Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

When the clock hand pointed to ten, Li Yan was staring at the poster above her bed in a daze.

Life was so wonderful, it was only a couple days ago that she was standing in line- waiting to buy that person’s album; now she’s suddenly become his assistant.

Well, that was only if the company was willing to hire her permanently.

Even if Li Yan did not understand the entertainment circle very well, even she knew that being an assistant wasn’t a job anyone could do. Celebrities usually favoured letting their friends or relatives work as their assistants because these people were more reliable than others.

She was……

Whatever, she’s not going to think about it anymore; even if she doesn’t pass, she can use this experience as a life lesson to help her in the future.

”You aren’t going to bed?” Mama Li carried a plate full of sliced fruit as she pushed open the door, “It’s already ten o’clock, your body cannot stay up too late, eat some fruit and then go to bed.”

”I know.” Li Yan smiled back at her, but she could not help but worry in her heart. If the company was this blind and hired her, would her mother and father agree to this job?

Although she had grown up quite spoiled by her parents, but after her serious illness, her family treated her like a porcelain doll; even the smallest of chores they would not let her do and they even forced her to quit being a martial arts coach. Now, her legs were even more useless than embroidered flowers.

Mama Li put the plate down and walked out after she told Li Yan to go to sleep soon. Li Yan stabbed the apple slices with a fork, she decided to wait until the company really go blind and then start worrying.

Taking her pajamas out from her closet, Li Yan began to change her clothes, but she could still see the poster by her bed out of the corner of her eyes.

Changing in front of the naked Emperor is really shy! Especially if his eyes were staring directly at her!

”Annoying!” Li Yan clutching her pajamas as she smiled and walked into the bathroom; when she came out of the bathroom, she was already wearing her checkered pajamas. Lying in bed, Li Yan took her cell phone on the side of the bed, ready to open Weibo.

There was one unread message that Chen Qingyang had sent two minutes ago. Li Yan opened it to check, it was to ask her if she was free to go to the cinema.

”God Forbidden Zone 3″ was being officially released in two days, whether it was on television or the news, the entire country was paying attention to the premiere of this film. The forum was even more lively and crowded, there were many groups who decided to go together to watch it at the cinema.

Li Yan felt that because she would soon become Mo Zhen’s assistant, it was necessary for her to understand her boss’s work. So she enthusiastically responded to Chen Qingyang’s text: “Shampoo, tomorrow we’ll get up early to get a seat at the cinema!”

On April 13, “God Forbidden Zone 3” was released nation-wide. Li Yan had thought that she and Chen Qingyang would arrive earlier than everyone else, but she had truly underestimated the charm of Emperor Mo. The cinema was packed, it wasn’t just the movie theatres packing in cash, even the small street vendors by the movie theatre were busy.

Chen Qingyang was eating kebabs as she sat beside Li Yan: “Why are all these people crowding around here? Having no tickets will help you get in?” She said as she waved the two VIP tickets in her hand, “Thanks to the skills of your Yunze Ge Ge, he even got two VIP tickets.”

Li Yan grabbed her hand and swallowed the fruit juice in her mouth: “Be more low-key, if someone tries to rob you, don’t cry ah.”

”Rob me? If someone dares to come, you can let them experience the power of your fists!”

Li Yan: “…”

All she wanted to do right now was to pretend she didn’t know this person. But when she looked at those tickets, she was somewhat conflicted. Since Valentine’s day, she has not seen Xiang Yunze once, but he had still given these two tickets personally to Chen Qingyang.

Could it be that he was still upset with her? Li Yan was a little worried, but since he didn’t contact her, she was too embarrassed to see him personally..

”It’s alright, don’t think about it anymore.” Chen Qingyang used her elbow to hit Li Yan’s side, “Your Yunze Ge Ge has a strong spirit, he has been jumping around very happily.”

Li Yan silently picked up duck wings to gnaw on, and did not speak.

Chen Qingyang raised her eyebrows, this girl had been pretending to be deep in thought in order to secretly grab duck wings to eat ah? Really too cunning.

She also picked up a duck wing and said, “I heard him say that there was a recent project he was busy with, he said that he would contact you afterwards.”

”Oh.” Li Yan took the paper towel and wiped her hand. “It’s time, let’s go.”

The VIP customers were seated in a special theatre, after the two found their seats in the dim lighting, they stared dedicated at the screen… … and watched the advertisements.

After watching a long jewelry ad, the theater lights suddenly went black and the audience responded with bundles of excitement and whispering. When the screen had been black for a while, it finally started to play the God Forbidden Zone… … introductory prologue.

The prologue summarized what had happened in the first two movies of the series. Although most of the audience had already seen both of the movies more than once, but every time Gao Sen appeared, the audience would screen loudly in delight- Chen Qingyang being one of them.

”Da Li! I finally get to see Gao Sen on the big screen, I’m going to cry from the excitement!”

Li Yan held her juice box as she silently drank and did not pay any attention to her.

After about five minutes, the film finally began. The audience’s screaming was particularly enthusiastic, Chen Qingyang even grabbed Li Yan’s hand as she waited in suspense.

The screen showed a vast landscape of chaos- as if the connection between Heaven and Earth had been annihilated. In the middle of the large landscape was a tiny yellow dot and when the lens zoomed close enough, it was evident that it was in fact, a lemon. The lemon shook  and rolled down the hill, and was finally caught by two slender pale hands. The lens zoomed out as a man wearing a white coat appeared on the screen, his elegant temperament and movements were as sleek as a cheetahs, even the white coat he was wearing made him look as if he belonged with aristocracy.

Using a scalpel to cut the lemon in half, the man gracefully picked up half of the lemon and walked out of the laboratory door. Standing beside the door for a while, he bit the lemon in his hands and walked inside yet again. The experimental lab was filled with sophisticated equipment and every corner of the lab had busy staff moving about; making the man and his casual grace seemingly out of the place.

A small text jumped out on the screen and fell beside the man: starring Mo Zhen.

From the beginning of the appearance of Mo Zhen, the screams in the theatre did not stop; it was the first time Li Yan could fully understand what the word “deafening” really meant

It was only until after the film had played for a couple minutes before the audience finally calmed down.

Li Yan had been quietly watching the film, but the more she watched, the more she felt as if the plot seemed to be a little familiar- as if she had seen it before? She whispered this question doubtfully to Chen Qingyang, but Chen Qingyang only gave her a suspicious look: “You transmigrated?”

Li Yan thought that the plot was very unique, but she still felt as if she had seen it before; perhaps it her prediction skills was better than average? However, when she tried to predict the ending of the movie, her critical thinking skills proved her to be very wrong.

“Wtf! Mentally unstable Gao Sen is also very handsome!” Chen Qingyang walked with the flow of people coming out from the theatre, still in a trance after being exposed to Gao Sen’s beauty.

In the circumstances they were talking about, one of Gao Sen’s assistants had discovered that she had been infected by the virus and in the end, Gao Sen did not hesitate as he destroyed her. The strong change in his character made a huge impact on the audience. The God Forbidden Zone director had stated in an interview that the role of Gao Sen was not to be a savior, it was very possible that he was the Asura from the depths of Hell.

”What do I do Da Li? I want to give birth to monkeys with Gao Sen!”

Li Yan’s mouth moved in amusement but she did not answer. The more she thought about it, the more familiar God Forbidden Zone 3 felt to her, especially the scene where Gao Sen killed his assistant felt fresh in her memories.

They walked out of the movie theatre and looked for a snack bar to sit down at; as Chen Qingyang went to order some food, Li Yan was responsible for saving their seats as she waited for the food. The cell phone in her bag vibrated a bit, Li Yan took it out and looked at it- the text message was from a strange number.

She blinked puzzled and opened the text message.

”Greetings Miss Li, congratulations on passing the interview, please bring your valid ID card and a 1 inch by 1 inch photo at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning to apply for entry into the the company’s 9th floor personnel department.”

Li Yan blinked blankly, this wasn’t a prank right? But in addition to herself, no one knew she had gone to Kai Huang for an interview!

But she did not expect … the company was really so blind!

When Chen Qingyang finished carrying the food back and saw Li Yan’s blank expression, she could not help but give her a knock on the head: “What’s wrong Da Li? So hungry, you’ve become stupid?”

Li Yan looked up at her and opened her mouth hesitantly.

”What happened?” Chen Qingyang pulled her chair out and sat down across from her.

Li Yan thought for a moment, although she did not want to hide this from Shampoo, but the interviewer had warned her not to tell others about this and not to mention … … if Shampoo knew that she was planning on becoming Mo Zhen’s assistant, it would only be matter of minutes before she would be killed!

”Nothing.” Li Yan shook her head and decided to let this matter become a permanent secret. Chen Qingyang saw that she was not willing to talk about it, and no longer asked, instead she searched for another topic: “Oh yeah Da Li, you’re body is almost fully recovered now and my novel has also been signed, we can finally go to Goreme and fly hot air balloons!” “

Li Yan glanced at Chen Qingyang and finally felt a little guilty: “Shampoo, I may not be able to go … …”

”Why ?!” Didn’t they agree to follow the footsteps of Emperor Mo!

”I found a job …”

Chen Qingyang’s expression became blank for a moment, “When did you find a job?”

”A few days ago, because I wasn’t sure I got it, I didn’t tell you about it, but just a moment ago I received a text message confirming I had gotten the job.”

Chen Qingyang silence lasted longer than the previous one, she finally patted the table and said: “This is a good thing ah, we can always go traveling later! Oh yeah, what kind of job is it?”

”Well … the editor of a site.” They had studied Chinese in university, it was only obvious that they would both find text-related jobs when they graduated; since Shampoo had become an author, being an editor would be a great fit ah.

Chen Qingyang nodded, this work could be considered competent enough, but … … “Has your family agreed?”

After Da Li’s accident, she could tell that her family was still very scared for her; if things continued like this, there was no way Li Yan would be able to go out and work.

Li Yan was also troubled by this problem, she had only been interviewed for this job by accident and had not discussed this at all with her family. Her mother, due to Li Yan’s accident, had moved all of her work to their home in order to take of her and her father had also canceled all of his business trips to stay at home with her. Persuading them to let her go out and work- it almost seemed like an impossible task.

It seemed as if she would have to persuade her grandfather first.

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