Chapter 48

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“Xiang Gongzi said you ran away with a slag man, is it true ?”

Li Yan frowned as she stared intensely at the text message. Chen Qingyang had sent it ten minutes ago, but she still didn’t know how to reply.

Her delicate eyebrows scrunched together a few times; she felt it was necessary to refute Chen Qingyang: “The boss is not a slag man!”

Chen Qingyang: “…”

Lying cow, was this really the main issue here?

“OK, then please list three pieces of evidence your boss isn’t a slag man.”

“The boss has a proper job, he’s even part of the high-income group and he owns a car, house and is a good citizen!”

(TN: In China, if you are a guy and own a house and a car, you are perfect in every way- according to my mother & if you’re over 180 cm it’s a plus too)

“… So you’re just aiming for his money?”

“No, I am purely here to covet his beauty .”

“Lying cow, you’ve been deceived by his beauty!”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m the best at beating one at their own game.”

Chen Qingyang stiffened for two seconds before replying: “I heard you are a Taurus?”

“Oh yes, have you prepared my birthday gift yet? = 3 =”

“I’ve decided to take advantage of the high winds tonight, and smear all the Taurus’s reputations black.” [worship worship]  ” Oh yes, Xiang Yunze said he’s going back to the United States. ”

Li Yan was still worried about the fate of her birthday present when Chen Qingyang sent another message over. Li Yan was surprised for a moment – Yunze Ge Ge was going to return to the United States?

Hesitating for a moment as she held the phone, she dialed Xiang Yunze’s number. The phone was quickly picked up and Xiang Yunze’s familiar voice came from the handset: “Yan Yan, what’s the matter?”

“En. I just heard Shampoo say you’re going back to America. Are you really?”

Xiang Yunze was silent for a moment then he asked: “Do you want me to go back?”

His voice was low and magnetic, like a fascinating charm.

“I do not want you to go back because of me.”

Xiang Yunze was stunned for a moment and then laughed. This little girl – she had finally grown up: “Don’t worry, I won’t go back.”

“You’re not going back?” Li Yan blinked a few times. Reading between the lines of those two words, she suddenly realized something, “Is it related to Shampoo?”

“Never mind this. How did your first day of work go?” Cleverly changing the topic, Xiang Yunze knew that if it weren’t for Chen Qingyang’s “America is a coward’s paradise” comment, he might’ve really gone back.

Fled back.

“En, pretty good. The boss is very good.” Li Yan subconsciously followed Xiang Yunze onto another topic of discussion. Hearing Li Yan’s evaluation of Mo Zhen, Xiang Yunze laughed and said: “Then that’s good. You’re probably tired from working all day, rest early.”

“Okay.” Hanging up the phone, Li Yan looked at the time and realized that it was already ten o’clock. Climbing into her soft bed, Li Yan fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

This assistant job really consumed a lot of energy.

Although the crew would begin to shoot at eight o’clock in the morning, Li Yan needed to give Mo Zhen a wakeup call at exactly six o’clock. This was a job Tang Qiang had specifically assigned to her. When the alarm clock finally rang with a screeching sound at 5:50 the next morning, Li Yan slapped down the alarm clock in one swift move and relied on her inner spiritual force to force herself to sit up in bed.

The last time she had woken up so early was many years ago when the University Department Head had asked her to participate in the flag-raising ceremony. At that time, she had also been forced to wake up before six o clock.

After carefully washing her face, Li Yan went back to her bedroom and took out her phone to call Mo Zhen: “Good morning, Emperor Mo!”

The man at the other end of the phone seemed to be stunned for a moment, as if he was not fully awake yet. After a long period of silence he finally replied, “Good morning.”

Li Yan grinned foolishly, all of the drowsiness from waking up early was completely gone from her brain. “Emperor Mo, should I come meet you first or go directly to the studio?”

“Go to the studio directly.”

“Do I need to prepare breakfast for you?”


“What do you want to eat?”


Mo Zhen ruffled his messy hair on his head and casually replied: “Anything is fine.”

“Is it alright if I bring you whatever I’m eating?”


The other side hung up the phone as Mo Zhen listened to the beeping sound of the call ending. Feeling frustrated with himself, he heavily flopped onto the bed. Sure enough, spring was coming.

Mo Zhen was already at the studio by the time Li Yan arrived. Although the company had given Li Yan a car, she did not dare to drive it and instead took a taxi to the studio every time. Thinking about it, Li Yan felt a little depressed; It seemed that she would have to practice her driving skills during her next holiday or else she would feel guilty every time Mo Zhen had to drive himself.

Also, if Tang Qiang were to know this, she would probably be fired.

Li Yan’s arms held a large bag of food- all personally made by Li Yan’s mother. Li Yan always ate breakfast at home and Mama Li was already used to getting up early to make Li Yan breakfast.

Since she had gotten up earlier today, Li Yan thought her mother would still be sleeping. She did not expect that when she walked into the living room, her mother was already making breakfast for her.

Mo Zhen stared at the wide variety of food in front of him. There were ham, sandwiches, small cakes, and even the juice and milk boxes were all included: “… Your breakfast is very rich.”

“This is only for the two of us. I don’t how much food you usually eat for breakfast so I prepared a little extra.” Li Yan put down the breakfast, pausing as her gaze fell onto Mo Zhen’s face, “What’s wrong with your face?” The corners of his mouth seemed to be a little bruised?

“Cough, nothing.” Mo Zhen unconsciously used his hand to block the view of his own mouth. It seemed that he would have to ask the makeup artist to use some concealer to cover it up.

Li Yan frowned and picked up a small cake. Her eyes continued to stare at Mo Zhen’s mouth: “Did you get into a fight with someone?”

“Of course not.” Mo Zhen touched the tip of the nose unconsciously and quickly changed the topic. “Where did you buy your breakfast? It seems to be of good quality.”

“It was all made by my mother.” Li Yan was afraid she would be late to the studio and did not even dare to eat her breakfast at home. Rushing directly to the studio with the large bag, she did not expect that she would still arrive later than Mo Zhen. Mo Zhen’s eyes changed when he heard her words. Suddenly realizing something, he asked: “Your first day of work was yesterday. Did your family say anything?”

“Well … … nothing really. They just felt that I get home too late and I go to work too early.” Li Yan swallowed the small pastry and picked up a piece of ham, “You should quickly eat ah or else all of it will be finished by me. ”

“Oh.” The topic had successfully been opened. Mo Zhen casually picked up a can of milk and started to drink it. An assistant’s job hours were from the early morning to late in the night. No wonder her family had some objections. Also, running back and forth every day like this was not convenient at all for her…

He raised his head and gazed at the person sitting opposite  him biting a piece of ham, and the corners of his mouth gently tilted up.

The shooting during the day went smoothly, however, Li Yan received some bad news: they may have to shoot all night. It meant that she could not go home tonight.

As she tried to think of an excuse to tell her parents, Li Yan felt that this job was really bad for her heart.

The crew had only prepared one meal for the afternoon so everyone had to buy their own meals for the night. The director, with an embarrassed expression, explained to the crowd that because they were too busy, they had completely forgotten about this matter. Li Yan rolled her eyes in her heart, and holding the money Mo Zhen had given her she went to go buy dinner.

However, strangely enough, her boss was really generous; she was only buying a dinner, there was no need to give her his credit card?

(TN: Mo Zhen starts step 2 of Capture-A-Taurus plan: bribe with food and money)

Passing an ATM machine, she went to it and tried using it. Entering the six birthday digits, Li Yan stared at the balance shown on the screen and then quietly floated out of the ATM machine booth.

Even when she arrived back at the studio, it was obvious that she had not recovered from the heavy blow. Mo Zhen looked at the certain someone who was staring blankly in the distance. Taking her chopsticks and poking her, he asked: “What’s the matter?”

Li Yan put down the dinner in her hands and solemnly stared at Mo Zhen: “Boss, using your own birthday as your password is too dangerous. You should quickly change it.”


“After you change it, don’t tell anyone- especially me. QAQ” If the money was ever stolen, even if she worked for a hundred years she would not be able to pay it off.

Mo Zhen glanced at her big watery eyes, his mood feeling as if he was flying among the clouds: “The money in this card is already the smallest amount.”

Li Yan: “…”

Showing off one’s wealth was not supposed to be done like this! QAQ

She could only endure the boss’s malice.

After dinner the director shouted that the filming would continue. Li Yan stood alone in the sparse rest area. She’d always felt … the wind was a little too strong.

The studio at night time was one hundred times darker than it was during day time.

Li Yan looked at the empty school. Her sadness was like an upstream river- why did this school have to have study sessions at night ah!

Sitting alone in the rest area, Li Yan did not even dare to move her head. She was afraid that if she moved, she would see things she wasn’t supposed to see.

Wen Xiaoxiao subtly gave her a glance. She was a grown adult, yet she was scared to this extent?

Hehe, really interesting. The corners of her mouth rose, and facing the camera, she exposed a hauntingly gentle smile.

“CUT. We’ll stop here today. Go back and rest and we will continue tomorrow afternoon.”

After waiting for this sentence from the director for so long, Li Yan jumped up as if she was a prisoner being released from jail. In the end, Mo Zhen did not send her home in his car, nor would he let her take a taxi home, but instead he drove the car directly to his own home.

“This …” Li Yan looked at the front of the mansion. The expression on her face revealed the conflicting waves she was feeling on the inside. It was only the second day on the job, and he’s already inviting a wolf into his house, no, into his chamber. He really is cute ah.

“It’ll soon be light outside, and you’ll have to shoot again in the afternoon. Running back and forth is too inconvenient. Just sleep here for a while,” Mo Zhen’s tone sounded very proper. He wanted to sound like one of those very persuasive politicians on TV.

“Oh.” Li Yan nodded her head, feeling that everything he had said was justifiable. Waddling behind him, she followed him into the room.

Mo Zhen’s house was regularly cleaned by a cleaning company, so it was particularly clean. He pointed to a room on the left and turned to Li Yan and said, “This is the bathroom, you take a bath first and then sleep.”

Bathing then sleeping? Li Yan looked at the handsome person in front of her and swallowed some saliva.

As if he understood Li Yan’s secret thoughts, Mo Zhen chuckled and slightly bent down. Leaning towards her, he said: “Do you want to sleep on the first floor or the second floor”

“Is there any difference?”

“I sleep on the second floor.”

O (* //// ▽ //// *) o

In the end, Li Yan wrapped herself in a quilt and slept on the sofa in the living room of the first floor. Although she tried, she could not endure sleepiness until Mo Zhen came out of the shower. By the time he came out of the bathroom, she was already sleeping like a corpse on the sofa.

Mo Zhen stood in front of the sofa as he dried his wet hair with a towel. Watching the sleeping Li Yan: this scene was almost identical to his memory of Ah Yao.

The only difference being that night, he had turned back to his bedroom but this time, like the prince from the famous fairytale, he bent down and bowed his head.

A gentle kiss fell on the princess’s forehead.

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