Chapter 40

For a month after the New Year, Li Yan rested at home and almost never went out. Even the times she met Chen Qingyang were greatly reduced. Li Yan had only vaguely heard from an acquaintance that Chen Qingyang’s novel was being adapted to film, so she was probably very busy with this matter recently.

  With time to idle at home, Li Yan logged into Sadako’s account and entered the forum.

  This time she glanced at Sadako’s post history and was surprised that all of Sadako’s previous posts were of her trying to smear Mo Zhen’s reputation. Keeping with the previous style, Li Yan paid careful attention to her words so that every time she commented, she was continuing to smear Mo Zhen’s name with black powder.

  Such as this –

  ”Album countdown, 17 days left!”

  ”Punch card!”

  ”Punch card!”

  ”The college entrance examination countdown, there’s 135 days left. Have you finished your winter break homework yet? :)”


  Such as this –

  ” The God Forbidden Zone 3 trailer has been released, have you guys watched the 20 second promo?!! Zhenzi will definitely win this year’s awards! [Picture] [picture]

  ”Gao Sen’s eyes look so good! Zhenzi’s acting skills do not need to be explained!”

  ”Look at the movies released these past two years, no one is as great as Mo Zhen’s Gao Sen.”

  ”If only you guys were the judges, then it would be great! :)”


  Also like this –

  ”Happy Bathday’s new season’s ads came out today, and the Male God is still endorsing it. I cannot wait to take a bath!”

  ”Every time you take a bath, you can smell like Male God, happy shameless(* / ω \ *)”

  ”Although Male God endorsing female body wash is a little strange,  this ad gives a good feeling! What do you think the next endorsement will be?”

  ”Sanitary napkins :)”


(TN: cough cough, period pads hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha, oh god Ah Yao you are genius. EN: Ah Yao is my spirit animal ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~ )


  Chen Qingyang was enraged! She really want to cover this sister called Sadako in aunt’s blood!  Even if Sadako was Mo Zhen’s assistant, you would have to kill her first before she believed it!

  And her smiley emoji at the end was definitely deliberately mocking Mo Zhen!

  The angry Chen Qingyang personally made a post and called Sadako to come.

  When Li Yan saw that the Moderator Adult had summoned her, she waddled into the post.

  ”Spreading black, you must take responsibility! Dressing as a horse is not a hero! You dare to admit that you are Mo Zhen’s assistant!!!”

  This series of exclamation marks shocked Li Yan. She always felt that this style seemed to remind of her of a person. But who?

  But when it came to admitting that she was Mo Zhen’s assistant, she really did not dare.

  So she replied honestly: “Don’t dare :)”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  This feeling was like trying to punch cotton. She was really very, very unhappy! But she could not crawl out from the screen and give her a good beating! It was as if her smile was saying, “You bite me ~”.


  Chen Qingyang, in her anger, threw her mouse on the ground – and then three seconds later she picked it up from the ground and sealed Sadako’s IP address. On the other side of the computer, the unaware Li Yan had clicked into another post and was ready to smear some more black powder when she found her reply box missing at the bottom of the screen. She paused for a second and finally understood that she had been banned.


  Wtf! This moderator who banned her must be insane!

  ”Pippi Pi Pikachu!”

  Li Yan angrily picked up the phone, showing on the screen was a message from Chen Qingyang: “There are too many crazy people in this world lying around!!!”

  Li Yan nodded and thoughtfully replied: “I think so too.”

  The sympathy between the two people was never high in the first place.

  After the days entered into February, Li Yan went to the hospital for her last checkup examination. Walking out of the room, Li Yan unconsciously shuddered; the freezing winter wind was blowing roughly on her skin as Li Yan pulled the scarf further up on her face, covering up her nose.

  Her phone rang from within her bag, Li Yan lowered her head and searched for it for a moment before taking out her cell phone: “Yan Yan, are you free tomorrow night? I want to eat with you.”

  Li Yan thought for a moment. Confirming that she didn’t have anything to do tomorrow, she texted a reply.

  Xiang Yunze held his phone as he looked out the window, the expression on his face was slightly unnatural. The experimental student who stood beside him looked in his direction as he raised his eyebrows, puzzled. What could make the professor so nervous?


  The phone in his hands vibrated and Xiang Yunze glanced at the two words on the screen: “good ah!”

  His mouth could not help but turn into a smile. Typing out a reply, he sent a text to Li Yan.

  Li Yan looked at the text from Xiang Yunze and tried to recall the location of the Arc de Triomphe. Before she could pinpoint the location, the phone rang. She picked up the phone and asked, “Shampoo, what’s the matter?”

  ”Where are you now?”

  ”The hospital, just finished the checkup, Dr. Fang said that I don’t need to come anymore.”

  ”Are you free tomorrow? Let’s go out for dinner!”

  Li Yan blinked, what important day was it tomorrow? Why was everyone asking her to go out to eat? “Just a minute ago Yunze Ge Ge asked me to eat, I didn’t have anything to do anyway.”

  Chen Qingyang was silent for a while before asking, “Do you know what day it is tomorrow?”

  Li Yan thought and said: “Mo Zhen’s album release day.” The forum did a countdown everyday; even if she didn’t want to remember, she wouldn’t be able to forget.

  Chen Qingyang’s mood was suddenly a bit complicated: “Although I am very pleased that you remember Emperor Mo’s release date so well, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!”

  Valentine’s Day?

  Li Yan’s mind went blank. Because everyone was talking about Mo Zhen’s album release tomorrow, she had completely forgotten that tomorrow Valentine’s Day.

  ”Xiang Yunze asking you out. He might have an intention ah.” Chen Qingyang’s ah sound at the end was exaggerated., Her tone was very suggestive so that people could not help but think deeply about it.

  Li Yan moved her mouth and asked: “Then you asking me out tomorrow, it can’t be also … …”

  ”… …Goodbye!” Chen Qingyang hung up the phone abruptly.

  Li Yan held her phone and stood frozen in front of the hospital entrance for a while. Just as she was about to put her phone back into her bag, Xiang Yunze sent her another text.

  He rent the resturaunt’s name again- it was a famous restaurant from A City. But why did he call it the Arc De Triomphe before?

  Li Yan put the phone away into her purse while reminding herself to ask him about it tomorrow.

  On Valentine’s Day, Li Yan got up early in the morning; in fact, she always got up very early. After running around the neighborhood for an hour, Li Yan stretched her muscles before walking back home.

  It was a little before eight o’clock when she arrived home. Although the sky was not very bright outside yet, she had missed three calls from Chen Qingyang.

  Giving Chen Qingyang a call, Li Yan didn’t have the chance to speak before hearing Chen Qingyang’s screaming roar pass through the phone: “Wtf Da Li where did you go?!”

  ”I went for a run, what’s wrong?”

  ”You still have the mood to run! Come and help me line up!”

  Li Yan spent forty minutes before she arrived at the location Chen Qingyang was in- A city’s largest record store. The sea of people crowded together made Li Yan feel as if she was a princess helping out in a disaster relief flood.

  After spending a lot of effort trying to find Chen Qingyang, Li Yan felt a headache coming on: “Shampoo, what is going on?”

  ”Buying Emperor Mo’s new album ah! The first 100 people get a limited edition poster! Don’t you know that everyone has been camping out here since last night!”

  Li Yan: “…”

  This kind of alternative world… she really could not understand it.

  ”Da Li you help me save my place, I’ll go eat breakfast and go to the toilet!” Chen Qingyang ran further away, and then feeling a little worried, she came back to remind Li Yan: “Go to the door at nine o’clock. Stare at the clock and do not let people jump queue! I counted, we are number 98! “

  Li Yan: “…”

  She looked at a large mass of people pressing against each other, her breath becoming a little uneven. Didn’t they say that the record industry was declining? How could she not see it at all?

  Chen Qingyang did not take long and the line slowly moved up. Surrounded by screaming fans, Li Yan even thought Emperor Mo had personally come to visit.

  Although Chen Qingyang told her to make sure that nobody jumped the queue in front of her,  some people came in groups to buy the poster. She did not know how to count this? As she got closer and closer, she still couldn’t find Chen Qingyang’s shadow anywhere. Li Yan took out her cell phone and sent a message: “You out of the toilet?”

  ”Duck QAQ, you buy for me! Remember to get a poster!”

  Li Yan moved her mouth. To enslave a seriously ill patient like her was simply too cruel.

  Standing in front of the cash register, Li Yan found that the people leaving who were standing in line in front of her did not have any limited edition posters. Just as she was about to tell this news to Chen Qingyang, she heard a “Bang” sound and found small decorations being exploded in her face.

  ”Congratulations to this classmate! You are the 111th customer,so  you receive our special poster!”

  After the excited manager finished the sentence, there was a burst of screaming from the crowd. Li Yan felt a little dazed. She had heard before in the forum that there were only ten limited edition posters: each one was different, and they would all be placed at ten different locations in the store – and to who received one would be decided by, the manager.

  It seems that she was very lucky, but 111 … …

  The manager’s intentions seemed to be very sinister ah.

  After buying two of Emperor Mo’s albums, Li Yan did not forget to take that special poster. Under the envious eyes of hatred, she smiled as she walked out of the store.

  Walking to the intersection, Li Yan thought for a moment and put the wrapped special poster into her bag, pretending as if she had gotten nothing to deceive Chen Qingyang.

  Fortunately, today’s backpack was big enough.

  By the time Chen Qingyang came out of the bathroom, she quickly spotted the Li Yan who was wrapped with clothes like a round ball. Trotting up, Chen Qingyang took the album from Li Yan’s hands, her lips twisting into a smile: “Poster?”

  Li Yan looked at her, her expression was very innocent: “Someone in front of us bought quite a few and the manager counted them, so there were no posters left.”

  ”WTF, how can it be like this!” Chen Qingyang frowned. “Everyone was supposed to buy one! I want to find them and single them out!”

Li Yan’s mouth moved in amusement, “Even if you single them out, they cannot give you a poster.”

  ”So what about it? I want to protest !!”

  Li Yan thought about it for a moment and suggested: “You can take advantage of the dead of night and secretly hang yourself in front of their store.”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  Da Li sometimes, is really humorous, huh, huh.

  After eating lunch together, the two went out shopping for an afternoon. Li Yan looked at the time and realized she had to meet Xiang Yunze soon.

  ”Shampoo I’ll leave first, you eat dinner alone.”

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  What did she mean by this? She hasn’t even become a couple with Xiang Yunze yet  and is already beginning to discriminate against a single dog?

  She looked up and down with a smile. Sighing, she shook her head: “Da Li, you’re just going to go out like this on your date with Xiang Yunze? Without washing your hair or putting on makeup?”

  Li Yan’s face darkened: “Since you are around, everyday my hair feels refreshed.”

(TN: Chen Qingyang = shampoo)

  Chen Qingyang: “…”

  She wants to be renamed! No matter how her much her father might cry, she needs a new name!

  This was not the most famous Chinese restaurant in the world, but it was certainly one of the most expensive ones. Being invited to eat here will give someone the appearance of being wealthy and powerful.

  Xiang Yunze inviting Li Yan to eat here, of course, was not to show off his own wealth, but instead it was because this was his alma mater.

  He sat in the hallway of the first floor, causing many women passing by to give him special glances. It was not only due to his deceptively handsome looks, it was also because today was Valentine’s Day, so it was quite rare to see a handsome man by himself.

  The hostess standing at the entrance let her  eyes sweep over the figure sitting on the couch once again, feeling her heart skip quickly. If the person he’s waiting for doesn’t show up, then she’ll give it a try!

  A cold breeze roared past as the door opened. The hostess l did not even have a chance to say “Welcome” before Li Yan ran quickly to the sitting Xiang Yunze: ” I’m sorry, I did not know that there would be a traffic jam at this time.”

  Panting to finish this sentence, Li Yan’s face was glowing and a little flushed from running so quickly.

  Xiang Yunze raised his head to look at her. Smiling, he rose from the couch: “No problem, you were right on time.”

  Xiang Yunze had booked a room right on the top floor, so that it overlooked the night view of A City. Li Yan looked at the menu; some of the prices made it difficult for her to swallow.

  Xiang Yunze sat quietly opposite of her, waiting for her to finish as the smiling waiter also stood to the side. She suddenly felt that the pressure was quite big.

  ”Uh … … give me small fried fish.” Li Yan used all of her strength to say this sentence. She flipped through the menu to the first page and handed it to Xiang Yunze, “Whatever you order, I’ll eat. “

  Xiang Yunze laughed and took the menu from Li Yan’s hands: “You’re really easy to support.” But fried small fish … … he found that the taste of Li Yan and Mo Zhen were scarily similar.

  Li Yan did not care and grinned at Xiang Yunze. Her greatest point was that she was very easy to feed.

  When the waiter finished copying down all of the dishes Xiang Yunze had listed, he politely retreated from the room. Suddenly there was only him and Li Yan in the room. Xiang Yunze felt a little helpless.

  This discovery made him ridicule himself a little. A person like himself, Xiang Gonzi, was always thought to be a playboy by others. Who would believe that when he faced a certain woman, he would feel so helpless?

  Perhaps they should’ve gone to eat Western food. At least it wouldn’t be as embarrassing as it is now. It was just that when he remembered that Li Yan liked to eat Chinese food the most, he had booked a room here.

  ”Ah Yes, why did you say that it was called Arc De Triomphe before?”

  Li Yan’s question helped solve Xiang Yunze’s embarrassment. He drank the green tea on the table and replied: “My Alma Mater used to be here. In order to commemorate the glory of my victory here, we deliberately refer to this location as the Arc de Triomphe. “

  Li Yan chuckled, “Victory? It’s just another word for beating someone up. You know how to fight? I’ve always thought that you were one to use your sharp tongue to kill your enemy.

  Xiang Yunze also laughed: “I was fighting for the sake of someone else.”

  Li Yan raised her eyebrows: “Was it that “Woman” or that “Man”?”

  Xiang Yunze smiled and nodded. Li Yan’s expression became more excited: “I guess it must’ve been a girl!”

  Xiang Yunze’s smile deepened: “Yes ah, I chased her for a long time.”

  ”Is that so? She must be very beautiful!”

  ”Ah, very beautiful.” Xiang Yunze thought about Mo Zhen changing into a woman’s appearance, and concluded that he could definitely defeat all beauties.

  The room was quiet for a while. Li Yan remembered something again and said: “Speaking of alma maters, the other day I discovered that you and Mo Zhen went to the same primary school!”

  Li Yan’s words made Xiang Yunze slightly surprised for a moment and the scene of Mo Zhen appearing at the hospital suddenly surfaced in his mind. He unconsciously frowned: “You know Mo Zhen?”

  ”He is a big star, who does not know him ah.”  Alright, she admits that before she didn’t really recognize him.

  ”Didn’t you not follow celebrities before?”

  ”Shampoo is his biggest fan. Every day she talks about him in front of me. This morning I even helped her buy Emperor Mo’s new album!”

  Mo Zhen’s album? He seems to have heard that Mo Zhen was releasing an album today. Xiang Yunze was busy thinking of Mo Zhen’s album when there was a soft knock on the door. The waiter asked if they could start serving.

  Nodding to let them in, Li Yan excitedly looked at the fine dishes that covered the entire table. Especially the golden fish; it looked quite delicious.

  After the waiter left, she placed a small fish in her mouth and savoured the crispy golden deliciousness of the small fish, filling Li Yan with a wonderful satisfaction.

  It was strange …she had obviously never seen this dish before, so why did it feel as if she had eaten it many times before?

  Xiang Yunze watched Li Yan’s reaction, smiled and shook his head. The things she ate were almost identical to Mo Zhen’s tastes, but they had no connections, so their lives wouldn’t have  intersected before.

  Except for him, of course.

  Xiang Yunze waited until Li Yan had almost finished eating, and was finally ready to enter into the real topic.

  He drank the tea that had already cooled, wetting his dry throat. He coughed a couple times to pull Li Yan’s attention from the food to himself: “Yan Yan, I have something to tell you.”

  ”Oh.” Li Yan was affected by his serious tone and unconsciously put down her chopsticks .

  Looking at those big eyes staring directly at him, Xiang Yunze felt his palms become a little sweaty: “That is … that …”

  Although he had repeated it many times while Li Yan was unconscious, but now, faced with the sober Li Yan, he suddenly could not speak.

  Li Yan’s heart was filled with panic! This atmosphere ….he doesn’t intend to confess right?!

  When she was in college, she was confessed to by a lot of boys – and they had the exact same expression as Xiang Yunze had right now!

  ”Yan Yan, I like you.”

  Xiang Yunze eventually said those three words, the same sentence that had been buried in his heart for several years now.

  It was Valentine’s Day, nighttime, dinner, and the air was filled with the smell of roses – but Li Yan had never felt so helpless.

  Yes… now it was her that was helpless.

  Previously, with the boys that had confessed to her when she was in university, she would always calmly refuse. But Xiang Yunze not the same as them. This was her Yunze Ge Ge, the Yunze Ge Ge who had watched her grow up.

  ”Yunze Ge Ge … ” Li Yan’s voice was very small, so quiet that it was hard for even her to hear it, “I have always seen you as a brother … “

  Xiang Yune was not surprised by this answer. It was better to say that he was not even a little surprised by her answer.

  He has liked Li Yan for many years, but had never told her because on one hand he had wanted to wait for her to grow up, but on the other hand (although he did not want to admit it)  he was already subconsciously aware that Li Yan has always seen him as a big brother, nothing else.

  He smiled and blinked at her: “Is this the legendary brother card?”

  Li Yan bit her lip, Lowering her head, she did not speak.

  Liking someone and not liking someone was not a crime, but she always felt as if she was a heinous bad guy.

  After all, she had just eaten an expensive dinner paid for by someone else.

  Xiang Yunze stood up from his chair, bending down as he always did to pat Li Yan’s hair: “It’s alright, I’m fine. You continue to eat.”

  Li Yan continue to bury her head lower and whispered the sentence: “I am full already … “

  If she had known earlier that this would happen, she wouldn’t have eaten this much and perhaps she wouldn’t be feeling as guilty as she did right now.

  Xiang Yunze saw her like this and did not bother her. Instead, he directly led her out of the restaurant. Xiang Yunze had originally wanted to send her home personally, but with this situation there was no way Li Yan would be able to sit in Xiang Yunze’s car, and so she insisted that she take a taxi home.

  Xiang Yunze was silent for a moment before taking out his cell phone to call. Soon a taxi drove over to their location and Li Yan entered the car. Xiang Yunze watched as the rear headlights drove off into the night, and directly hopped into his car and drove to a bar.

  Mo Zhen was lying on the sofa as he listened to Tang Qiang talk on the phone. Tang Qiang has been talking to him on the phone for almost ten minutes now, and his main topic of conservation was about how great the album sales were doing.

  He has already seen this report on the entertainment section of the news, okay?

  His phone sounded as a new text popped up onto the screen. Mo Zhen took this opportunity to hang up on Tang Qiang.

  The message was sent by Xiang Yunze, with only 5 words: “I am falling out of love.”

  Mo Zhen frowned and tried calling back, but discovered that line was busy.

  The person who had also called Xiang Yunze at that time was Chen Qingyang. She had just finished eating dinner when she received a phone call from Li Yan. Li Yan  messily explained what had happened on the phone, but Chen Qingyang, with her superior imaginative abilities, could understand quite clearly.

  Xiang Yunze had confessed to her, but she refused.

   It really did hurt like hell.

  Although she had only known Xiang Yunze for six months, the time she spent with him in the hospital was enough for her to understand his feelings towards Li Yan.

  Hearing the background noise on Xiang Yunze’s side of the phone, Chen Qingyang, with her own superior imagination, was certain that he was in a bar. After shouting into the phone several times, she finally managed to get the location of the bar from  Xiang Yunze.

  Hanging up the phone, Chen Qingyang drove to the bar in a rush. Even helping her friend take care of the guy she rejected …she felt that she was truly an amazing friend.

  Mo Zhen was finally able to get through to Xiang Yunze’s phone, but nobody picked up when he called. Mo Zhen’s held his phone in his hand as he sat on the sofa for a while. Grabbing his jacket, he went out the door.

  When Chen Qingyang arrived at the bar, Xiang Yunze was sprawled on the table of the bar. Staring at this 180 cm man in front of her, Chen Qingyang felt quite sad. She was not strong, nor could she strike down a bedroom door with her hands, and she certainly could not carry a 180 cm grown man.

  With the bartender’s help, Chen Qingyang was finally able to carry Xiang Yunze to the taxi, but the question was: Where could she bring him?

  Chen Qingyang thought for a long time, and finally decided to throw him in a hotel.

  Taking the taxi to the nearest hotel, Chen Qingyang – with the help of a porter – threw Xiang Yunze onto the bed.

  Stretching her almost-broken arm, she felt that Da Li should definitely treat her to a meal after this. After pulling the quilt on the bed over Xiang Yunze’s body,his phone (which had been thrown to the side of the bed) began to vibrate.

  Chen Qingyang did not check the ID and without thinking she picked up the phone: “Hey?”

  Mo Zhen’s expression was blank. He looked at the phone screen – it really was Xiang Yunze’s number. He frowned and asked, “Who are you? Why are you picking up Yunze’s phone?”

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