Chapter 4

Mo Zhen somehow always failed at kicking the cheeky ghost out of his house, even though she had caused so much trouble, he never could bring himself to actually kick her out. After putting a sleep mask on his face, Mo Zhen laid on his bed to finally get a good night’s rest.

The night was peaceful, Ah Yao was curled up on the sofa… … watching TV.

In order for Mo Zhen not to notice, she had deliberately turned the TV sound to mute, her two eyes blinked as they read the subtitles on the screen.

Because God Forbidden Zone 3 had started shooting today, all of the major TV stations had decided to re-broadcast all of the God Forbidden series, but this time, Ah Yao was watching the first film of the series.

“The God Forbidden Zone” series was about how in the near future, human beings had almost gone extinct due to an unknown virus that caused had millions to die. Finally, a man named Dr. Gao Sen, a genius brain doctor, put forward a program to save mankind – the Human brain data was to be preserved until after the disaster, and only when you inserted the data into the host body would the person be resurrected.

Although this approach was theoretically possible, there were still many flaws in it. Such as, how will computers that store brain data last for several decades? And how will they resurrect the “body” at a set time? The time that the film was set in was in another decade, maybe a hundred years from now- or even a thousand years, but would the virus-infected Earth even be able to handle human inhabitation at that point? There were some human sociologists believe that the study itself was an anti-human, anti-socialism research study.

Dr. Gao Sen had gotten infected with the virus, allowing the organizations that were against his research to begin making their move. Suddenly, the fate of all of mankind was unknown.

Dr. Gao Zhen, who had died in the first film due to the virus, had saved his brain data and successfully resurrected himself. At the end of the first part of the film, Gao Sen had opened the door to his secret laboratory, which housed dozens of “bodies” that looked exactly like their human counterparts.

Ah Yao watched with extreme interest, the actresses and actors on TV all had such gentle and elegant expressions, it was very difficult to believe that in real life, they were very different people. Taking her landlord for example, when he wasn’t angry, he was truly so good looking… …  Though even when he was angry, he still looked pretty good.

Ah Yao looked towards the direction of the second floor, she turned off the film that was playing on the TV and with no regrets, she laid down on the sofa to fall asleep.

Hope to dream at night when the dream of Dr. Gao Sen, Amen.

The next morning at six o’clock, Mo Zhen was awakened by Tang Qiang’s call as per usual, “Emperor Mo, wake up, the day has already begun!”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

‘Thunk.’ The sound of the phone dropping onto the floor resonated through the room, Mo Zhen’s eyelids were half closed as he lazily laid on the bed.

Soon the phone rang again and again, “Emperor Mo! Today is the first day of shooting, you do not want to be late!”

Mo Zhen rubbed his head sleepily, and finally sat up from the bed, “I know … …” Mo Zhen’s voice was lazy, his low and not yet awake voice made people shiver. Tang Qiang on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment, he dryly coughed and said: “Emperor Mo, don’t sound so sexy so early in the morning,”

Mo Zhen scrunched his eyebrows, Tang Qiang guessed that he was about to hang up very soon and quickly said. “Do I need to pick you up?”

Mo Zhen, who’s finger was about to press the hang up button, paused, and returned the phone to his ear, “No, I’ll drive there myself.” Mo Zhen then hung up the phone neatly and readily threw the phone onto his bed.

He lifted his eyelids and looked towards the direction of the window.

“Good morning, Mr. Landlord.” Ah Yao stood beside the window, bowing her head as she smiled at him. The morning sun shone through the white curtains behind, running through her almost transparent body and landed lightly on Mo Zhen’s head.

Mo Zhen squinted his head, threw off his blanket, and turned over to get out of bed, “Who allowed you to go on the second floor?”

Ah Yao’s smile stiffened for a moment, but the curves of her mouth were still grinning perfectly in place, “I just wanted to say good morning.”

“Nobody wants to see a ghost say hello to them when they first open their eyes.” Mo Zhen went to the closet, opened the door and looked up. “I’m going to change clothes so you can get out.”

Ah Yao looked at the Mo Zhen’s tall and straight back, and blinked, “You are in really good shape, you shouldn’t be afraid of being seen.”

Mo Zhen’s right hand a lag, remove a white shirt, he turned around and looked at Ah Yao, “How did you know my body was in good shape?”

“Because I’ve seen it.”

“Where have you seen it?”

“On TV!” Last night she had watched “God Forbidden Zone 1”, in one of the scenes, Dr. Gao Sen was in medical examination and had exposed his bare upper body to the camera. She had seen it very clearly- whether it is strong chest or Eight! Pack! Abs!

“TV?” Mo Zhen smiled. “Where were you watching TV?”

Ah Yao: “…”

“Ah ha ha ha ha, you want to change clothes, right? I won’t bother you, take your time.” Ah Yao quickly evacuated Mo Zhen’s room, the door shutting quietly behind her. Ah Yao sighed, her landlord’s temper was truly not very good. Next time she would remind him, if he continued to be angry all the time, he would get wrinkles.

Seeing Ah Yao drifting away, Mo Zhen stared at the morning sun that shone through the room.  Mo Zhen dressed quickly, it was only half past six when he drove an eye-catching black Bentley out of the garage.

“Hey, the car you’re driving today isn’t the same as the one yesterday.” Ah Yao curiously looked around the interior of the car, her hand boldly poked the cushion beneath her bottom. Of course she didn’t dare touch anything else other than that.

Seeing Mo Zhen ignore her, Ah Yao went on to ask: “Did you not have breakfast? Last night you only ate one lemon for dinner!”

Mo Zhen looked at the chattering Ah Yao in the seat beside him, his hands unconsciously tightened around the steering wheel, “Why did you follow me?”

At home, he could deal with it because it was only him around; but if Li Gouhai followed him around outside, then the others would really think he’s insane!

“I’ve stated this already, until you help me remember who I am, I’ll keep following you around.” Ah Yao said very righteously.

Mo Zhen coughed twice as his hands remained on the steering wheel, he then took a deep breath and reminded himself to be calm-  they were outside now, he could not aimlessly argue with the ghost.

Ah Yao, who had been sitting quietly in the passenger’s seat, had began to complain: “You drive too quickly, soon I won’t be able to keep up.” As a ghost with no solid body, she was of course unable to physically ride in the car and had been floating in sitting position all this time. It looked as if the car was carrying her.

Mo Zhen listened to what she said, and with quick movement, he fiercely stepped onto the accelerator- making the car dash like an arrow through the streets.

In a blink of an eye, the end of the car had passed through the body of Ah Yao, and she was left behind as she remained in her sitting position, floating in midair.

This sitting position was really annoying.

Ah Yao stood upright and looked in the direction that the Bentley had driven off to: didn’t she remind him not to speed?

Mo Zhen was driving very quickly when he saw Ah Yao’s figure in the rearview mirror. He was prepared to step on the gas again, but he saw several traffic officers patrolling the area and quickly decided to dispel the idea.

The Bentley had finally arrived in an area of wilderness, surrounded by a very wide field of vision, there were only a few clouds in the sky.

Usually, this area did not have many inhabitants, but now it was full of people.

A hundred meters away, beautiful models, excited journalists, and many different kinds of cars awaited for his appearance.

But most of them were stopped at the corner, Mo Zhen’s Bentley drove smoothly into the shooting area, surrounded by security to protect it from the public.

“Wow! This is where the new God Forbidden Zone movie is being shot, maybe I’ll be able to meet the stars!” Ah Yao floated to Mo Zhen’s side, her face filled with excitement.

Mo Zhen’s raised his eyebrow, the biggest star was in front of you! Who else did you want to see?!

“Do not talk to me outside.” Mo Zhen warned Ah Yao, and parked the Bentley into the parking space.

Tang Qiang saw that Mo Zhen had arrived, holding a bunch of snacks in his arms, he greeted Mo Zhen hurriedly. “You must not skip breakfast, how many times have I told you, breakfast is the important meal of the day.”

Mo Zhen took the box of milk from Tang Qiang’s hands and inserted the straw, “You say these words every day, are you not tired?”

Tang Qiang was speechless, “No matter how much I say it, you never listen anyway, this body is your own yet you don’t take care of it properly.”

“Tang Qiang, you make a terrible agent, become a nanny instead.” Mo Zhen quickly drank the milk as he saw the director and the assistant director heading his way

Ah Yao drifted in front of Mo Zhen and stared at him, frowning. “He is right, having the routine of sleeping early and eating early is good for the body!”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Was their line, sleeping early and eating early routine, really good for a person’s body like they had said?

Mo Zhen rushed to greet the director and others as Ah Yao floated around the director.

It was not the first time Cui Dao and Mo Zhen had worked together, and they were already very familiar with each other. But since seniority was very important in the entertainment business, he still had to personally greet the two; after all, today was the first day of filming.

Ah Yao blended in with the excited crowd, she happily floated around the director and Mo Zhen several times. Mo Zhen was indeed a very good actor, even with the face of a ghost harassing him, he was still able to exchange conversation and greetings with Cui Dao.

“Mo Daren.” A woman’s voice sounded in the opposite direction, Ah Yao heard this and turned her head, and saw a beautiful tall woman walk their way. She wore a fire red dress, the length of her skirt was very short and two slender legs swayed as they walked towards Mo Zhen.”

Shixiong, you forgot your tie in my dressing room.” She tucked her long black hair behind her ear seductively and smiled in front of Mo Zhen.



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