Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

“So wait until three or four months, when the weather isn’t hot or cold and your body has almost recovered, we will go to Goreme!” Chen Qingyang stood beside the bed, the cold wind blew from the window nearby, swaying her black bangs back and forth.

Li Yan was sitting on the bed with her arm extended, the doctor had taught her to do a simple rehabilitation exercise: “Goreme? Have we never been there?

Chen Qingyang’s excited expression froze for a moment, although Da Li has been awake for almost a week now and the doctor’s report said that her bodily function had no problem, but why did she feel that something about Li Yan felt a little out of place?

She stretched out her right hand and touched Li Yan’s forehead: “Da Li, do you have a fever?”

“I always feel like I’ve just woken up from a long dream,” she said.

“Dream?” Chen Qingyang blinked and sat down at the bedside. “Did you and Emperor Mo go to Goreme in your dream?”

“Emperor Mo?” Li Yan looked up, the sun outside the window shined on her face and lighting up her pair of dark eyes.

“Mo Zhen went to Goreme not too long ago and even went on a hot air balloon!”

Li Yan’s eyebrows wrinkled, she recognized the name Mo Zhen because Chen Qingyang often mentioned it to her; he was said to be Kai Huang’s celebrity and had a considerable amount of fans not only in City A, but the entire country.

Chen Qingyang is one of them.

But why did this name make her so sad?

She drooped down and did not speak again.

Chen Qingyang continued to speak excitedly about Turkey’s customs as Li Yan quietly listened, but the more she heard about this place, the more she felt as if she had already visited this place before.

“What do you think?” Chen Qingyang finally stopped talking after her throat felt dry, she threw the conversation to Li Yan as she got up to get a glass of water. The glass had a few slices of lemon placed in it, Chen Qingyang smoothly divided the two pieces into Li Yan’s cup.

“Do you want some?”  Motioning to her cup filled with water, Chen Qingyang held the handle of the kettle and asked. Li Yan took the cup and shook her head: “No, I prefer to eat directly.” She said as she picked up the lemon and placed it into her mouth to bite.

Chen Qingyang watched the burst of acid and swallowed: “Da Li, when did you become a fan of Emperor Mo?”

“Ah?” Li Yan said with the lemon in one side of her mouth, glancing at Chen Qingyang.

“Don’t pretend, you’re definitely trying to COS Gao Sen.”

(TN: cosplay)

“Gao Sen?” Li Yan thought, “Ah, this I remember, isn’t he the God Forbidden Zone actor?”

“Wow, good job Da Li!’ Chen Qingyang felt some admiration for her, “You even know God Forbidden Zone now, haven’t you always looked upon our low-level judgement? ”

Li Yan gnawed the lemon in her hands and easily threw the lemon peel into the trash can beside her bed: “No not at all ah, it was very nice to watch.”

Chen Qingyang was stunned for two seconds before asking: “When did you watch it?”

Li Yan tilted her head: “Did I not watch it with you?”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

There was something strange about Da Li. Perhaps her soul has been possessed by someone else?!

People who wrote novels truly had a great imagination, Chen Qingyang patted her forehead, taking this idea out.

She cleared her throat and looked at Li Yan seriously: “Come, Comrade Xiao Li, let us discuss your dream.”

Li Yan moved her mouth in amusement and then spoke: “I can’t remember it well, but I think it … … should’ve been a very interesting dream.”

When she said this, she had the expression of a seventeen year old girl, the first time in love, a beautiful flower blossoming.

Chen Qingyang’s heart jumped, this expression … … was she in love? Wtf, it couldn’t be Zhougong right!

(TN: Duke Zhougong, god of dreams, basically this dude pops up when something important happens and tells u in a dream)

TV drama scenes popped into her head, just as Chen Qingyang thought she was going crazy, the hospital ward’s door opened.

Saved by Xiang Yunze.

Chen Qingyang stood up from her chair, smiling ambiguously: “I won’t bother you guys, I’m going to code now.” She said as she got up and walked towards the door, when she passed by Xiang Yunze, she even gave him a clap on the back.

Xiang Yunze: “…”

Such a manly way to say hello, Xiang Yunze felt that he needed to change his ways.

As the ward’s door closed, Xiang Yunze walked to where Chen Qingyang had just been sitting at and sat down: “Yan Yan, how do you feel today?”

“Well, I think I can be discharged.”

Xiang Yunze could not help but laugh, he had already guessed that Li Yan was getting bored of staying in the hospital: “Dr. Fang said that he would observe you for another week, since your body hasn’t fully recovered.”

Li Yan muttered a few words, picking up a piece of lemon in her cup and then gnawed on it.

When Xiang Yunze saw Li Yan’s behavior, his eyebrow subconsciously wrinkled.

“What happened?” Li Yan saw him frown while biting her lemon and vaguely asked.

“Nothing.” Xiang Yunze narrowed his eyes and smiled at Li Yan, “Just remembered a friend of mine, he also likes to eat lemons.”

“Really?” Li Yan blinked,”Is your friend named Gao Sen? ”

Xiang Yunze was stunned for a moment, and then could not help but laugh: “Yan Yan, are you also a fan of Emperor Mo?”

“Starting from today.” After today, she decided to be a fan of Emperor Mo.

Xiang Yunze did not reply to her, but instead smiled and switched to another topic: “Yan Yan, do you remember how you fell down the stairs?”

He had wanted to ask before, but Li Yan had just woken up and her body was very weak, so he decided to endure his curiosity. But now that her spirit has dramatically improved, this question that has sat in his heart for a week must be resolved.

Li Yan bit the lemon seeds in her mouth and threw them into the trash can beside her bed: “I remember that day I drank too much, when I came near the hundred steps stairs my eyes went blurry and I accidently fell down. So to sum it up, I seem to be really clumsy, haha ​​ha ha ha.

Li Yan’s laughter was clear, but also with a bit of self-deprecation. Xiang Yunze sat beside her as he watched her laughing, no longer speaking.

Since Yan Yan did not want to say it, he will not force her, but if this was not an accident, he could not promise he would be lenient.

After staying in the hospital for a week, Li Yan was finally peacefully discharged, but was required to come to the hospital every three days for rehabilitation treatment.

Li Yan was so moved when she finally came home after a long absence, she wanted to cry. Li Mama made a big table of food, made of all the dishes Li yan loved to eat, and even Papa Li who never cooked made a few radish dishes, putting the plate with smile on it in the center.

Of course, in the end not one person touched these radish dishes.

After dinner, Li Yan persuaded her mother to go back and rest, Li Yan walked around the house for a few laps, and finally sat down at the computer table, turning the power on.

Staring at the desktop screen of the computer for a minute, Li Yan did not know exactly why she had the urge to go on the computer. She was not usually online, compared to staring at the computer all day, she would rather go out to run or go coach martial arts with her grandfather- bullying the new students.

But today, when she looked at the computer, she had the desire to turn it on.

“Pippi Pi Pikachu!”

The phone’s short ringtone rang, Li Yan picked up her phone and looked at it,  Chen Qingyang had sent her a message.

“Da Li! Emperor Mo’s album finally determined its release date! February 14, giving you the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift – this is Kai Huang’s official announcement← _ ←”

Li Yan looked at the text a few times and replied with a smiling emoji.

Soon, Chen Qingyang’s text came again – you’re mocking me!

Li Yan’s fingers moved quickly on the screen and replied with a new text message – Next time I won’t, I will just ignore you directly.

Chen Qingyang: “…”

Li Yan tossed the phone aside and placed her chin on her hand in thought, and finally opened the browser; clicking on the search bar, she typed in the words Mo Zhen.

Tens of millions of results immediately popped up in her browser, Li Yan’s eyes swept the first page and finally clicked the encyclopedia page for Mo Zhen.

The above detailed list had majority of Mo Zhen’s personal information, however, it did not have his address or personal phone number. It only listed his resume introduction and his major works, although his hobbies were described, it was unknown how many were actually true.

Li Yan casually browsed the web and her eyes paused when she saw the paragraph on his education. A City Primary School seemed to be the same primary school that Xiang Ge went to.

(TN: Ge = brother, calling someone a little older than you are and close to you)

She also took note of the year he attended and found that they were in the same year.

Could it be they knew each other? Li Yan shook her head and exited out of the encyclopedia; continuing to browse through the first page of results.

The second most popular page was Mo Zhen’s Weibo.

Clicking on the page unconsciously, Li Yan saw a post with pictures of a hot air balloon. Glancing at the top of the post, Li Yan looked at the date and saw that it was posted half a month ago, after that, Mo Zhen had not posted.

The first few Weibo posts were all pictures from traveling, Li Yan remembered Chen Qingyang saying he went to Turkey, it seemed that all of these pictures were taken during his trip.

Point to open a large look looked at the hot sky balloon gorgeous as the daytime blooming fireworks. She looked down at the picture, the last tail, is a self-portrait.

The handsome man in the photo was someone women could not get away from, even though his sunglasses covered half of his face, Li Yan could still imagine his appearance.

This person, was Mo Zhen?

She suddenly felt that Chen Qingyang liking him was very reasonable.

She had seen Mo Zhen on TV before, but she did not notice he was this handsome ah. Li Yan stared at the photo for a very long time, and finally silently slid to the top of the page,  clicking the follow button.

Mo Zhen had just opened Weibo while scrolling through the pictures on his laptop. He had specifically created a folder for Ah Yao- where all the photos he had taken of Ah Yao were located. For the past month, he was busy recording the album every day and after returning home, almost all of the time he had was used to write songs.

But still he could not help but think of her.

Was Ah Yao okay now? Was her body recovering? Did the person who pushed her down the stairs get caught?

The more he thought about it, the gloomier he became, Mo Zhen sighed quietly; no wonder Tang Qiang had thought he was lovelorn these days.

Exiting out of the photo, Mo Zhen saw that a follower notification popped up on the top right corner of the computer.

His fans on Weibo increased daily, but one that popped up by itself was rarely encountered.

It was Da Li not Da Li.

His pupils shrunk, Mo Zhen stared blankly at the new fan of his.

Wtf Ah Yao was paying attention to him?!

The happiness came too quickly, catching the person in surprise. Mo Zhen thought that perhaps he was in a dream; he first looked for any people who tried to smear Ah Yao’s Weibo, and then turned his concern to his own.

Xiang Yunze go zoom.

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