Chapter 49

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Forbidden City (of old harem)

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Li Xiao’s hands held grocery bags as she came around the corner. Looking at the one hundred-step stairs in front of her, Li Xiao subconsciously frowned.

Since the day Li Yan fell down, she tried not to come here, If she had to pass through here, she would choose to go the long way around it.

But the sky was already getting dark today. If she did not want to go through the hundred-step stairs, she would have to go through the road on the side of the mountain. The mountain road seemed to be a little dark and there were several street lights on the way that were broken. She didn’t dare to walk around the mountain by herself.

She looked at the hundred-step stairs shining beneath the street light. Her grip on the plastic bags tightened as she lifted her foot onto the step.

Li Xiao and Li Yan’s families had a very good relationship, so when the time came for them to buy a house, they specially bought houses in neighborhoods that were fairly close to each other. When the two families had nothing to do, they would knock on each other’s door. If there were any problems the two families could also look after one another. Li Xiao would run between the two houses to stay at Li Yan’s house every three days.

But after Li Yan was discharged after her accident, Li Xiao had not been to her home for a long time.

Standing before the one hundred-steps tairs was a woman. When the faint light from the street lamp hit her, it made the silhouette of her back seem like she was floating.

Li Xiao unconsciously stopped in place. She was certain that there was no one there when she looked a moment ago. No, this was not the most important detail, the most important thing was why did this person’s back look so similar to Li Yan’s?

She still remembers the night of Li Yan’s accident. Li Yan had also been wearing the same woman’s one-piece dress: navy blue and preppy-styled. Her black hair had reached down to her waist and the ends of her hair had curled into small ringlets.

Li Xiao stared blankly at the figure’s back for a minute. She stood beneath the street light, motionless.

“Cousin?” Li Xiao took a step forward and tried calling out to her.  She had heard her parents say that Li Yan had recently found a job. Could it be that she just got off work and was going home?

The woman beneath the street light did not respond. Li Xiao called her yet again and walked and stopped half a meter away from the woman. The atmosphere around them was somehow inexplicably strange. If it weren’t for the fact that this woman’s back looked so similar to Li Yan’s, she would’ve pretended that she hadn’t seen anything and walk past quickly.

Raising her right foot, Li Xiao was ready to walk forward to have a closer look when, suddenly, the woman fell forward and rolled down the one hundred-step stairs! Li Xiao’s scare was not light; her hands suddenly loosened and the plastic bags fell with a thunk onto the concrete pavement.

Groceries scattered onto the ground as Li Xiao rushed quickly to the first step. Standing where the woman had just stood a moment ago, she looked down.

There was nobody there.

She had just clearly seen a woman fall down, but there was nothing there.

“Are you looking for me?” A woman’s voice came coldly from behind. Its gloomy tone made Li Yan’s heart rate quickly pick up.   All the horror movies she had seen replayed in her brain in one moment, like a clip of a collection of ghost scenes.

Li Xiao shivered, panting heavily as she turned and tried to run – but the same figure stood in front of her, except this time it was floating in midair.

“Ah —- !!” The fear in her heart could not be suppressed anymore, Li Xiao suddenly felt her feet go soft and she stumbled down the stairs.

Li Yan was awakened by the sound of a bell in the kitchen.

She reluctantly opened her eyes and saw that not far away, a tall back was busying himself in the kitchen. Well, she could only see his back, but she could already tell he had a very good body.

Her eyes stared intensely at the man’s back for a minute. Li Yan finally sat up from the sofa and looked around at her surroundings.

The room was bright and spacious, clean and tidy. It was decorated very luxuriously. It felt very comfortable despite not being her own home.

Looking at the thin blanket covering her back, Li Yan finally remembered that she had stayed a night in her boss’s home.

“Oh, I should be the one making breakfast ah.” Li Yan walked to the kitchen. Looking at the shiny iron pots, she felt that there was something inexplicably familiar about it.

Mo Zhen turned around and looked at her chaotic bedhead. He then calmly turned around to continue cutting carrots: “No need, it’ll be ready soon.”

“Oh, okay.” Li Yan looked at the small cubes of carrots. This knife was more skilled than she would ever be, so she should not disgrace it. Turning around in the direction of the bathroom and taking two steps, Li Yan tilted her head as she glanced at Mo Zhen: “What time did you get up?”

“Just got up.” Mo Zhen opened the lid and poured all the carrots into the pot. If he didn’t have to consider the fact that when Li Yan woke up she would be hungry, Mo Zhen would’ve definitely chosen not to eat lunch. He had learned how to boil this white porridge from Ah Yao. The name of it was called White Demon Porridge #2.

It was very simple to cook, the taste wasn’t so bad, and it was very suitable for lazy people.

Looking at Mo Zhen’s back, Li Yan’s guilt swayed to and fro. The back of a handsome man had a direct impact on her guilt index.

She must take advantage of her upcoming holiday to practice driving so that Mo Zhen could at least spend some time sleeping in the car every morning!

Casually washing her hands, Li Yan had just come out from the bathroom when her phone that had been thrown onto the sofa started ringing. She walked to it and glanced at it. It was her mother: “Mama, what’s wrong?”

“Yan Yan, are you still working?”

“En, just about to have lunch. Work starts in the afternoon. What’s up?”

“Xiao Xiao last night suddenly fainted at the one hundred-step stairs at the place where you had your accident. Come see her if you have time in the afternoon.”

Li Xiao fainted?

Li Yan’s eye color changed, she then asked: “How is she now? Is she okay?”

“She’s not injured, but it seems as if she was truly scared to death.”

“En, I know. I’ll take some time off to see her.”

Mo Zhen was carrying a pot of white porridge from the kitchen as he came out. Li Yan’s left hand carried her phone as her expression became worried.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Zhen put down the things in his hands and sat down opposite of Li Yan.

“Boss, can I have two hours of leave in the afternoon? Something happened to my younger sister and I want to visit her.”

Younger sister? He had heard Xiang Yunze mention before that Li Yan had a younger cousin named Li Xiao.

“What’s wrong with her?” Mo Zhen scooped the white porridge into the two empty bowls while asking casually.

“She suddenly fainted, no big deal.”

“En, that’s all right.”

After Mo Zhen gave his consent, Li Yan scooped up a spoonful of white porridge, blew on it a few times, and then finally shoved it into her mouth: “En…Boss, the taste of this white congee is simply out of this world!

She made a thumbs up to Mo Zhen.

Mo: “…”

He was now suspicious. Did she really lose her memory?

Li Yan quickly finished the two bowls of porridge and then rushed over to Li Xiao’s home. Li Xiao’s home was very lively. Not only were her parents and Li Yan’s own mother there, even Xiang Yunze was there.

Li Yan had not encountered Xiang Yunze since after Valentine’s Day. Although they had spoken on the phone twice before, there was still some embarrassment in meeting. Fortunately, there was no time for her to feel embarrassed because she had only asked for two hours of leave from Mo Zhen. After she visited Li Xiao she would have to go back and continue to be a cow and horse.

Uh, though she felt Mo Zhen was more like the cow and horse in this case. Even the taxi she took to Li Xiao’s home was called by Mo Zhen.

Li Xiao was resting in her own bedroom. Her face seemed to still be a little pale and it seemed as if she truly received a great shock. But what did she see to make her look so terrified?

Seeing Li Yan come in, Li Xiao’s face became paler. Although the relationship between the two before was very good, but without knowing it themselves, they had become more distant. Li Yan stood in place. For a moment she did not know what to say.

Li Xiao looked at Li Yan. Staring and staring, she finally cried out: “Cousin, I really did not deliberately push you down.”

Li Yan froze in place. Although she was unconscious for a long time, she remembered what happened that night very clearly.

Someone had pushed her from behind.

Other than Li Xiao- the person closest to her, she really could not think of anyone else. But hearing Li Xiao herself confirm it, she was still a little shocked. Yet what she could not understand was why would Li Xiao do this? This entire time, she had not mentioned this matter to anyone. She had been afraid that Li Xiao had drank too much and accidentally pushed her down. After all, everyone had been drinking heavily that night. She did not want anyone to be blamed.

The two people had not mentioned it to each other, but this thing had already grown as a thorn in the hearts of the two people.

“The day you graduated, I called Yunze Ge Ge and he told me that he would be returning soon from the States… ” Li Xiao’s eyes filled with tears, each tear dripping down as she said, “He was coming back to marry you.”

Li Yan had not recovered from the shock of hearing her confession when Li Xiao threw another great bomb over her.

Marry her? Why hasn’t she heard of it before!

“I knew he liked you and he would definitely try to confess to you when he came back, but I did not expect that he would want to propose to you.”

Li Yan’s mouth tightened. He had only confessed to her that night on Valentine’s Day and did not mention anything about marriage. Could it be that during the time she was unconscious, she had knowingly had ignored too many things? Dis she make a subconscious escape?

For example, Li Xiao has always liked Xiang Yunze?

When she and Li Xiao together had met Xiang Yunze for the first time; she had just turned thirteen years old while Li Xiao was still twelve. The Li family and Xiang family had always had business dealings with each other, Li Grandfather and Xiang Grandfather were even sworn brothers. That day they had eaten a grand dinner with the Xiang family. Did Li Xiao from that day, begin to like Xiang Yunze?

“That day I was in a bad mood, although I did not refuse when you took me out to participate in your graduation party. When I saw that you guys played very happily, I don’t know why, but my heart felt very angry and I drank a lot of wine. I thought that if I was drunk I wouldn’t be so bitter ah.”

That night Li Yan’s roommate had announced she was getting married, so all night the topic of discussion had not separated from the word marriage. She remembered that while passing the one hundred-step stairs, she had imagined Li Yan’s face as she got married to Xiang Yunze and she just couldn’t help but get angry. Alcohol had fermented this anger and so when she came back to her senses, she had already pushed Li Yan down.

“This was all my fault. I’ve been having nightmares ever since. If you did not wake up, I would have gone insane.” Li Xiao thought about the female ghost she had seen before the one hundred-step stairs. It must’ve been an illusion caused by the deep psychological pressure in her heart. “Then you woke up, but I have been afraid to tell you what I had done. If I let my mother know, she would beat me to death…”

“No, I also have some fault in this matter.” Li Yan’s heart was unsettled. She and Li Xiao had grown up together. Li Xiao liked Xiang Yunze, but Li Yan had not noticed. Even when Li Xiao’s heart was uncomfortable, Li Yan still did not see it. When Li Xiao did not want to go frolicking around at her graduation party she still could not see it, and she even forced her to smile.

This kind of feeling was horrible. She felt that Shampoo was right, maybe her double Q really was really low. (TN: EQ & IQ)

“You did not mean to push me down, right?”

Li Xiao looked up at Li Yan. The time around them seemed to return to the year she turned eight years old. She had broken her mother’s favorite vase and was punished all day. At that time, it was also Li Yan who secretly came to see her and brought her food. She had laughed and said the same thing: “You didn’t mean it right?”

The grievances and regrets in her heart rose up like the high tide of the sea. Even if she was drunk, even if she was angry, how could she push this person down?

A loud cry filled the entire room. Li Yan quietly stood on the side as Li Xiao, like a small child, finally exploded and continued to cry.

After a long time, Li Yan went to the bed to sit down and patted the still-crying Li Xiao: “I will not tell Yunze Ge Ge about this.”

When the weak Li Xiao who had originally been crying heard her say this, she choked on her tears: “I have already told him. He said he’ll never speak to me again TAT.”

Li Yan: “…”

It seemed that if one did something wrong, they would always have to pay some kind of price.

Li Yan rushed back to the studio in the two-hour period while Mo Zhen was resting. Watching Li Yan bow her head, he could not help but frown: “What’s wrong?”

“Boss, I feel a bit stupid.”

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows as a surprised expression appeared on her face: “You’ve only realized it now?!”

“…” She doesn’t want to talk to the boss anymore.

“Cough, what I mean is that if you can realize that you’re stupid, it means that you aren’t that stupid.”

“…” Well, she walked right into that one!

“Anyway, don’t you feel that it’s inconvenient right now to have to run around so much? Why don’t you move into my house and live with me?”


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