Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

The man’s voice was gentle, but his tone was slightly interrogative. When Chen Qingyang picked up the phone, her first reaction was that the voice of the man was truly wonderful, but it also felt a little familiar. Her second reaction was  ‘Oh my lord!’ because she’d accidently picked up Xiang Yunze’s phone!!!

A rejected man and a woman were alone in one room, and even worse, they were in a hotel room. If this rumour spread, her reputation would be ruined – and how would she explain this ah?!

Chen Qingyang thought for a second and decided not to explain.

She dropped the phone directly, and then threw it onto the edge of the pillow.

Chen Qingyang went to the bathroom to wash her hands three times and slowly walked out of the bathroom.

She did not know when Xiang Yunze had woken up, but he had changed positions and was leaning on the bed with closed eyes. The dim yellow light from the lamp on the nightstand softly hit the side of his slightly drunk face, a few buttons on his shirt had been unbuttoned who knows when, and his open collar revealed his slender and pale neck.

Chen Qingyang froze in place. WTF she did not expect Xiang gongzi to be so … sexy.

She ran back to the toilet and washed her face with cold water, trying to make herself sober. So close! She was almost seduced by the beauty!

Hearing the sound in the bathroom, Xiang Yunze slightly opened his eyes and looked towards the direction of the door. Chen Qingyang slowly wiped the remaining water dripping down her face and came out from the bathroom. Seeing that Xiang Yunze was watching her, she tried to make her smile as natural as she could: “Xiang Gongzi, you woke up?”

“Ah …” Xiang Yunze’s voice sounded a bit ugly as he raised his right hand and rubbed his temple, “It hurts …”

“Of course you have a headache. Why did you drink so much wine?” Xiang Yunze could be considered quite well-behaved when he was drunk. All the way to the hotel he did not make a fuss and caused no issues at all. Chen Qingyang’s biggest fear was encountering one of those crazy drunkards, “Oh yeah, a man just called you a moment ago. My hands were too unstable and I accidently hung up.”

“I know, he called me again afterwards.” When Xiang Yunze finished this sentence, he panicked as a thought settled in, “Do you know who he is?”

Who is it? “Chen Qingyang blinked and looked curiously at Xiang Yunze.

Xiang Yunze looked back at her, feeling a bit complicated. If she knew she had just hung up on the Emperor, it would only take a couple minutes for her to jump off the rooftop.

“No one, just a friend.”

“Oh.” Chen Qingyang nodded meaningfully… A friend? Why are you so nervous about a friend? She’s someone who’s written a detective story! If he thinks she believes him, then he’s simply insulting her IQ!

But if they weren’t friends, could they be … … lovers?

So that’s why the tone of the man on the phone was slightly guilty. And so on, just that is a man ah! Did she know something she wasn’t supposed to know?!

Chen Qingyang thought that one day she may go insane from her creative imagination.

Xiang Yunze coughed a couple times as he sat on the bedside. Chen Qingyang went to the mini fridge and poured a cup of cold water for him. Xiang Yunze stared at the cup of water in his hands and began to recall his past memories: “The first time I saw Yan Yan, she was only thirteen years old. Back then she was still a child, but now – in the blink of an eye – she has already graduated from college… Time flies really fast. ”

Chen Qingyang glanced at Xiang Yunze as he smiled at the memories and suddenly felt a little sad. She sniffed and said to Xiang Yunze: “You may think that Da Li looks very much like a tomboy, but in fact she is very stupid and foolish, and she’s also as strong as an ox. For four years in university, our bedroom slogan was prevent fire,  prevent theft, and protect yourself from Da Li.” (TN: fánghuǒ fángdào fáng dàlì.) After Chen Qingyang finished talking, she added another sentence, “Oh right, she’s also very lazy! She eats 5 meals a day and also only showers every two days!”

(TN: I feel attacked on a personal level right now. Hahaha! Didn’t she praise herself as a great friend in the last chapter?)

Xiang Yunze looked at her and could not help but chuckle.

“Hey – don’t laugh, all the things I said are true!” Chen Qingyang slapped Xiang Yunze’s shoulder and almost made the water spill out of the cup. “Do you know what her grandfather does? He runs a martial arts academy ah! She even dares to fight with the martial arts coaches!”

Xiang Yunze had already heard this information before. But which of those coaches were actually seriously fighting with her? Wasn’t it because they all thought she was quite cute and were happy to play with her?

Xiang Yunze smiled, shook his head, and drank a cup of water. This action stirred  Chen Qingyang’s memories. The picture of her family’s Patches hiding behind her legs while pitifully drinking water suddenly popped into her mind.

Chen Qingyang’s heart softened and she patted Xiang Yunze’s hair: “Patches, you will find a good girl eventually.”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

Who was Patches?

Chen Qingyang finished petting Xiang Yunze’s fur. Picking up her purse from the sofa, she turned and walked away: “Patches, since you are fine, I’ll leave first.”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

Who the hell is Patches ah!

“Wait.” He put down the cup, and stopped the Chen Qingyang who was just about to leave.

“What’s the matter?”

“Renting a room with me at a hotel, and you’re going to leave without doing anything to me?”

“Psycho ah! Dead rogue!” Chen Qingyang angrily kicked the TV cabinet, and with a painful cry, she limped out of the room.

Xiang Yunze watched as she zoomed out of the room and could not help but laugh. This girl is so so funny ah.

When Chen Qingyang heard the loud laughter behind her, she had the urge to suddenly go back and struggle him! Why did she go and find him at the bar? She should’ve left him to drunkenly dream!

“Your Yunze Ge Ge is all right! Next time you see him, remind him to pay me back the hotel room price!”

Li Yan looked at the message Chen Qingyang had just sent her and blinked. Hotel room rate was…

She was suddenly a little worried for Xiang Yunze’s virginity. She had seen Chen Qingyang’s drooling expression when she looked at Mo Zhen’s poster before; she was definitely a very hungry person.

Speaking of posters, she suddenly remembered that she has not yet opened the special poster the manager had given her. Taking the poster out of the bag, Li Yan carefully opened it up. Mo Zhen’s facial features gradually appear in front of her, followed by a neck, collarbone, chest and abdominal muscles …wait wait, abs!

Wtf! This was unexpectedly a half-naked picture!

Mo Zhen looked as if he had just taken a shower in the photo, his dark hair had some droplets of water and his soft bangs perfectly lay on his forehead, covering half of those narrow eyes. The white shirt on his upper body was slightly opened with the buttons undone and the tight jeans that hung low on his hips highlighted those perfect long slim legs.

Li Yan’s blood almost sprayed onto the poster.

She did not think that Emperor Mo would be … so open, ah!

“Ha ha ha ha.” Li Yan held the poster in her arms as she rolled on her bed,  coincidentally stopping in front of her computer. This time she must go on the internet to show off ah!

In order not to expose herself, Li Yan picked the the stage of Cape Forum to show off. Opening the main page, she found that she wasn’t the only person who’d logged in to show off.

The other nine people who had received limited edition posters had already opened a post and asked for others to post as well, looking for the remaining limited edition poster.

Li Yan looked at them one by one, and was certain that each poster was not the same as the others. However, the other nine posters all seemed to be normal – not even a single button was loosened.

Li Yan’s heart swung out of her chest. She clicked on the post that was seeking Mo Zhen’s posters. Attached to it was the Weibo post Mo Zhen had made a half an hour ago:     “Out of the ten limited edition posters, there’s one that’s a little special. If want to get it, you must exert more effort :)”

Everyone unanimously agreed that the nine posters that had already been revealed could not be considered a “special benefit”, so the calls for the tenth poster to be shown kept growing by the minute.

After the long wait, Li Yan finally made a post.

“Setting up the ten posters can summon Mo Wang Wang baa? [Picture] Please call me hard-working small angel :)”

“WTF! It’s actually Sadako!”

“No, I am the first floor, I’ll say it again! WTF! So it’s actually naked~ taking a picture!”

“Sadako you’re so evil, how can you get this poster  ┬┬ ﹏┬”

“Not enough exposed! Sadako I want to duel with you!”

“This was an absolutely unspoken rule! Sadako you say, you aren’t using your work connections, using corruption to get this poster!”

“Moderator DaRen come and seal Sadako’s IP!”

The Moderator was staring at the computer screen, her eyes sparkling. Who was this person? She couldn’t even rob one of the 100 limited edition posters, yet this person was  lucky enough to get the only naked poster?!

Li Yan wanted to continue to be cocky, but she quickly discovered that the lovely comment box was gone!

WTF moderator! You don’t understand true love!

Li Yan angrily quit the forum and placed Mo Zhen’s new CD into the computer. Wearing headphones, Li Yan looked at the lyrics as the headset played the album’s main song, Miss Ghost.

“I exist here, only to keep your fleeting smile in my eyes forever.”

These were the words that were written before the actual lyrics; paired with the gentle sound of the music, the song made Li Yan’s eyes a little teary. Even if Li Yan did not know the music industry very well, she was certain that Mo Zhen was very good at singing. Although the song was very soothing, the tone was very high. Mo Zhen handled the high notes very well, and sang with a trace of subtle sexiness.

Li Yan looked at the title. It said that the following lyrics were written by Mo Zhen. When the last note fell, she could feel small tears falling down her face.

The tears dripped onto the lyrics sheet and landed on the last sentence of the lyrics.

You are, in my eyes, a landscape painting that will never fade.

Picking up the paper towels on the table to blow her nose, Li Yan did not know why she had felt like crying. Her hands and feet climbed into the bed, and she closed her eyes to listen to the song again.

Mo Zhen’s album sold very well. For more than a month it held the number #1 spot on the charts, and the song that Mo Zhen had personally written, “Miss Ghost”, had received overwhelming praise from fans and critics.

This song was not only well-written, but it was also very difficult to sing. It became one of the most difficult KTV songs to sing – but although it was difficult to sing, it still remained one of the most popular choices.

An example would be right now: Chen Qingyang had just finished singing the song, panting as she handed the microphone to Li Yan. “Li Yan, do you know why I’m so happy today?!”

Li Yan glanced at her and said: “Yun Ze Ge Ge gave you the room money?”

Chen Qingyang’s mouth moved in amusement; can they not open this pot please? “Didn’t I tell you before that my novel was going to be adapted into film? The negotiations have finally finished and tomorrow I’ll be signing the contract!”

Li Yan’s expression was blank for a moment, and then she gave Chen Qingyang a punch: “Shampoo, good job! Congratulations!”

Chen Qingyang massaged her hurt shoulder, and continued, “But the most important thing is, do you know which company bought the rights to my novel?”

“Do not know.”

“Kai Huang!”

The building was located in city centre. Every day tens of thousands of fans would come here to visit the location. Chen Qingyang was also a part of them before, but today she and Li Yan walked brightly into Kai Huang’s main entrance!

“Da Li, you say if we meet Emperor Mo, what pose should I make to say hello?” Chen Qingyang was dressed up a little today in order to strengthen her confidence. She also decided to drag Li Yan to accompany her to sign the contract.

Li Yan rolled her eyes at Chen Qingyang’s figure in front of her. Just as she was about to tell her there was no way they would meet him, a few staff members came to pick them up. Following the staff into the elevator, Li Yan suddenly felt a little…anxious. The door of the elevator opened and Li Yan dashed to find the bathroom, the words of the staff saying that it was the wrong direction were already too late to hear…

Li Yan ran into a corridor, only to pausing to think that the company was really too big; even a bathroom was not easy to find. Grabbing a passing member of staff, Li Yan hurried to ask: “I’m sorry, but I was wondering…”

“You are coming to the interview, right!” The staff was even more rushed than she was. “Why did you come now? You are almost too late!”, she said as she dragged Li Yan into the room.

The whole process was too quick for Li Yan’s brain to process what was happening. Before she knew it, she had already been pushed into a small room.

There was a long table in the room and two men sat in front of it. One wore a suit with leather shoes with a round face that seemed to nice to pinch; and the other wore a plaid shirt with a jacket on top. The most striking thing about him, however, were those large sunglasses that almost covered his entire face.

Li Yan’s heart was slightly turbulent on the inside. WTF, why did this person look so much like Mo Zhen?!

“Ha, ha, ha.” Li Yan laughed rhythmically in front of those two people for a moment, “So … ”

“First introduce yourself.” The man wearing a suit on the right side interrupted her words.

Li Yan: “…”

She had only wanted to ask where the bathroom was, but she needs to introduce herself first?

A big company was really not the same ah.


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