Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 (whole chapter)

Li Yan’s grandfather lived in the old Jiang home that was located quite a distance away from the centre of the city. After she ate lunch with Chen Qingyang, Li Yan took a taxi to the Jiang home.

The street traffic was quite smooth at this time. The taxi driver drove comfortably for the entire route while happily humming a little tune. Li Yan looked out the window at the scenery that flashed by as she tried to sort out what she would say to her grandfather later.

The phone suddenly vibrated, making her jump a little. She took out her cell phone and saw that the caller ID flashed the name Xiang Yunze. After being shocked for a moment, Li Yan nervously picked up the phone: “Yunze Ge Ge?”

The sound of her voice calling him ‘Yunze Ge Ge’ made Xiang Yunze’s heart waver a little, but it was not enough for him to forget the original purpose of his call: “Yan Yan, I heard from Chen Qingyang that you found a job?”

Li Yan: “…”

In reality, Shampoo was just one of Xiang Yunze’s dogs!

Murmuring a response, the other side of the phone was silent for a moment before Xiang Yunze’s voice resonated through quietly: “What kind of work?”

”…Web novel editing.”

”What is the company’s name?”

Hearing his tone, it seemed as if he was going to investigate all 18 generations of the company’s information ah. Li Yan held the phone but did not speak. Xiang Yunze no longer waited for her reply and directly asked: “Does Uncle Li know about this?”

Li Yan continued to remain silent, and in the end, Xiang Yunze could only helplessly sigh, “Yan Yan, I understand the feeling of wanting to go out and work, but your body has just recovered. Can it really handle working outside?” He had watched Li Yan grow up ever since she was a child. In his eyes, she was like a clean white piece of paper, free from any impurities. He did not want her to join the world of adults so quickly, not to mention, her body also needed to be nursed back to health.

Li Yan still did not speak and Xiang Yunze could only hear her quiet breath through the phone. He bit his lip and said: “Yan Yan, you are still young, don’t be so anxious. If you still want to work, you can go work in my grandfather’s company.” Instead of letting her go and be swindled by someone else, he could protect her under his wings.

”Yunze Ge Ge, I am 22 years old this year …”  At this age, Mo Zhen had already won his first Acting Award. She was not young at all.

As for why she wanted to compare herself to Mo Zhen, she really didn’t know.

But these words shocked Xiang Yunze. He understood that when one grew up they had to go and face the real world. He was less than eighteen years old when he went to America to study, but Li Yan … … she did not have to face these things. He wanted to protect her for his entire life.

”I am going to arrive soon at grandpa’s house. I will discuss these things properly with my family; you do not have to worry.” Li Yan finished, and just as Xiang Yunze was about to reply, she hung up the phone.

Xiang Yunze listened to the busy tone on the other side of the phone as his heart gradually sunk. He wanted to protect her for his entire life, but it all depended on if the other party was willing to be protected…

Li Yan hung up the phone as the taxi stopped at the front of the old Jiang home. After paying the driver, Li Yan took a deep breath and pushed open the front gate.

This house had been built by a Jiang family ancestor and had nearly a hundred years of history in its walls. Li Yan’s grandfather had lived here when he was a child; now that he was old, he was even more reluctant to leave the place he had lived in for his entire life.

The residence was not large. There was a small garden, and behind the garden sat a small two-story western-style building. Not far from the western-style building was a warehouse. It was originally used to store junk and debris, but it had been converted into a martial arts academy by Grandfather, who used it specifically to teach students martial arts.

Li Yan felt this place was very remote. Most people would not want to travel such a distance to learn martial arts, but the students  – from year to year – never changed. She liked to think that it was her grandfather’s Jianghu reputation that attracted studentsAlthough she did not know what the Jiang Family had done in the past, her mother had explained before that the Jiang ancestors were like the protagonists of martial arts novels, characters that lived in the Five Sacred Mountains of the Daoist and such.

(TN: Jianghu= morally righteous and skilled in martial arts., wikipedia explains it better than me.

Five Sacred Sword Faction Head? Yue Buqun’s face appeared in Li Yan’s head. She felt that this was not a good comparison.

(TN: The Smiling, Proud Wanderer is a novel, The Swordsman is a film based on the novel)

Yue Buqun is a main character from The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, and was one of the ten strongest players)

Mama Wang was currently pulling out the weeds from the garden when she saw Li Yan walking towards her. Hastening to put down the plants in her hands, she greeted her with a smile: “Aiyah little miss, how could you come and not say anything in advance? I would’ve prepared your favourite dishes! “

Li Yan smiled embarassingly: “It’s alright Mama Wang, I came to look for grandfather.”

”Oh, you’re looking for grandfather? He’s overseeing martial arts right now.” Mama Wang said. She shouted a few words at the building and turned to Li Yan, “I am going to buy food now. Stay for the night, it’s been awhile since you’ve eaten Mama Wang’s cooking! “

Mama Wang happily went out as Li Yan could only helplessly watch on, then she headed in the direction of where the martial arts were being taught.

Walking across, you could already hear the heng heng ha ha noises inside, along with the coach’s loud angry roars. Li Yan’s parents were busy during her childhood. For three days every week, she stayed with her grandfather and she became very familiar with the world of martial arts.

She stood in the doorway and watched for a moment. The students were being glared at by the coaches as they heavily kicked the sandbags over and over again while her grandfather sat on the side drinking tea…

Li Yan went over and sat down opposite of her grandfather: “My grandfather, I’ve come to see you la!”

Grandfather Jiang raised his gaze and laughed: “I’m already an old Jianghu, no need to mention it anymore.”

Li Yan made a sign of respect for him in her heart: “Alright! Jiang Swordsman’s words are so sharp! Let’s not speak any secret words, your granddaughter has found a job!”

”What, little junior sister has found a job?” She did not know when the martial arts practice had stopped. The students were all sitting on the side resting as a few coaches crowded around her.

Other than a few of the martial arts coaches that had been recruited from elsewhere, the rest of them had been previous students. At that time grandfather was the only martial arts coach, so all students had been personally taught by him. Later, when these apprentices gradually grew up and finished their martial arts training, some chose to leave and some chose to stay and continue to follow grandfather. Li Yan, in her childhood, often practiced martial arts with them and, of course, became their little junior sister.

So many years have passed, but everyone treated her like their blood sister. Jiang Grandfather only had one granddaughter. The fact that she was going out to work was definitely very important news to them.

”What’s the job ah? Have you done a background check on the company? What salary are they giving you?” Everyone pestered her with questions at the same time. It was as they thought  Li Yan was going into a tiger’s den rather than simply going to work.

”It’s an ordinary web novel editing job. The company has a good reputation.” Li Yan spoke with wide eyes as she tried playing the fool.

Grandfather Jiang did not speak; instead it was  Eldest Senior Brother who could not hold his words in any longer: “I say little junior sister, if you want to work, come here to work. Recently those who want to learn self defense are all beautiful young  girls. We are all so old that we make them very nervous, don’t you agree? ” Eldest senior brother’s bright eyes swept his fellow brothers as they all nodded their heads, agreeing with him enthusiastically.

”Also, it’s free to eat and sleep here!”

“We can also buy 5 star insurance!”

“And the most important thing, nobody will dare to bully you here!”

Li Yan knew that they were feeling the same things that Xiang Yunze had felt. They were afraid that if she were to go out, she would get bullied by others. She bit her lips as she looked at the unchanging expression of her grandfather. Her grandfather sipped the tea in his cup and looked at her, “You have decided?”

”En!” Li Yan firmly nodded. At this time she must show that she was extremely determined and would not give up!

The grandfather looked at her for a while and said, “Young people should go out and explore the world. I believe you can make the right decision for yourself: I will support you.”

Grandfather Jiang’s voice paused as Eldest Senior brother jumped to his feet: “Master, you know that little junior sister has just recovered… “

Grandfather Jiang’s gaze swept over him, and Eldest Senior brother’s voice stopped abruptly.

”Thank you grandfather!” If Grandfather’s image wasn’t so majestic and noble, she would rush up and kiss him. “My mom and dad’s side … “

The grandfather smiled and said, “I’ll talk to them.”

After hearing her grandfather’s words, Li Yan finally felt reassured. In their home, Grandfather was the one who sat the top of the food chain!

”Oh yes, how are you doing with the little boy from the Xiang family?” Her grandfather had finally turned his concern to his granddaughter’s love life problems.

Li Yan awkwardly moved in her chair: “Grandfather, I have always regarded him as a brother.”

Grandfather Jiang’s mouth moved but did not speak. He could tell what kind of feelings the Xiang boy held towards his granddaughter. During the time Li Yan was hospitalized, all the things Xiang Yunze did he could clearly see, but these were young people’s feelings so he could not easily intervene.

But it seemed like he would have to delay inviting Old Xiang out for a meal.

Li Yan’s combat plan was very successful. Now that Grandfather was on her side, her mother and father were very easily convinced. Even as she laid on her warm familiar bed, she could not calm down at all.

A person who she usually could only see on a poster or online, tomorrow she would be able to see him night and day! Really … too shy!

”Haha ha ha ha ~” Li Yan covered herself with a quilt and giggled, thinking about which clothes to wear when she sees Mo Zhen in the daytime!

(TN: 44.2 begins here)

After sorting through her memories of the clothes in her closet, Li Yan gradually felt a little sleepy. It was only after she set the alarm clock for 7 o’clock that she could sleep soundly.

The alarm clock rang at seven o’clock in the morning, She took a shower, pasted a mask onto her face that she had found in her dresser, and took out the clothes she had carefully thought of last night. After having breakfast, it was just half past eight when she walked through the door.

She checked her bag once again to determine if she had brought her ID and photos with her and then finally took a taxi to Kai Huang. After the taxi driver heard her say Kai Huang as the destination, he suddenly laughed: “Little girl, are you also chasing stars? You guys wait there every single day. It’s quite barbaric, but does it work this way? If Mo Zhen and An Ge are already aware you guys are ready to ambush them, would they still pass through that entrance? “

Li Yan looked at the taxi master and blinked: “Who is An Ge?”

”A big singer, you don’t recognize him?” The driver was very surprised. “Could it be that other than Emperor Mo, other stars don’t even reach your eyes?”

”I only know Mo Zhen.” She said, but it was also the truth. Out of the entire entertainment industry she only knew of Mo Zhen.

But these words did not have the same meaning in the driver’s ears. He sighed deeply in his heart: although this little girl looked quite cute, her brain had already been damaged by Emperor Mo.

Up until Li Yan got off, the driver continued to pity her in his heart. Li Yan was stopped by security as she approached the main entrance. After being interrogated for a couple of minutes, the security guards were able to confirm that she was allowed to enter and finally released her.

Watching Li Yan swagger through the entrance of Kai Huang, the other girls at the door were not convinced by her. “Oh, I say security brother, it can’t be that you think she’s beautiful so you let her go in right? If it’s like this, I think I can also get in. “

The security brother laughed at the girl: “She can enter because she has a job. What about you?”

The girl was stunned for a moment, then she flapped her sleeves as her pride reached the sky: “Just tell us what job position is empty Let us sisters apply!”

After hearing this proposal, the girls at the door collectively agreed to fine-tune their skills.

Although Li Yan had arrived 40 minutes earlier than the set time, the staff did not make her wait and instead brought a bunch of contracts with them to explain to her and sign. After signing a variety of contracts, by the time she finished filling out the entry form, it was already ten o’clock.

The staff checked the forms and confirmed that there were no problems before sending her off with a temporary employee card: “You go to the elevator on the other side and stop on the 36th floor. Emperor Mo is resting in his lounge.”

Emperor Mo was resting in his lounge.

This sentence in her mind was automatically translated into Emperor Mo was already lying down waiting for her.

After her brain short circuited for a few seconds, Li Yan murmured an “Oh” and floated to the place the staff had pointed to. After the elevator stopped at the 36th floor, Li Yan took a deep breath and lifted her right foot.

This floor was so large! Where was the Emperor Mo’s lounge? Li Yan walked along the corridor and came to a wide hall. A woman sat at the lobby desk. When she saw Li Yan approach her, her expression went blank before smiling and saying to her: “You are Miss Li? You’re walking in the wrong direction; Emperor Mo’s lounge is on the opposite side.”

”Oh, thank you.” Li Yan stood in place and with some embarrassment, nodding her head.

”I’ll introduce myself/ My name is Han Mei Mei. After all, everyone is colleagues with each other. In the future let’s take care of each other.” For example, revealing any gossip you hear from being around Emperor Mo.

Li Yan looked at her blankly and simply  said: “Hello Han Mei Mei. My name is Li Lei. Very pleased to know you.”

(TN: Han Mei Mei and Li Lei were two virtual characters in middle school English textbooks that were used by almost everyone in China)

Han Mei Mei: “…”

It’s been a long time since she has heard this kind of joke ah.

Li Yan went back to the original corridor and finally found Emperor Mo’s lounge at the end of the corridor. The door was closed, Li Yan knocked on the door and a man’s voice echoed from inside: “Come in.”

Clear and sweet.

Carefully pushing the door, Li Yan walked two steps in.

A man sat on a sofa in the lounge as he looked up at her. The wind blew from the window behind him, blowing his black hair and blowing into her heart.

This person was Mo Zhen, the emperor that thousands of fans were fascinated with.

”H-hello …”

”Let’s go to the studio.” Mo Zhen stood up from the couch and interrupted the words Li Yan did not get a chance to say.

Film, studio… would she begin her job so soon? She really didn’t need a training period before starting?

But Mo Zhen did not give her time to react, and with the advantage of his long legs he walked in front of her. Li Yan’s only choice was to follow. Mo Zhen was already waiting at the elevator by the time she arrived behind him.

It took a couple minutes for the elevator to travel from the 36th floor to the basement. Only she and Mo Zhen were in the  elevator. She raised her gaze slightly and looked at Mo Zhen’s profile. He did not wear sunglasses today, and he was so close that she could even count how many eyelashes he had.

”Keke… I had gone in the wrong direction, and I met a girl in the hall,” Li Yan dryly coughed, feeling  the need to take the initiative to communicate with her boss. “Her eyes were strange when she looked at me, and she also lied to me, saying that her name was Han Mei Mei.

Mo Zhen’s mouth moved slightly: “… she really is called Han Mei Mei.”

Li Yan’s expression went blank, and then carelessly opened her mouth: “When did she escape from an academic textbook?”

Mo: “…”

No, he must be frozen and maintain his cool and elegant image! This first impression must go very well!

He focused on the changing floor numbers in the elevator and casually replied: “About twenty years ago.”

”Oh.” Li Yan murmured softly just as the elevator stopped on the basement floor. Stepping out of the elevator, Li Yan walked alongside Mo Zhen to the parked Land Rover. Looking at the glossy brown car, Li Yan felt deep in her heart that she may have made a huge mistake. It was almost definite that she would have to drive , but … even if she dared to hang her life in the balance, she could not joke around with Mo Zhen’s life ah.

Mo Zhen’s quick footsteps did not pause as he walked directly to the driver’s side of the vehicle: “Get in the car.”

Li Yan froze for two seconds, then swiftly climbed into the car.

After driving out of the staff entrance, Li Yan saw that the girls were still waiting at Kai Huang’s main entrance as they passed by. Li Yan watched for a moment as the scene gradually became smaller and finally turned to Mo Zhen to say: “I’m very sorry that you have to personally drive.”

Mo Zhen chuckled softly and glanced at the person sitting beside him: “After you got your driver’s license, have you even driven a car once?”

Li Yan: “…”

She thought that all of the nutrition had been wasted on his face. She did not expect his brain to be so sharp ah.

In that case, she really could not understand why the company had passed her application. Was it because they admired her charisma?

The car was silent for a moment as Li Yan took the initiative to switch to another topic: “Emperor Mo, what’s your newest film about ah?”

This question made Mo Zhen a little uncomfortable, but he replied anyway: “Ghosts.”


Li Yan was thoroughly stunned in her seat; Mom and Dad, I want to go home!

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