Chapter 42

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“My name is Li Yan, 22 years old, graduated from the A City University Department of Chinese … ” Li Yan was still currently trapped in a strange situation, but in order to be able to go to the bathroom, she obediently introduced herself.

Mo Zhen sat on the right side of Tang Qiang. From the beginning to the end, he did not listen to a word Li Yan was saying, instead his eyes focused on that small mouth that kept talking.

Her hairstyle had returned to the hairstyle Mo Zhen was very familiar with; it seemed that she particularly liked this hairstyle. The colour in her face was better than the time he saw her in the hospital by a thousand times, and because she had been running, her cheeks had a glowy luster in them as if one pinch could make water flow. Although her long eyelashes were trembling, her eyes were still as clear as water; as if the entire world around her had quieted down.

It has been a long time since he had seen her like this.

But before today, even if it was in a dream, he never would’ve imagined that Li Yan would appear here.

Tang Qiang raised his eyebrows after listening to Li Yan’s introduction. How was the HR department working these days? To be even considered for the job of Mo Zhen’s assistant, the two most basic conditions were relevant work experience and also being introduced by an acquaintance.

This girl was not only NOT introduced by an acquaintance, her work experience was also blank. How in the world did she get here in the first place?

At first he had thought that she was one of  Mo Zhen’s fan who had snuck in, but using his current judgement, he could tell that this girl was not Mo Zhen’s fan, not to mention that when he said that he was recruiting an assistant she did not even ask which celebrity she would be assisting!

He looked at Mo Zhen’s profile. Although Mo Zhen was wearing a large pair of sunglasses that almost covered his entire face, Tang Qiang could still see his expression. Seeing that Mo Zhen did not want to speak, he coughed embarrassingly a few times and turned to look at Li Yan: “You said that you graduated in June last year. It’s now almost been a year. Why haven’t you found a job yet?”

Originally he wanted to find a reason to send the girl out, but seeing that Mo Zhen was silent, he did not feel it was morally right to force someone out. Not to mention, he had deliberately  dragged Mo Zhen to participate in the interview for the sole reason of letting him personally choose the candidates. If the new assistant ended up as insane as Xiao Xi did, this responsibility would not land on his head, and later, when Mo Zhen wanted to dismiss the assistant, he can confidently say: “But you picked them yourself!”

Thinking about it, he found that he was a very smart person!

Li Yan listened to Tang Qiang’s question and with a dazed expression, she answered: “It was because I was sick before, I only recovered a while ago. But you can be rest assured that I do not have an infectious disease, and I will not transmit it to you!”

Tang Qiang bit his lip: “How’s your physical condition right now?”

“Very good! Even if I ran a marathon there would be no problem!”

Tang Qiang: “…”

He coughed twice, and then asked, “Can you cook?”

“Will!” He only asked if she could cook, he did not ask whether it was good or not!

“Can you drive?”

“Will!” During Freshman year summer vacation, she and Shampoo both went to test for their driving licenses, but it’s been years since she’s driven a car!

Tang Qiang no longer asked questions and Li Yan looked forward as she stared at him. Answering so well, she must have definitely earned her spot in the fight to go to the bathroom!

Tang Qiang glanced at Mo Zhen. Seeing that he still didn’t have any intention of speaking, he turned back to Li Yan and told her: “Then I will simply talk about your job duties and benefits. Mo Zhen is very busy this year. Your main job is to follow him to the studio, and sometimes you will also be responsible for driving and cooking. You do not need to follow him 24 hours a day. When he receives his paycheck, you will also receive your paycheck. Of course, if there are any problems, you will have to temporarily solve the issue. The trial period salary is 5000. After your probation and according to your performance review, the company will also give you insurance benefits.”

Li Yan was completely confused.

What is this situation? Was she not trying to fight for the bathroom? How did it suddenly change into fighting to be Mo Zhen’s assistant!

Tang Qiang saw that she was silent and continued: “Of course, every job has requirements. The company will sign a confidentiality agreement with you. You cannot leak any information about Mo Zhen to anyone, otherwise the company has the right to legally sue you. And you also will not be able to tell your parents, friend or any relatives about this job. ”

Li Yan swallowed her saliva, Mom and Dad! I seem to have joined an incredible organization!

“Is there a problem?”

Li Yan mechanically shook her head.

“Alright, go back and wait for our notification. We will inform you within three days .”

“Oh,” Li Yan said as she stood up from her seat and walked towards Tang Qiang. “Oh yeah, I have also learned martial arts! If there is any danger to Mo Zhen, I can protect him!”

Tang Qiang: “…”

He glanced at Li Yan’s little arms and legs and stayed silent. But the current him did not understand that appearance sometimes did not accurately describe someone.

Li Yan walked to the door and opened it, pausing she looked back at Tang Qiang: “Where’s the bathroom?”

“… turn right.”

“Thank you!” Li Yan burst out from the room and was about to directly turn right when the staff pulled her back. Because the staff member was in a hurry before, she had directly pushed Li Yan in and did not make her fill in the personal information.

After Li Yan finished filling out the form, she floated in the direction of the bathroom. As the staff took Li Yan’s form to read, her face suddenly darkened. Who was this person! This was not the person that was supposed to be interviewed!

She could already hear the roar of Tang Dong in her head.

At this time, Mo Zhen was still sitting in the room with Tang Qiang as he tried to probe for Mo Zhen’s opinion: “What do you think?”

“Choose her.” Mo Zhen finally took off his sunglasses and drank a cup of water.

Tang Qiang was a little surprised. He had thought that after what had happened with Xiao Xi, Mo Zhen would not agree to having a female assistant. That girl named Li Yan happened to be the only girl out of the five people interviewed.

Tang Qiang was silent for a moment and said: “She has no relevant work experience, not even a single acquaintance.”

“I trust her.” These were only five simple words, but in Tang Qiang’s heart, these five words set off a wave of emotions. He bit his lip and looked at Mo Zhen: “You know her?”

Mo Zhen did not answer, but silently stared at the chair Li Yan had just been sitting in.

“Okay, then we’ll try it.” In front of Mo Zhen, Tang Qiang could only compromise. Not to mention he was trying to find an assistant for Mo Zhen alone, so what Mo Zhen liked was most important, because if he changed assistants after three days the company would not be happy.

“I am afraid I do not have much time to accompany you; you and your assistant figure it out.” Tang Qiang patted Mo Zhen’s shoulder and stood up from the chair. Even if he wasn’t so busy all the time, you would have to kill him first before he agreed to be Mo Zhen’s assistant again.

Mo Zhen touched the cup on the table, faintly gave an answer: “Ah.”

When Li Yan trudged back, Chen Qingyang was waiting by the elevator. Watching as Li Yan leisurely walked towards her, Chen Qingyang angrily stepped closer to her: “Lying cow, which bathroom did you go to? I’ve already signed the contract!”

Li Yan looked at her and earnestly said: “Shampoo, you have to watch your words here, Emperor Mo may hear it any given time.”

Chen Qingyang was surprised, and quickly changed: “Yan Yan, why did you leave for so long? Is your stomach feeling fine?”

Li Yan: “…”

Why did she have to make herself so nauseous? Sighing, Li Yan patted Chen Qingyang’s shoulder and said: “Shampoo, being vulgar is more suitable for you.”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

But Li Yan’s words had reminded her that she had come so far to Kai Huang, yet she still hasn’t seen Emperor Mo. How could she leave like this? She looked in the reflection of the elevator door and asked, “Da Li, do I still look good?”

Li Yan’s mouth moved in amusement, “It’s better not to talk about it; if I say the truth it may harm your self-esteem.”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

WTF! Why didn’t she remember Da Li’s tongue being so sharp before!

Angrily walking down the corridor of Kai Huang, Chen Qingyang said she was looking for the bathroom, but in reality she was looking for a chance to meet Emperor Mo. Glancing at the poster of Mo Zhen that hung on the wall, Chen Qingyang’s heart felt as if a spell had been cast: “Oh, Da Li, what can I do to make this man mine?”

Li Yan thought for a moment and then said: “If you join the Korean nationality, then the entire world will be yours!”

(TN: lowkey jab at Korea that I don’t understand because I live in boring Canada. EN: A snarky comment about how Korea used to export people/ cheap labour worldwide to do every type of menial  job. Travel the world as a poorly paid employee…)

Chen Qingyang: “…”

She and Da Li could no longer communicate with each other!

Loitering around the corridor for ten minutes, Li Yan finally dragged Chen Qingyang out of Kai Huang. Before leaving, Chen Qingyang took a picture of the Kai Huang building and made a Weibo post.

” Sleeping Little Erlang” has been successfully optioned for  film and television! I also entered the building as a person of Kai Huang baa ha ha ha ha!

Not long after Chen Qingyang posted on Weibo, she received a warm response from her readers.

“Lemon lemon, did you meet Emperor Mo!”

“Which Male actor? Pleading Emperor Mo = 333 =”

“Too bad Emperor Mo does not act in TV dramas, so sad.”

At this time, Mo Zhen was also browsing Weibo when he saw this post, “Sleeping Little Erlang”? With that name, there was no way he would act in this! But it also explained why Li Yan had appeared at Kai Huang.

“Hahahaha” The laugh of a young girl sounded in his ear. Mo Zhen frowned. He was certain that he was the only one in his lounge.

But he was not including the ghosts.

“Emperor Mo, long time no see ah.” Piao Piao floated in the air and waved directly at Mo Zhen.

Mo Zhen looked at her impatiently: “Why aren’t you going to reincarnate?”

Piao Piao sighed: “Ah, treating me so coldly like a stranger… the matchmaker is thrown over the wall ah.”

Mo Zhen squinted: “What do you mean?”

Piao Piao covered her mouth as she laughed. Her expression really did look like that of a matchmaker’s: “Why do you think the person who was originally going to be interviewed didn’t come? Isn’t it because I stopped her?” Piao Piao played with her hands and mysteriously said, “There’s more ah. That special poster from your 10 limited editions ones, I managed to find a way to send it into the small kitten’s hands~ She has already posted it above her bed, so lowkey ~”

Mo Zhen’s expression went blank. He had seen Sadako’s post in the forum and had thought that it was an impersonator, but it was really Ah Yao herself?

Mo Zhen looked at Piao Piao: “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I am a selfless person ah.” Piao Piao proudly raised her head, “Waiting until you and the small kitten are together, and then I can successfully reincarnate.”

Him together with Ah Yao? Mo Zhen’s eyes brightened. When he was talking to Xiang Yunze on the phone before, he discovered that he’d been refused by Yan Yan, or else he simply wouldn’t have let Li Yan become his assistant.

Just like this, they could really be together?

Piao Piao noted his complicated expression. She giggled as she landed on the ground: “Don’t say later that I didn’t tell you, but the little kitten is a Taurus.”

Taurus? So what?

Piao Piao had a ridiculing expression: “Do you know what the greatest characteristic of a Taurus is?”

Mo Zhen thought for a moment: “Eat and be Lazy? More money better life?”

“Is the easiest to be seduced by a beauty ah!”

Emperor Mo fell deeply into thought.


on another note, I should’ve been a taurus, I’ve got all the boxes checked.

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