Chapter 45

… a 15 year old joins the Zhen Zhen harem… (I mean the 2nd 15 year old joins the Zhen Zhen harem, move away Wen Xiaoxiao, this old lady was here first!)

not all girls are so easily bribed with chicken cough cough *eyes dart away furiously*, looks at sesame chicken that costed me my life savings today…

Chapter 45

There was a rumour going around in the school saying the school had been built on an old graveyard; because the school produced a variety of energy sources, it could suppress all kinds of ghosts.

”Ghost school” was about such a story.

The hero of the story was a new teacher; from the first day school started, a variety of bizarre strange things started to occur. Hesitant colleagues, suspicious students, as well as the strange rumours began to spread on the school campus.

Everyone had heard that every school year in first year – class 3 there would always be a female student named Tong Tong, and anyone who made eye contact with her would end up dead.

Li Yan threw the script in her hands down and looked sideways at the person sitting with his eyes closed beside her: “So the character you play is the really unfortunate first year – class 3 homeroom teacher?”

”Ah.” Mo Zhen’s eyes were still closed, faintly reaffirming her guess.

Li Yan felt like crying a river of tears; from when she was young till now, although she had the courage to bully a lot of people, but she was very afraid of ghosts ah! Sadako, Hanako and even this Tong Tong, she has never seen them before!

(TN: she’s referring to horror movies, sadako from the ring, Hanako is a Japanese well known ghost who haunts bathrooms)

Mo Zhen’s unchanging expression raised an eyebrow. He opened his eyes and looked at the face of the dignified Li Yan, his eyebrows scrunched together: “You should not be … … afraid of them?”

”How could I be!” Li Yan looked insulted by his words, “Whether it is an old corpse in a mountain village or an ouija board and witchcraft. I’ve seen them all before!” Content brief!

”Oh.” Mo Zhen smiled and nodded; leaning on the back of the chair, he closed his eyes again. A ghost was actually afraid of ghosts? Was there anything funnier than that? Mo Zhen’s mouth could not help but rise; it seemed that it would be a good idea to ask her to see a horror movie. The home theatre system he had in his living room was quite expensive and the special effects was definitely equal to that of a 3D movie-theatre.

(TN: you too Mo Zhen? Shady blue-ray players @PeiYing @SongNanchen )

Unaware of the dirty thoughts of the person beside her, Li Yan’s gaze fell on the script that had been just been thrown to the side. So when she opened the script, it was like Tong Tong herself had personally crawled out of the script- making her entire body tremble: “Emperor Mo! I heard that when crews film horror movies they sometimes encounter supernatural events, don’t be afraid! ” The quiet atmosphere at this time was too tense, she must find someone to speak to!

Mo Zhen lazily opened his eyes and glanced at the face growing paler each minute: “Not afraid.” He finished, and slowly close to Li Yan, deliberately lowering his voice, “I’ll tell you, in fact, I grew up with Yin and Yang eyes, I can see a lot of things ordinary people can not see, such as … … ” His gaze landed on something behind Li Yan.

”Ah ah ah ah!” Li Yan pushed Mo Zhen and ran out of the car, “I’ll go see if the director is ready!”

Watching Li Yan’s frightened figure disappear into the distance, Mo Zhen could not help but break into a smile.

”You are really too evil! Are you an elementary student?!” Piao Piao’s figure suddenly appeared in the car, dissatisfied she looked at Mo Zhen, “What about the arrogant and cool words you were going to say? What about capturing her? Why did you destroy the plan so soon! “

Mo Zhen did not mind as his mouth moved in amusement, then took a nap in the car. He could not restrain himself after seeing Li Yan’s expression a moment ago and wanted to tease her, but after teasing her he felt some regret. He had wanted to show her the image of a Male God, not a male psychopath.

Li Yan basked in the sun for a while outside the car, until the body was entirely sunburnt from she turned to Mo Zhen’s car..

”Sister.” A girl’s voice suddenly sounded behind her, scaring Li Yan that she stopped in her tracks.

Sister? In a haunted and eerie school, suddenly there was a girl behind her that called her sister, should… she turn her head?

This really was a first world problem.

”Sister, you are Emperor Mo’s assistant?” The voice of the girl came closer and finally stood in front of Li Yan.

Dark supple long hair, a pair of clear and smiling eyes, accompanied by a neat and clean student uniform. Li Yan opened her mouth and closed it, hen opened her mouth again and finally her voice came out: “Tong … … Tong… …?”

The girl covered her mouth and giggled, that lovable and charming expression made Li Yan recall her own green sprout years: “My name is Wen Xiaoxiao, in the play I am playing Tong Tong.”

Although Wen Xiao Xiao was young, her fame was not small. Although Li Yan did not know her personally, but looking at the present entertainment industry, she was definitely ranked as one of the A rank celebrities.

Just by her ability to act alongside Mo Zhen, she was very talented among the female actresses.

Wen Xiao Xiao was a little more than fifteen years old this year and was a well-deserved child star. Just three months out from her mother’s stomach, she had starred in her first film. After the deliberate cultivation from her parents, at three years old her face became known throughout the country. It was not as if there hasn’t been famous child actors in the country, but most of them were short lived, and gradually went on a crooked path; eventually fading out of the entertainment circle.

And Wen Xiaoxiao was definitely one of the most successful out of them.

So many years have passed, not only was the person growing to be more beautiful, paired with her experience with acting and personal connections, now at the age of fifteen she was at the peak of her popularity, it was an incredible feat.

”Sister, I heard that the Emperor ‘s stomach does not feel good, so I boiled some stomach ailment soup, can you bring it to him.”

Wen Xiaoxiao said affectionately, Li Yan in a daze suddenly found a small soup bowl in her hands.

No mercy

But looking at the child’s clear and innocent eyes, Li Yan felt that she was reading too deeply into it. Why did she need to take a fifteen year old child seriously?

”En.” She took the soup in the hands of Wen Xiaoxiao and walked away without looking back. Wen Xiaoxiao still stood behind her, with a sweet expression she watched her: “Thank you~ la, sister!”

Watching Li Yan climb into Mo Zhen’s car, Wen Xiaoxiao’s smile finally disappeared. This stupid woman had what qualifications to be Mo Zhen’s assistant? Did she think that just because she had a little bit of beauty meant that she could seduce Mo Zhen ah!

Walking back to their rest area, Wen Xiaoxiao’s expression was still very gloomy. When the assistant beside her saw, she could not help but frown: “Xiao Xiao, I told you a many times, always smile when you’re outside.”

Wen Xiaoxiao stretched her mouth and smiled flawlessly at her: “Satisfied, Li aunt?” This person was her own personal assistant, but in reality was it not someone her parents had sent to monitor her? How many years of money did she earn for them already?” Thinking of this, Wen Xiaoxiao could not help but frown; wait until she’s an adult, she’ll absolutely make them spit out every cent!

Li Yan carried the bowl of the slightly sloshing soup and sat down by Mo Zhen’s side: “Someone named Wen Xiaoxiao gave you this a moment ago.

Mo Zhen opened the soup lid and looked at it, it was a melon and corn soup and also had steam coming out it. Covering the lid, Mo Zhen took the soup aside: “You dare take something someone gave to you? Are you not afraid she put poison in it?”

Li Yan: “…”

She blinked in astonishment, looking at Mo Zhen she said: “Really?” This breed of bird, she thought that she was the only who would such a beastly thing.

“Will.” Mo Zhen nodded his head heavily. “If you want to drink soup we can go back and boil some.”

Li Yan: “…”

She did not want to drink this soup ah hey! But she liked hearing the phrase “We go back and boil”.

”I will boil porridge, it’s also good for the stomach!” Seizing the opportunity, Li Yan quickly volunteered. Mo Zhen’s mouth moved in amusement, en, White Demon porridge series continues ah.

Piao Piao the entire time had been clutching her forehead as she floated on the side, Emperor Mo has already been derailed on his path to a cool and handsome image!

The plan to loosening your grip and capturing a certain someone was a failure.

Mo Zhen frowned subtly at the soup lid in his hands. Every time he was in a film, there will always be people who were extra attentive to him. But the difference was that some people had purely thoughts, where other people really took action.

Wen Xiaoxiao obviously belong to the latter. She dared so blatantly in the crew to please him, in the end, she could always blame her age being too young. When children did something wrong, their immature actions could always be forgiven by the people around them.

Immature? Mo Zhen mockingly smiled; at first glance Wen Xiao Xiao seemed to be only fifteen years old, after fighting in the entertainment circle for so many years, she has long learned the way of the adult society. Although her talent agency had been shaping the image of a pure goddess for her, but the only ones who would believe that she was so pure and brilliant would be her fans..

The time they sat in the car was not long and soon, the film began to shoot, Li Yan looked at Mo Zhen wearing a suit and glasses, he really gave off the impression of a teacher ah.

Such a handsome teacher, it would be very hard for the class to develop harmoniously in any way.

”Ghost school” shooting set was in an abandoned school, after the crew had remodeled some of the school and found a large number of extras, it really seemed as if it was a loud and busy school. The actors in the supporting roles were also famous movie stars like Mo Zhen and Wen Xiaoxiao. The production team had spent a lot of blood to invite such a luxurious cast, it was done so that the “Ghost School” original novel’s high popularity could complement each other.

”Ghost school” was written by the well-known author Qiu Yi, she has had many of her works adapted into movies and TV series; “Ghost school” was undoubtedly was the most popular out of them. Qiu Yi’s writing style was widely-known to be sly and suspenseful, but because most of her novels were horror fiction, Li Yan has not read any of her novels before.

When she was stalking Chen Qingyang’s weibo, she has seen this name appear many times; quoting Chen Qingyang’s words, Qiu Yi was the Emperor Mo of the novel industry.

Emperor Mo of the novel industry? This title seemed to be quite refreshing. Li Yan stood aside as she watched Mo Zhen film. The scene of the shooting was quite far from the terror she had imagined; all morning she stared eagerly at Mo Zhen and during breaks, she would gracefully deliver towels.

In a blink of an eye it was already lunch time, Li Yan carefully snatched two lunch boxes and walked towards Mo Zhen’s rest area.

The food in the crew was quite good and even had chicken. Li Yan grinned from ear to ear as she gnawed on chicken legs; sure enough, if she followed Mo Zhen at least there would be meat to eat. Mo Zhen looked at her from the side, she seemed to be particularly dedicated to her chicken.

Just when she had solved the chicken in her own lunchbox, Li Yan did not even have time to burp when she saw Mo Zhen place his own chicken legs into her lunchbox. She looked flattered and glanced at Mo Zhen: “You’re not going to eat it?”

”I do not like to eat chicken.” Mo Zhen turned back and caught a few cabbage to eat.

The crew who had the honour of seeing this scene were in a collective silence; the two of them, in the end who was the assistant ah?

Li Yan stared at Mo Zhen for a few seconds and came to the conclusion – Emperor Mo was definitely a tsundere ah! Aiyo, he’s too cute ah!

She giggled at the same time pulling out her phone to make a weibo post: “The first day of work, the boss is super nice and gentle, the most important thing is that he’s super handsome! = 3 =”

Mo Zhen saw her on Weibo beside him and quietly brought out his phone. Seeing DaLiNotDaLi latest weibo post, Emperor Mo’s heart was like a freshly bloomed flower. He boarded EatthePears ID and became the first comment on her post: “A honest employee like you, they should give you a pay raised. ”

Chen Qingyang had been sitting at a table eating instant noodles while brushing through weibo. When Li Yan’s Weibo post popped out of nowhere, her mouth moved in amusement. Also that EatthePairs ID, did they have any relationship?

Chen Qingyang sucked a noodle and bit into it: “No picture means you’re lying.”

Li Yan had just finished chewing her chicken when she saw these two replies. Although that EatthePears’s words a little strange, but refuting Chen Qingyang’s words were top priority. She found a picture of Mo Zhen on the internet and made a weibo post, but also paired it with four words – related to above post.

Chen Qingyang: “…”

Da Li recently has become more and more humourous ah!

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