Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

Mo Zhen didn’t know if it was a trick of the light, but he felt that Xiang Yunze seemed a little different than usual today. The moonlight sprinkled between the two people, like a galaxy separating the Cowherd and the Weaver.

(TN: a Chinese Old Folktale, celebrated in Japan as Tanabata festival about two lovers meeting once a year in the galaxy

Cowherd and the Weaver? Mo Zhen’s mouth moved in amusement. He must be tired if he’s thinking of terrible metaphors like this…

”When did you come?” Mo Zhen asked the person behind him as he went to the door and opened it.

”I’ve been waiting for a while.”

”Why didn’t you call me?”

“If I called you, would you drop everything and come here immediately? “

”…No.”  The door made a clicking sound as it opened.

”So why would I call you?”  Xiang Yunze removed his shoes and followed Mo Zhen into the house.

Although he hasn’t been here for three years, the house had not changed at all. Even the abstract dancing girl statues on the TV were still there, their skirts still pointing in the same direction as he last saw them. (EN: What type of last century TV does Emperor Mo have that has room on top for knick knacks? This is an absolute passion killer.)

But he still felt that something had changed.

It wasn’t until he spotted the small cactus on the table that he realized what had changed the house.

A touch of humanity. It looked more like a home than before.

”When did you get the cactus?” There had been a cactus sitting here before. He remembered it very clearly since he was the one who had picked it out in the first place, but he was certain that the one he had chosen had been a fake cactus. When did it become real? Don’t tell me he had somehow refined it into a living being?

Mo Zhen’s eyes followed Xiang Yunze’s gaze. Ah Yao had begged him to buy a cactus, saying it would help with radiation.

Which ghosts needed protection from radiation? Regardless, the next day he still brought this cactus pot back home, the only condition being that Ah Yao was responsible for raising it. Now more than four months have passed. Although he has not watered it at all, it was still quite strong.

”Oh, can’t it prevent radiation?” Mo Zhen asked casually. Xiang Yunze stared at him, his eyes growing wide with surprise: “You actually kept it alive?”

Mo: “…”

He’s also raised a cat!

”Mo Zhen, you’ve changed.” Xiang Yunze stared at him, trying to read his thoughts by looking into his eyes. Mo Zhen lowered his gaze, his thick eyelashes covering up the turbulent expression in his eyes.

He knew he had changed. After he met Ah Yao, it seemed as if everything was out of control.

”Do you know Li Yan?”

Do you know Li Yan? This was not like a question; it was more like a sword that was ready to cut him into pieces.

Mo Zhen’s mouth moved. He did not want to hide it from Xiang Yunze for his entire life. but now that this situation has appeared, he seemed to be too passive.

”I know her. She’s my assistant.” Mo Zhen raised his head. There was no expression on his face. He did not even seem to be surprised, answering with a calm and cold voice.

Too cold.

He had thought that after he threw this large bomb there would be a sudden confrontation between the two, but Xiang Yunze did not expect he would be the one trapped in a standstill.

”Last time I saw you in the hospital, were you going to go see Li Yan?”

Mo Zhen’s expression finally went blank. He really did not expect to have been seen by Xiang Yunze that day. Unconsciously biting his lips, he felt that he had to explain…


He had not finished saying one word when Xiang Yunze’s punch came flying onto his chin.

His strength was great and held absolutely no mercy. Due to the momentum, Mo Zhen fell onto the couch behind him. He had not raised his head when a thick shadow surrounded him: “Sorry. I know this thing isn’t your fault, but I still have the urge to punch you anyway.”

Xiang Yunze finished his sentence and another punch flew in Mo Zhen’s direction.

But this time Mo Zhen escaped.

Xiang Yunze punched the sofa. Because he had attacked only air, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Mo Zhen stood behind him and wiped the blood off of his mouth with the back of his hand: “What a coincidence. I would also like to punch you.”

Xiang Yunze chuckled and walked towards him, loosening his necktie: “You seem to have never beaten me before.”

Mo Zhen kneaded his fists and looked at him with a smile: “It’s time to refresh your memory then.”

They could not remember the last time they fought like this. After they had graduated from junior high it was rare for them to even run together, let alone happily beat each other up.

Yes, it was just a fight. They had no fighting skills, so it was simple yet rough.

Every punch was like taking out every emotion they had suppressed in their hearts, every move was unrestrained.

Ten minutes later, the two men panted as they sat on the couch side by side.

This scene would easily make people blush and their heartbeats quickly speed up.

The phone vibrated. Mo Zhen breathed heavily as he picked up the phone by his side.

”I’m home, Boss. Remember to eat yo~ = 3 =”

The ends of his mouth could not help but turn up, affecting the wound. Mo Zhen gave a cry and despite his heart surging with emotion, he gave an indifferent and cold reply: “ah.”

He felt that he had maintained his cool and handsome image well after flinging it away that day, but that’s only if you ignored the staring guy who was sitting next to him.

”You didn’t waste your time these past years ah, at least your strength is a lot more than before.” Xiang Yunze’s entire body sank into the sofa, his chest heaving up and down violently.

Mo Zhen picked up the paper towel on the table and wiped his mouth, this bastard really aimed for his face: “Professor Xiang, I rely on my face to eat. If I’m disfigured it will be your responsibility.”

Xiang Yunze smiled as he sat up on the couch. Taking a napkin from his pocket, he wiped his face. “If I were to go to school tomorrow with this face, I might get dismissed.”

They both looked up at the same moment; their gazes colliding in the air. Staring at each other with an embarrassed expression, they suddenly broke into laughter.

The last time they’d laughed together so freely after going all out seemed to be when they were in grade two of elementary school. That day they had more coloured bruises than they did right now, but after eating those popsicles, it felt as if they had just tasted the most delicious popsicles ever to be made in this world.

When they had finished laughing, Xiang Yunze paused and looked at Mo Zhen, his expression seemed to be joking: “You know that I like her, and you allowed her to become your assistant?”

Mo Zhen looked up and did not avoid his gaze: “Before she went to Kai Huang for an interview, I heard that she’d already rejected you.”

Actually, it was you who personally said it.

Xiang Yunze suddenly had the impulse to punch him again. He warned: “Yan Yan’s body has just recovered, don’t make her do any complicated things.”

”Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.”

His reply made Xiang Yunze a little unhappy. His words seemed more like a declaration of sovereignty than anything else. Xiang Yunze frowned and finally asked the question he was most concerned about: “How do you know her?”

This was the only remaining clue he could not figure out.

Li Yan did not know who Mo Zhen was before she graduated. On the day she graduated, she fell down the stairs and went into a coma so it was almost impossible for them to be familiar with each other. But Mo Zhen suddenly went to her ward, and what was even more shocking was that Li Yan became his assistant afterwards.

Mo Zhen crushed the paper towel into a small ball and threw it into the trash can on the side. The big chandelier on the ceiling shone with a soft yellow light and made his entire body glow, as if there was a soft halo surrounding him.

Xiang Yunze thought for a moment, this person was truly too good-looking.

He looked at him and slightly raised his chin, his mouth hanging with a touch of an unruly smile.

”It’s a miracle.”

Even when Xiang Yunze had driven away from Kensini Manor, the image of Mo Zhen’s smile lingered in his brain.

Their meeting was a miracle. Was this deliberately said for him to hear?

He suddenly felt that his punch before was a little too light.

Mo Zhen was holding an egg he had just cooked on his mouth as he cleaned up the battlefield. Although the living room was very messy, it was a miracle that nothing had been broken.

Miracle? Thinking of Xiang Yunze’s expression when he heard those words, Mo Zhen couldn’t help but want to laugh. He finished tidying the living room, intending to go upstairs to take a bath and then sleep directly.

”Remember to eat yo ~”

Li Yan’s sentence suddenly echoed in his ear. Mo Zhen paused his actions and then peeled the egg in his hands, eating it.

Xiang Yunze stopped his car in front of the Old Jiang home.

The martial arts practice had been long finished, but the lights were still turned on in the warehouse. Xiang Yunze walked towards the direction of where light was shining through. Only Old Jiang Grandfather sat in the empty martial arts warehouse.

He seemed to be particularly fond of drinking tea here.

”Drinking tea at night can cause sleep loss.” Xiang Yunze walked to Jiang Grandfather and glanced at the couple of what seemed to be low-grade tea sets on the table, however, all of them were very old antiques. Every single one of them belonged to an ancient dynasty.

Although Xiang Yunze was an uninvited guest, Jiang Grandfather did not seem to be surprised by his visit. He pointed to the empty space opposite and motioned Xiang Yunze to sit down: “Fought with someone?”

Xiang Yunze subconsciously touched his mouth and denied: “No, just learned a little.”

Jiang Grandfather laughed and did not speak, allowing Xiang Yunze to take the initiative. “Jiang Grandfather, Yan Yan is working at my friend’s place. Do not worry, he will take care of Yan Yan.”

Jiang Grandfather brewed a pot of tea. Swirling the cup in his hand he only asked: “With that friend you were just learning from?”

(TN: he’s talking about how Xiang Yunze had “learned” from Mo Zhen aka he means the person he just fought with)

”Ah,” he nodded unnaturally. He always felt that there was no secret that could be hidden from Jiang Grandfather.

”I know.” The tea cup was filled half full. As Jiang Grandfather took a sip, he only asked, “What about you?

What about me? Xiang Yunze smiled; he could finally let go of some things… No… It was more like he had to let go of some things.

”I might go back to America.”

He himself did not know that the words he’d said sounded like a mourning single dog.

Jiang Grandfather raised his head and looked at him, but did not speak.

Walking out of the martial arts warehouse, Xiang Yunze found Mo Zhen to be even more irritating than before. When Jiang Grandfather had stared at him, he felt extremely uncomfortable. Every second his gaze was on him, he felt he was going through eternal suffering.

He took out his phone and wanted to find someone he could vent to, but in the end, he discovered that the one person to whom he could say everything that was on his mind was the person he had just punched.

Scrolling through the names in his contacts, Xiang Yunze’s eyes finally paused on Shampoo’s name.

Chen Qingyang … teasing this girl sounded pretty good.

”Yan Yan ran off with a wild man, I am ready to return to the United States.” After editing his text, Xiang Yunze sent it to her.

Not long after, Chen Qingyang’s reply came: “America is a coward’s paradise.”

Xiang Yunze was surprised for a moment. He did not think that her reaction would be like this…

Staring at this message for a full three minutes, Xiang Yunze finally laughed out loud.

If she knew who the wild man Li Yan had ran away with was, wouldn’t she cry and go to America herself?

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