Chapter 39

Mo Zhen stared at the Godzilla profile picture for three seconds, and then clicked on Da Li not Da Li’s Weibo account. Li Yan’s Weibo was finally updated, even more, it had been updated today.

“Thank you for your concern.”)

A self-portrait of her in the hospital was attached to the post.

The girl in the picture wore a light brown peacoat with a white scarf wrapped around her neck. Her hair had been cut during her stay in the hospital, the small waves at the ends of hair were gone- becoming genuine straight black hair. The bright winter sun sprinkled through the window and onto her body, making the entire picture have a warm feeling.

It was just that Li Yan’s pose in the picture was the ever unchanging V pose.

Mo Zhen could not help but laugh, this silly expression was identical to Ah Yao’s.

Her Weibo post had almost a dozen comments, when Mo Zhen clicked on the comment section, he found that more than half of the comments were written by her male classmates.

Ha ha.

He registered a trumpet, after filling the personal information with Li Yan’s university name, he posted a comment on her picture.

(TN: trumpet = fake account)

“It’s great that you came out of the hospital, take good care of yourself. :)”

Li Yan stared puzzled at the new comment that had popped up, who was this ID [Eating Pears] person?

Although her alumni’s name was filled out in their personal information, but this was clearly a newly registered account ah.

“Well … …” Li Yan thought about it for a moment, then clicking on the small words on the screen, she replied: “Thank you [laugh haha]”

This ID did not look like a bad person, the copied smiley face was very stupidly cute.

At this time, the Emperor Mo on the other side of the computer was elated in happiness.

Although Li Yan’s picture had a dozen comments on it, she had only answered his.

He felt that he was a very charming person, even using a trumpet could not cover up his inner charm and beauty. He refreshed the page and found that above his and Li Yan’s comment, another comment had appeared.

“Yan Yan, do not reply to strange people.”

Mo Zhen’s mouth moved; he had recognized this Weibo account, it was Xiang Yunze.

He really wanted to push Xiang Yunze into the mud! How was he strange? He was only a little suspicious that’s all!

He then refreshed again, but the result was that none of the parties had replied; in the end, Chen Qingyang commented: “:) ← will use this smile, they are usually strange uncles ah.”

Mo: “…”

Very good, Boiled Lemon was blacklisted by him in his heart without any explanation.

Chen Qingyang in her own world was completely unaware of her own situation, she had been forever blacklisted by her Male God.

# # Wax #

Mo Zhen continued to F5 until Li Yan’s reply jumped out on the screen.

Da Li not Da Li replied to Boiled Lemon V: [worship]

Looked at the smiling and waving expression, Mo Zhen’s heart was finally comfortable.

He walked up to the second floor and first took a bath before putting on a new white shirt, then after blowdrying his hair very elegantly, he walked to his bedroom mirror- ready to take a self-portrait.

Just as he was about to press the cell phone shutter, he put down his phone and walked to his closet to take out a black tie. He loosely tied it around his neck and proceeded to untie a few buttons on the collar of his shirt. Facing the mirror and glancing at himself a couple times, Mo Zhen was finally satisfied with himself and pressed the cell phone shutter.

Glancing at his own photos, Mo Zhen thought deeply for a moment before sending them to Tang Qiang: “Am I not handsome?”

Tang Qiang: “…”

Wtf! this was provocation, red fruit fruit provocation!

He replied with a smiling and waving expression to Mo Zhen, and then decisively turned off his cell phone.

Mo Zhen’s mouth moved in amusement, he knew Tang Qiang must have been jealous of his own beauty.

As he posted the picture to Weibo, he also attached a sentence of words to his post. “Busy recording the album recently, the main song has been written, please look forward to it. :)”

The smile that had been added at the end was an intentional move, he just wanted to prove that a smiley face is not only used by strange uncles, but can be used by such a beautiful man.

It was currently the busiest time on the internet, Mo Zhen’s Weibo post was quickly forwarded by tens of thousands of people and soon became the focus of much attention.

“WTF, Male God is so handsome, someone report it! Who will save my blood supply QAQ?”

“First you unbutton your collar, then you take it all off !!!”

“So sexy late at night is a crime !! has licked!”

“You all see the photo, but I only noticed that smile! Meng Meng da! :)”

(TN: meng meng da = very cute!)

But she not the only one that had saw the smiley face, because Chen Qingyang had also noticed. She forwarded Mo Zhen’s weibo post and made a comment deep from within her heart: “I want to apologize to the strange uncles in the world, I misunderstood you :)”

Mo Zhen watched as the number of comments and forwards about his post increased quickly, but he was not happy.

Because Li Yan’s Weibo account had not commented yet.

After refreshing the page five more times, there was finally movement on Li Yan’s Weibo page.

“Handsome = 3 =”

The corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth could not help but raise up.

His goal had finally been reached; a certain someone, who’s vanity had been satisfied greatly, hummed a song as he picked up his phone from the table. Taking a picture of himself, he looked at the mouth that was raised high in the picture, and suddenly felt that he was…. Quite foolish.

Logging off of Weibo, Mo Zhen fell onto the sofa and stared at the high ceiling in a daze.

Li Yan was still browsing the internet; three minutes after she replied to Mo Zhen’s post, she exited out of Weibo and clicked the link to Cape Forum- this was one of the results she had found when she was searching Mo Zhen’s name.

Cape Forum was divided into a lot of categories, Li Yan looked around and finally clicked the entertainment gossip.

More than half of the articles on the main page were about Mo Zhen, Li Yan’s eyes swept them all one by one until at the very end of the first page, she found a title that said “Looking for Sadako” post.

Zhenzi, she had heard Mo Zhen’s fans call themselves this before, however, the name Sadako (in Chinese it’s also Zhenzi, but different pronunciation) … … Wasn’t that the name of the heroine in the ring?

She curiously clicked onto the post, the main page had only two letters RT, the bottom of the top floor was also a message asking for friends to help.

She was even more curious, who was this Sadako person? Why were they looking for her?

She scrolled to the bottom page- wanting to reply, but found that only registered users could comment. Quietly, Li Yan looked at the upper right corner of the registration form, she then put in the username she had just seen into the login information.

It was very easy to enter the username Sadako into the form, but what was the password?

123456789, Enter.

Entered successfully.

Li Yan: “…”

This was truly a wonderful world.

She slipped to the bottom of the page again and in the reply box, she entered word by word.

Why are you guys looking for me?

Li Yan casually threw a bomb and after finishing her sentence, she exited out the post and went back to the home page. In the period of time she had taken to comment, another post had popped up on the main page.

Late night Blessing!! Please prepare paper towels for your drool!!

Wow, it looked like it was very interesting. Li Yan quickly blinked and confirming that she had napkins in her hands, she solemnly clicked on it.

This post had a picture of Mo Zhen’s recent weibo post; seeing that picture once again, Li Yan had the impulse of wanting to strip off his clothes. In order to prove that she was not alone, her wide eyes looked at the following replies.

“This photo is enough for this old lady to be satisfied for a year,  live comfortably [wretched smile]

“Wait, I’m looking for a paper towel to clean the screen.”

“I’d like to tear off the shirt!”

“Tear it off off! Wailing woo ~ ~ ~ ~”

“[Bright] Sadako appeared in the next floor! Also posted the same smiley face as Zhenzi!”

This comment that had suddenly jumped out made Li Yan dazed for a moment, she remembered the good deed she had just done, and with some worry, she went back to look at it.

Due to the appearance of Sadako, this post quickly made it to the trending list of the forum; in the building, everyone asked her earnestly where she had gone during this time and if she was Mo Zhen’s assistant or not.

Emperor Mo’s assistant? Li Yan felt a little scared, the original person called Sadako had such a large backing? She suddenly felt that the pressure was quite big, she did not want to pretend to be a celebrity.

Exiting out of the forum, after Li Yan washed in the bath, she laid on her bed. Although she tried calming herself down, she always felt as if there was a deep excitement in her heart, but as for why was she so excited, she could not understand at all,

Was it because of her dischargement from the hospital that she felt so excited?

Picking up her phone on the bed, Li Yan once again boarded Weibo- wanting to see if Mo Zhen had posted any new Weibo post. In the end, Mo Zhen had not posted any new posts, but there was a new notification in her own Weibo account.

good night.

She did not know why, but these two simple words made her heart skip a beat.

She looked at the ID that did not have a profile picture. In the end, who was this person called [Eating Pears]?

Li Yan stared at the phone for three seconds, and then replied: “Good night.”

The days continued to pass by unhurried, Li Yan’s body quickly improved as time went by. The number of visits to the hospital rehabillitation centre had been reduced to once a week, and soon, the last day of the year quietly arrived.

The last day of every year always made people feel emotional, a day to think about one’s own life. Li Yan was also thinking, thinking about what to eat for dinner tonight.

“Pippi Pi Pikachu!”

The message notification interrupted Li Yan’s thoughts, and she picked up her cell phone and looked at the test from Li Xiao: “Sorry, I have something to do tonight, I cannot accompany you guys to go eat.”

Li Yan stared at this message for a moment and only replied with a short message: “Oh.”

Putting down her phone, she decided to eat hot pot tonight.

During the New Years Eve party, the majority of the population would be eating very heavy dishes, Li Yan’s dinner was also the same. On every New Years Eve, Kai Huang would hold a concert and using Emperor Mo as a trump card, his performance would always be the finale. The tickets for the concert were issued on the official site of Kai Huang and only those who won the lucky draw would be able to attend.

Chen Qingyang would register every year, and then every year, the result would be unsuccessful.

This year was no exception.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room and watching Mo Zhen sing on TV, Chen Qingyang for the seventy-eight time sighed: “Da Li, you say, am I being cursed?

“Four.” Li Yan swallowed the shrimp dumplings into her mouth, casually replying to Chen Qingyang.

(TN: Four is a lucky number in china, she’s basically blessing her)

Chen Qingyang stared at her with a steel gaze: “Da Li, you say, other than eating, what else will you do?”

“She also knows how to beat people up.” The person who had answered her was Bian Bian, she had just returned home from studying abroad and had managed to go to dinner with them.

Listening to the words, Chen Qingyang’s mouth moved in amusement. Da Li’s nickname was not casually called for fun, this sturdy woman could probably rip out a bedroom door if she wanted to.

“Oh, but unfortunately Cui Hua cannot come, this is why I said woman cannot get married too early!” Clasping some vegetables from the red hotpot and putting it into her own oily dish, she stuffed it into her mouth.

Her words made Li Yan subconsciously bite the chopsticks in her mouth, she had dormed with these three people, one has married, one was still studying, and the other was writing a novel, it seemed as if she was the only one with nothing to do.

Her heart suddenly felt a little sad, Li Yan bit the chopsticks in her mouth, Mo Zhen on the stage had finished singing his song and the screen began to countdown.

Chen Qingyang excitedly followed Mo Zhen with the countdown, Li Yan looked at the person on the screen, she had obviously never seen him, but his every facial feature- his lips, his smiles, were all carved into her bones, so familiar it felt terrifying.

When the ten second countdown was completed, the screen was filled with different colours of balloon, earth-shattering screams came and Chen Qingyang has quickly rushed towards the TV.

“happy New Year-”

Even in this noisy setting, Mo Zhen’s voice clearly sounded in the room.

All of the gloom in her heart had been swept away suddenly, Li Yan looked at the person on the TV screen, the corners of her mouth could not help but raise up.

Happy New Year.

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