Chapter 50


Until the end of today’s shooting, Li Yan was still caught in the “Move to my house and come live with me ” whirlpool.

Looking out the window at the scenery that ran farther and farther away from her own home, Li Yan turned to look at Mo Zhen. “Are you lost?”

Mo Zhen glanced at her and didn’t mind her question: “I’ve driven on this street for four or five years. Even the positions of the street cameras are very familiar to me.”

Li Yan’s mouth moved but she no longer talked. Today she can happily roll on her boss’s sofa again.

Because “Ghost School” was a horror movie, more than half of the story was set at night. The crew usually had the morning as a break, and then shooting would start from the afternoon and continue until the next morning at 4 or 5 am. (EN: Which is why I’m editing at 6am. Don’t work in film.)

Li Yan sighed. She could not continue to be this way. This mix-up of her days and nights would definitely go on for a long time and she had already run out of excuses to tell her family. Was it possible for a novel editor to have to work overtime every day?

Practicing driving had already become a distant thing!

Mo Zhen drove the Bentley today. Li Yan didn’t have an opinion towards this “a different car everyday” behavior. Since the last time she used his credit card, she had already had no response towards these kinds of things,however, as she looked at the beautiful European street lights that shined over the Western-styled houses, she could not help but move into action: “This house must be really expensive?”

”It’s alright.” Mo Zhen reduced the speed and parked the Bentley in the garage.

Those two “It’s alright” light-winded words echoed repeatedly in Li Yan’s mind, the corners of her mouth rose as she smiled: “I mean with my salary as a unit of measurement.”

Mo: “…”

He unclasped the seat belt at his waist and turned his head to face Li Yan, “I’ll ask Tang Qiang to shorten your internship to a month and to start paying  your full salary … Does ten thousand sound okay?”

Seeing Li Yan with a silly and shocked expression staring at him, Mo Zhen thought for a moment and then added: “After tax.”

Emperor Mo you simply keep me directly.

”Ha ha ha ha, the company shouldn’t be starting an assistant’s salary so high, right?” Li Yan tried hard to suppress her own real thoughts and put forward a more realistic question.

However, Emperor Mo did not take the question as a question at all: “How much they give is up to them, I’ll add the rest.”

Li Yan: “…”

Emperor Mo really wants to nurture me!

It was her second time coming to Emperor Mo’s home and Li Yan walked directly to the bathroom on the first floor to take a bath. But there was a slight problem: since she had not gone home for two days, she didn’t have any clean clothes to change into.

No matter what, she would definitely have to go home at least once tomorrow.

Li Yan walked directly out of the bath wearing the clothes Mo Zhen had given her, the style – male. Although he had said that they were new pajamas, she could still feel the distinct taste of Emperor Mo! At least the taste of Emperor Mo’s wardrobe!

She lifted the big sleeves as she cheerfully smelled the fragrance of fabric softener- the exact same smell Mo Zhen had on his body.

She enchantingly walked all the way to the living room. Mo Zhen lay straight on the sofa- occupying where Li Yan would sleep for the night. Li Yan walked over and admired Emperor Mo’s sleeping posture for half a minute while taking her index finger to try to poke at Mo Zhen’s white face when she saw Mo Zhen’s eyebrows wrinkle.

His lips couldn’t help but purse in pain. Li Yan squatted on the edge of the sofa and watched Mo Zhen’s face as she asked: “What’s wrong?

”… A little bit of stomach pain.” Mo Zhen’s eyebrows were still furrowed as he replied. Li Yan felt her heart crumple a little as she watched him.

The shooting in the afternoon wasn’t very smooth and the director had an unpleasant expression on his face the entire time, so even if everyone was at the point of starvation, no one dared to speak about eating. It wasn’t 11 o’clock when even the director could not hold in his hunger anymore and finally let everyone eat.

The lunchbox company had sent them dinner at 7 o’clock, and after being left out for 4 hours the meal was already cold. Everyone had only casually eaten a little and then continued to start the non-stop filming. She should’ve realized earlier that Mo Zhen’s stomach would not be able to handle it.

”You wait, I’ll help you get medicine!” Li Yan stood up and quickly ran to the TV cabinet- opening the second drawer. After rummaging inside the drawer for a while, Li Yan took out a box of medicine and poured Mo Zhen a cup of warm water. Finally she returned to the edge of the sofa.

”Emperor Mo, sit up to take medicine!” Li Yan poked Mo Zhen’s face and handed the cup to Mo Zhen. Mo Zhen’s eyelashes fluttered for a moment as he slowly opened his eyes. Looking at the cup and medicine in front of him, he raised his head as his gaze fell onto Li Yan, “How do you know where the medicine is?”


His eyes were darker than the scenery outside the window, like a dash of ink that refused to fade.

”I … …” Li Yan froze blankly, her eyes blinking quickly, “I guess our family’s medicine box is also placed under the TV cabinet.”

”Oh.” Mo Zhen’s eyelashes were like small fans hanging down. He took the medicine in Li Yan’s hands and sat up on the sofa.

Li Yan held the cup and was surprised to see him line up the medicine pills from smallest to largest before swallowing them.

”Uh …” she looked at Mo Zhen. She tilted her head. “Does it taste better?”

”No, it’s easier to digest.”

Li Yan: “…”

The boss telling a cold joke is also very handsome hahhahahahha.

After Mo Zhen finished eating the medicine, he continued to occupy Li Yan’s sleeping place. Li Yan walked two steps around the living room and then leaned over the edge of the sofa, watching Mo Zhen: “Boss, do you want to eat something?”

”En …there’s some left over white porridge in the


Mo Zhen’s voice sounded a little faint, so Li Yan rubbed his hair and tried to appease him, “Then I will go heat up the porridge and soon you can eat it ah!”

Mo Zhen opened his eyes and glanced at the hand resting on his head.

Li Yan’s right hand paused … Lying cow! What did she just do?! She swears that she isn’t deliberately molesting the boss, but… it was just too convenient!

She whipped back her right hand, and then the startled Li Yan smiled at Mo Zhen and chuckled a few times: “Then I’ll go cook hahaha.”

The corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth rose a little in amusement as he looked at the person with reddish cheeks in front of him: “I don’t need to tell you where everything is, right? After all, your family’s layout should be exactly the same as my house’s.”

Li Yan: “…”

She flew over to the kitchen quickly.

She took the porridge out of the fridge and then turned on the element as she placed the stainless steel pot on top of it.

She also didn’t understand how she knew where the stomach medicine was, however, she was too rushed to think about it at that moment. It had seemed as if her feet had a mind of their own and rushed to the TV cabinet themselves.

Although her family’s medicine box was not placed in the TV cabinet, most people’s should be placed there. So the only explanation for this should be that her common knowledge was too vast… right?

Although the heated was clearly not as delicious as it was boiled, the two still finished the entire leftover pot of porridge. After eating the meal, Mo Zhen finally realized that he was occupying Li Yan’s sleeping place. He thought about it and gave Li Yan a solution: “How about you go upstairs to sleep?”

”Up …stairs?” Li Yan stared at Mo Zhen with large eyes, looking at him as if he was a rogue with evil plans.

Mo Zhen smiled and propped one hand underneath his chin, slightly tilting his head to look at Li Yan: “There are two bedrooms upstairs. You can live in the one beside the master bedroom.”

”Oh, the side bedroom!” As if she had suddenly seen the light, Li Yan pounded her palm with her fist in realization.

Mo Zhen came even closer, Li Yan could feel some of his breath spray onto her cheek, “But if you want to sleep in the master bedroom, it is possible.”

”No need, it’s fine if I sleep in the side bedroom.” Li Yan rose up from the chair when the chair’s foot suddenly rubbed the floor and issued a sharp screeching sound.

”Oh, that’s a pity,” Mo Zhen said, and his expression seemed as if he truly thought it was a pity.

Li Yan’s mouth moved. He really deserved to be called an actor. His speed of getting into character was astonishing.

Although it called a side bedroom, Mo Zhen’s side bedroom was even bigger than her house’s master bedroom, and her house wasn’t considered to be small at all. Mo Zhen living alone in such a large house was truly a waste of land.

The decoration of the side bedroom was the same as the living room’s and maintained the cold and elegant style of the house. Although there was usually no one who lived there, it was still spotless and clean. Li Yan pounced onto the bed and it sprung up. It was even softer and more springy than QQ sugar. The side bedroom even had a bathroom attached to it. After Li Yan got up to go the toilet, she lay sprawled on the bed, sleeping like the dead.

TN: QQ sugar = a type of candy in china, I can’t upload the photo idk why


After Mo Zhen put the chopsticks and plates into the sink to soak, he went up to the second floor. When he reached the side bedroom, his footsteps stopped and he walked in front of it and gently opened the door.

Li Yan was wrapped in a quilt as she laid on the bed. She slept soundly with a slightly raised mouth. What kind of beautiful dream was she having?

Mo Zhen stood outside for a while and then finally smiled and closed the door. When he arrived in his own bedroom, Piao Piao appeared in midair in front of him with a bang sound.

Mo Zhen’s face darkened. Piao Piao looked at him with a heartbroken expression: “Emperor Mo, when you meet the little kitten, you secretly smile, but when you see me, your expression gets darker. What does that mean?”

”It means that you should go be reincarnated.” Mo Zhen walked quickly to the bed. He had already decided that if his eyes could not see it, his heart would not be bothered.

Piao Piao floated along with him, her expression was even more gossipy than the suspicious old ladies at the vegetable market. “Ai, only being able to see, but not being able to eat. The desire of every young man is unsatisfied.”

Mo Zhen turned his body over and used his cold head to respond to her.

Piao Piao did not care about his silent refusal and contempt, she was a qualified ghost. “Emperor Mo, yesterday I went to scare some bad guys for you, and yet you’re treating me like this?”

Mo Zhen’s eyebrows moved. His tone was quite intolerant as he asked: “What bad guy?”

”The girl that pushed down the little cat.”

Mo Zhen opened his quilt and sat up from the bed.

”You do not have to be so nervous, things have already been satisfactorily resolved. She did not mean to push the kitty down, and now the two people have been reconciled.”

Mo Zhen smiled and thought: “Is it her cousin who pushed her down?”

”Yes ah.”

”Why did she do it?”

”Because of love and hate ah!”

Mo Zhen covered himself with the quilt as he laid down in his bed. Yesterday afternoon, when she said there were some problems with her sister, did she mean this thing? Looking at her expression in the afternoon, it should’ve gone okay. However, that cousin-sister … …he felt a dislike towards her that he could not explain.

”However, in the end, if her cousin hadn’t pushed her down the stairs, you would not have have met the little kitten.”

Mo: “…”

Three cycles of dislike. (TN:黑三期 can’t find the meaning for this slang anywhere rip)



emperor mo, while you’re at it, nurture me too.

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