Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

2 weeks of school left!

When Li Yan woke up after her fifth nap, the Arabic numerals on her phone screen flashed 15:00.

Her habit of being able to have a nap anywhere was a problem, especially since her working environment did not support this habit.

Li Yan patted her cheek awake and warned herself not to sleep tomorrow!

“Come with a pillow tomorrow, sleeping will be more comfortable.” The director had just shouted cut; when Mo Zhen went back to his rest area, he saw Li Yan’s expression was like that of a sleepy kitten- a small kitten that had not woken up yet.

Li Yan: “…”

A bucket of ice water fell from the sky and poured on Li Yan’s spirit. Her boss was definitely the greatest enemy on her path to success!!

But …

“Really can sleep?” She looked at the other assistants who were at their employer’s every beck and call – being busy to no end. Mo Zhen was considered to be the most famous celebrity here, but his assistant could take naps in the studio?

She could already imagine the true-love fans vowing on the forum to punish her.

“It doesn’t matter, you can’t help much anyway.”

Li Yan: “…”

If she sleeps tomorrow she is a small dog! The Boss’s skill of giving one freedom before capturing was just too good of a tactic!

Mo Zhen did not know his good intentions were misinterpreted. He picked up the mineral water on the table and drank a mouthful. The classroom “students” chirped constantly, giving him a bit of a headache. Some of these students were popular social media stars. The ones that had slightly more scenes were ones that were specifically contracted by entertainment agents.

When Mo Zhen looked at them, he would always remember the year he debuted.

Wanting for the entire world to kneel at his feet and to step onto the highest stage, so that everyone would have their eyes on only him.

It was not just Kai Huang, almost every entertainment company would sign several artists like him every year, making him their model of success – his story like a textbook used to learn how to walk the path to stardom.

But Mo Zhen’s success was not so easy to copy.

Not everyone had his kind of talent and appearance. Even in the years he was viewed as a “delicate vase” by the media, he never doubted his own strength. He had always believed that in the entertainment industry, a person’s appearance could also be considered a great strength.

But the young people these days were not the same as he was when he debuted. He was able to become famous due to his own strength and determination; as for them, they needed personal connections and an external force to become popular.

At this very moment, even if Mo Zhen did not listen wholeheartedly, he could guess that the chirping of the young kids was all about themselves.

Being able to enter the “Ghost School” crew meant that they either used some sort of trick or that their company was willing to spend resources on them . Everyone already knew that with popularity of the original novel, along with Mo Zhen and Wen Xiaoxiao starring as the main characters, even if they were only small supporting roles in the film, there was a chance they could become instantly famous.

This was a shortcut.

“What do you think?” Li Yan stood beside Mo Zhen, watching him drink water while staring at the students in a daze. She could not help but wave her hand in front of his face.

Li Yan’s hand was very beautiful. The sun shining through the window fell onto Li Yan’s hand and into Mo Zhen’s gaze. He looked at the soft little hand and held back the impulse to hold it, “Nothing… just thinking about when I was fifteen and sixteen years old.”

Li Yan listened to his words quietly and with some complicated feelings she also glanced at the students. Although they appeared to be no different than she was when she was a teenager, she knew that there was something indescribably different about them.

“When I was in my first year of high school, I was still playing in the mud, while they have struggled on the road of life. It is admirable!” She finished, and sincerely looked at Mo Zhen for a moment, “You are the same!”

Mo Zhen could not help but chuckle: “First year of high school and still playing in the mud, you are quite admirable.”

“Too much praise.” Li Yan smiled humbly.

Mo Zhen bit his lip and did not speak again. When he was with her, even if they didn’t interact much, he still could sense a warm feeling in his body making his entire heart feel fuzzy.

“Why do you want to act in a horror movie?” This question had been stuck in her mind ever since she heard that Mo Zhen would be acting in a horror movie. Although he has been in the entertainment industry for many years, Mo Zhen’s roles have always been either noble, glorious, gentle – or even majestic.  But a horror film? There are always some actors whose careers are destroyed by horror movies. The audience is often too absorbed in the terror part of the film and often forget the actors themselves.

At least she had never heard of someone who’d won the Acting Award of the Year with a horror film.

Li Yan was not aware that the questions she had asked were over-the-boundary of what an assistant could delve into, but Mo Zhen did not mind.

He took a deep breath, his gaze fell onto the buds on the branches that were almost ready to bloom and he looked into the distance: “You know, although I have already earned two awards, both of them were because of Gao Sen, ” He wanted some kind of breakthrough… to say the very least.

“I want to let everyone to know that I can play more than Gao Sen.”

In that moment, Li Yan felt his eyes seemed to have fireworks blossoming in the reflection, beautiful yet dazzling.

“That’s terrible.” Li Yan sighed and looked at him with some regret. “You may have to earn another award this year because of Gao Sen.”

Mo: “…”

He looked at her and could not help but laugh. The sweet low laughter unexpectedly made the noisy classroom students quiet down. Even Wen Xiao Xiao who had been sitting on the other side looked over.

Frowning, Wen Xiaoxiao sneered from the depths of her heart, her true thoughts almost revealed on her face. That woman… she really had some ability ah.

Mo Zhen finally stopped laughing, but his smile did not fade at all: “What about you? Do you have any dreams for the future?”

Mo Zhen looked at her. His eyes were like a starry night sky, so beautiful that it was easy for people to get intoxicated when they looked into them.

“Me?” Li Yan stretched her fingers, “When I was younger, I wrote in my essay that I wanted to become a scientist, but in fact I just wanted to be a bean curd-seller, because then I could eat bean-curds everyday.”

Mo Zhen was silent for a moment and only said: “A dream cannot be too high or too far away, this dream is very realistic.”



Looking at Mo Zhen’s sincere expression, Li Yan gave him advice that came from the bottom of the heart: “You have to be careful not to educate your students like this, because their parents will come looking for you.”

Mo: “…”

The director announced that the break was over just as the two people finished talking.

Li Yan looked at Mo Zhen who had quickly transformed into a teacher, her thoughts floating off into the distance. Future dreams? She really did not have any. Since she was young, her life has always been step by step. From junior high to high school then taking the college entrance examination, she took the most common road. If you insisted on a dream, did finding a good job after graduating count?

She suddenly felt that her life was quite boring. Whether it was Mo Zhen or her three dorm roommates, each of them seemed to have something they wanted to pursue. She was the only one who had nothing to pursue.

Glancing at Mo Zhen’s black hair shining under the bright lights, a new aspiration was put on Li Yan’s to-do-list.

Find your own dream!

“Today, the boss and I talked about life. I feel that I have benefited greatly.”

Chen Qingyang looked at the Weibo post Li Yan had sent out half-an-hour ago. The twitching of her mouth was even more powerful than it was at noon. Her mouth twitching continuously, Chen Qingyang typed a line: “You come here, I also want to talk about the meaning of life with you.”

By the time Li Yan saw Chen Qingyang’s reply, the crew had already finished. The sky was overcast as Mo Zhen drove with Li Yan sitting beside him as he subconsciously drove towards his own home.

“Ah, you can stop at the next intersection. I can take a taxi back.”

Mo Zhen’s expression was blank and his only replied was a muffled “ah”.  Li Yan was not Ah Yao ah. She had her own home to return to.

Why didn’t Tang Qiang say in the interview that she needed to follow him 24/7?

Land Rover stopped and Mo Zhen looked at the weather outside. He glanced at Li Yan as his eyebrows scrunched together: “It’s late. A girl going back by herself is unsafe.”

Li Yan chuckled and said with a small amount of pride: “Don’t worry, you’ve forgotten that I know martial arts.”

Even if you practiced the Nine Yin Taoist Scriptures, I’ll still worry ah.

“Or should I send you back?” Mo Zhen said as he started the car, ready to drive away. Li Yan’s expression went blank. Lying cow! Who in the end was the assistant ah?

Quickly stopping Mo Zhen, Li Yan unclipped her seatbelt: “There’s no need, I can go back myself. You’ve been at the studio for the entire day and should go back early to rest. Oh yeah, remember to eat dinner ah,” she finished as she got out of the car. Mo Zhen could only settle for the second best option: “Then send a text message to me once you’re safely at home.”

“Okay.” Li Yan readily agreed and exhibited a complicated expression, “I’ll at @ you at the bottom of your Weibo okay?” Asking for a phone number was too much of an advanced technique, she did not know how to ah.

Mo Zhen froze for a moment and discovered that he had forgotten something very important. Stretching out his right hand, Mo Wang finally reclaimed his cool and handsome image today: “Give me your phone”

Li Yan obediently took out her cell phone and placed it onto Mo Zhen’s large palm. He entered a long list of numbers into the phone, and then the phone in his pocket rang quietly. Mo Zhen ended the call and gave Li Yan her phone back. “En, when you get back home, send me a message.”

Li Yan glanced at the phone in her hand like she was holding a heavy gold ingot. Emperor Mo’s phone number was so easily handed over?

God, although you shut a door on me, you did not forget to open a window for me! Muah!

Li Yan called for a taxi. It was after Mo Zhen memorized the license plate number did the Land Rover finally drive away from the side of the road. Piao Piao with a “bang” appeared beside him, her cheeks rosy as she grinned from ear to ear,  “Emperor Mo is so worried about the little cat ah? But it’s true, the small kitten is so cute, it’s very easy for her to attract bad guys ah.”

Mo Zhen’s sharp-as-a-knife gaze fell on her as Piao Piao floated out of the door, “I’ll go and help send your little kitten home ~”

Staring at Piao Piao as she followed the taxi’s rear end, Mo Zhen finally changed directions at the next intersection.

It was already eight o’clock when he reached Kensini Villa.. There was a car parked in his driveway; as he got closer, he recognized that it was Xiang Yunze’s car.

His heart was surprised. Three years have passed since the last time Xiang Yunze visited his house. Also, why didn’t he notify him in advance?

“Emperor Mo, you finally came back.” Xiang Yunze stepped down from his car and glanced at Mo Zhen who walked in the night, his mouth moving in amusement.

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