone on the table, Mo Zhen directly dialed master’s phone number. Unexpectedly, the phone did not directly go to voicemail, but instead was successfully connected.

“What happened?” Master’s voice sounded drowsy, as if he had just woken up from sleep.

“Why did Ah Yao’s picture appear in the photos?” Mo Zhen asked abruptly. Master was silent for a moment before finally understanding what Mo Zhen was asking about.

“Did I not tell you that if she wears her bracelet in the picture, her figure will appear in the pictures after her soul goes back to her body?”

Mo: “…”

You did not tell me.

He was about to open his mouth to speak when he saw another call coming in. Glancing at the caller ID on the screen, it was Xiang Yunze.

Although he did not know the reason why, the last thing Mo Zhen wanted to see right now was those two words.

But he still hung up on his call with Master and directly answered Xiang Yunze’s call: “What happened?” He asked those two words mechanically, as if he was copying the way Master had also answered him.

“Mo Zhen, she woke up.”  They were only five short words, but despite being on the phone, Mo Zhen could tell that Xiang Yunze had laughter in his voice.

“Who woke up?”

“Li Yan.”

Li Yan woke up.

Exiting out of the pictures and turning off the computer, Mo Zhen laid on the couch as he said, “Congratulations.”

Hearing his reply, Xiang Yunze asked, “Are you in a bad mood?”

“No, just a little tired from my trip.”

“Oh,” Xiang Yunze said, “then you should rest early today and we will have dinner in a few days.”

Mo Zhen smiled silently. He did not respond to his offer, but instead asked: “Do you know how she fell down the stairs?”

He has not forgotten that he can only see the souls of the dead, Ah Yao falling down the stairs- this accident was not as simple as it seemed to be.

Xiang Yunze froze a moment and then replied: “Xiao Xiao said she tripped and then accidently fell down.”

“Xiao Xiao?”

“Li Xiao, Li Yan’s cousin, the day of Li Yan’s graduation, she followed them to go play outside, but Yan Yan had drunk that night, causing her to fall down the stairs.”

Mo Zhen frowned, when he heard Xiang Yunze call her Yan Yan, his heart felt a little uncomfortable.

“En, she just woke up, you take care of her, I’ll sleep first.” Mo Zhen’s mood was irritable, when he finished the sentence he directly hung up the phone.

Xiang Yunze, hearing the other side hang up on, protested with a cry and frowned. If Mo Zhen did not mention it, he might’ve never noticed it, but now, he could not help and think that there was something strange about this incident.

Li Yan, although she rarely drink, the entire Li family’s alcohol tolerance was very good, she had only drank a few cups of beer, how could Li Yan trip and fall down the stairs?

He looked at the fairly spacious ward that was filled with people, Mama Li was holding Li Yan while crying, even Papa Li’s eyes were a tiny bit red. Li Xiao and Chen Qingyang stood outside watching them, and remembering his thoughts, he glanced at Li Xiao’s expression.

Her face was slightly pale- revealing a vague expression of panic in her eyes.

Doctor Fang stood beside her and finally could not restrain himself from the overwhelming crowd in the ward, forcing everyone to go out to give the patient some peace and rest. Li Xiao stood in place, glancing back at Li Yan as she was finally towed away by Chen Qingyang.

It was getting more and more suspicious.

But why should she lie? Out of all of Li Yan’s cousins and relatives, she and Li Yan were the closest, that’s why she was even invited to Li Yan’s graduation celebration night.

As Xiang Yunze tried to figure things out, everyone else had came to decision that Mama Li would stay at the hospital to take of Li Yan while everyone went home. Xiang Yunze would’ve also liked to stay, but he was assigned the task of sending Chen Qingyang home and could only give up in the end.

On the road, Chen Qingyang’s mood is very good, she was even planning her trip to Goreme in her head.

Oh, yes, she had forgotten to tell Da Li about this, tomorrow when she told her, Li Yan would definitely be very excited.

“Qingyang.” Xiang Yunze’s cold tone made Chen Qingyang jump. She looked disatisfied at Xiang Yunze: “Don’t call me Qingyang!”

Xiang Yunze raised his eyebrows: “Then should I be like Yan Yan, and call you shampoo?”

That was even worse!

“You can call me by my English name!”


Chen Qingyang: “…”

Xiang Yunze smiled and returned to the topic: “Do you remember what happened on the night of your graduation?”

“What happened?” Chen Qingyang turned her head and did not want to look at Xiang Yunze.

“I’ve always felt that it impossible for Yan Yan to drink only a few cups and then accidently fall down the stairs.”

Chen Qingyang frowned and replied very seriously: “That night, when we finished singing karaoke we ate some barbecue, we had all drank quite a lot, but you know, although Li Yan usually does not drink, she has very good alcohol tolerance; even in our dorm, nobody can’t outdo her. “Chen Qingyang slowly recalled, “That day, Da Li had drank three cups, each cup wasn’t very large in size, adding it up together it would be no more than one bottle. She was still very sober after drinking, she was even the one who sent us home on a taxi. ”

“What happened afterwards? She and Li Xiao went home together?”

“En, I remember they were going to walk home, saying that the wind would make them sober; that’s why they had walked down those stairs in the first place.” It was on those same stairs, that Li Yan had fallen down.

Xiang Yunze made a sound and looking at the front, he did not reply again.

Chen Qingyang looked at him and asked: “You don’t think Da Li fell down the stairs by accident? But it is impossible ah, it was only her and Li Xiao around at that time, it can’t be Li Xiao would pushed her down right?” If it was like this, then it would be such a turn of events!

Xiang Yunze raised his eyebrows: “We will know when I ask Yan Yan tomorrow.”

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