Chapter 51

When Li Yan opened her eyes again, the sun was already shining through the curtains.  It was hard to tell it was transparent because with only a look, it felt as if she was being surrounded by a warm light.

Li Yan picked up her phone at the side of the bed and looked at the time. It was 11:11.

The time on her phone made her mouth move uncomfortably, but compared to cursing this ordinary time of day, she would rather curse the hours of sleep she was getting. Last night, no – a more accurate description would be this morning – she went to sleep at five o’clock and had  less than six hours of sleep.

Sighing, Li Yan worried about the state of her skin as she rolled off the bed. After simply washing her face, she gently pushed the door, and like a thief she poked her head out to stare at the empty corridor. Although it was almost noon, the house was as silent as if it was the middle of the night.

Since she was scared of disturbing a certain someone’s sleep, Li Yan’s footsteps were particularly cautious. Mo Zhen’s bedroom door was closed and there was nobody in the living room. It seemed that he hadn’t gotten up yet.

Li Yan stood upstairs thinking and decided to fulfill her responsibility as an assistant – making lunch.

Although Mo Zhen did not spend much time eating at home, the refrigerator was still rich in ingredients. Looked at the dazzling variety in front of her, Li Yan suddenly remembered that Tang Qiang telling her that before, all these chores had been done by him but now it was her job.

Why were they looking for an assistant? It was obvious they were looking for a nanny ah! Nowadays, the wages of nannies were all calculated by the hour. The company was only paying her five thousand dollars a month, was she not suffering a big loss ah?

While calculating this debt in her heart, she picked a couple of tomatoes that looked pleasing to her eyes. The menu for lunch today… tomato scrambled eggs and tomato egg soup!

Mo Zhen woke up soon after she got up. He had been standing upstairs watching Li Yan rush around the kitchen with great interest. Walking down the stairs, Mo Zhen looked at the tomato scrambled eggs and tomato egg soup in the kitchen. The porcelain bowl next to it was also filled with white molasses and tomatoes. En, it was really a tomato feast.

”You truly love tomatoes.” Mo Zhen’s mouth tried to contain his smile. He opened the refrigerator door and took out a lemon. Li Yan watched as he put the lemon onto the cutting board and grabbed the fruit knife beside it. His eyes and hands were swift as he quickly sliced the lemon with the tip of his knife, “You just suffered from stomach pain a few hours ago and now dare to eat a frozen lemon? It’s you who has a true love for lemons. “

Mo Zhen froze. He felt that Ah Yao had said this exact same sentence before, however, when Li Yan saw him silent, she thought that it was because what she had said was too reasonable, so he could only be speechless in response.

Satisfied, she put down the lemon down in her hands and then pushed Mo Zhen out: “You go rest in the living room, I’m almost done.”

Mo Zhen turned his head to look at her. His gaze circled around the variety of different tomatoes and finally he said: “I’ll only ask one question- have you cooked the rice?”


Li Yan: “…”

Mo: “…”

Half-an-hour had already passed before Li Yan finally finished washing and cooking the rice. Fortunately, the weather was not considered to be cold and the dishes did not really cool, but taking Mo Zhen’s delicate stomach into account, Li Yan heated up the tomato egg soup again.

Mo Zhen clasped a piece of the tomato scrambled egg dish with his chopsticks and asked Li Yan, “Are you on a diet?”

”No ah.” Li Yan’s mouth was filled with rice, her two cheeks bulging as she stared at Mo Zhen.

”Then why are the dishes so simple?”

Because she could only guarantee her tomato scrambled eggs would be delicious.

”Because it’s healthy.” Li Yan put on her professional expression, “Eating green plants is good for the body.”

”But the tomato is red.”

”… Red food is good for women.”

Mo: “…”

He suddenly did not want to eat.

He raised his head and looked at the person concentrating on eating beside him. Mo Zhen clasped a piece of white rice with his chopsticks and casually asked: “Oh yeah, the thing we discussed yesterday, have you finished thinking about it? “

”What did you say to me yesterday?”

”… Move in and live with me.”

Li Yan: “…”

Since Mo Zhen had been suffering from stomach pain yesterday, she had completely forgotten about this issue.

”Uh, this, that … …” Li Yan’s eyes glanced left and right in chaos, she was afraid to look at Mo Zhen, “Not very convenient … right?”

”It’s not very convenient for you to run between the two places.” Putting down the chopsticks in his hands, Mo Zhen tried to visualize in his mind how Tang Qiang usually looked when he tricked Crayon Shin-chan (Xiaoxin), “Living together is normal, most assistants do this.”


(TN: sometimes I question Chinese literature and how Crayon Shin-chan got in there)

Were all assistants supposed to do this?  I don’t read books very often, so please don’t lie to me.

Looking at Mo Zhen sitting opposite , the momentum surrounding his body made her unable to decline, “I, I’ll have to ask my family …”

”Oh, then you go back to discuss it after dinner. I’ll help you call a taxi. The taxi driver can help you carry your things.”

Li Yan: “…”

She always felt that the rhythm was a little off ah. But if she were to move over, the only thing that would suffer would be the half-naked poster she had wanted to post above the bed. But then again, Emperor Mo would be the one suffering.

Thinking it over, Li Yan was finally relieved.

In order to complete the transfer work, Mo Zhen specifically gave Li Yan a half-day off to let her go back home and move her things over. Today was Saturday and Li Yan’s parents were at home.

She decided to say that because the company always forced them to do overtime, it would be more convenient to live in the employee dormitory.

Li Father was watching the financial news when he heard what Li Yan said. He asked, his eyebrows wrinkling, “What kind of condition is the employee dormitory in?

”High-end Western style! All kinds of home appliances are readily available. You only need to pack and move!” Li Yan thought, and added another sentence, “And the landlord is very handsome!”

Li Father: “…”

Suddenly, he had to reluctantly admit his little girl had grown up.  When she was younger, she clearly thought her father was the most handsome man in the world!

Li Mother helped Li Yan pack her things as she lectured Li Yan to eat on time, sleep on time and also to go home early. Li Yan complied with them one after the other, her well-behaved expression making Li Mother’s heart feel sour. If Li Yan’s father hadn’t investigated the company, she would not be relieved letting Li Yan live outside by herself.


After Li Yan carried the large piece of luggage out of the house, she found that the taxi driver was really waiting outside her house. Seeing Li Yan carry her luggage out, he was very enthusiastic in his role as a porter.

Li Yan sat in the backseat as she looked at the keys in her hands in a daze. Before Mo Zhen left, he had given these to her and also told her a password.He explained that the key and the password both had to be used simultaneously to open the door.

Doing just as Mo Zhen had explained, Li Yan smoothly opened the door and placed the luggage into the living room; she then rushed into a taxi to get to the studio. On the way, she sent him a text message in accordance to Mo Zhen’s orders, “Reporting to Boss, everything has already been moved. Going to the studio now.”

”Has been read. ” Mo Zhen’s words had a cool feeling, but the smile on his face was definitely more wavering than the emoticon he’d placed in his text. After the text message was successfully sent, Li Yan did not reply to his message. Instead Xiang Yunze’s name showed up on his screen.

Looking at the caller ID on the screen, Mo Zhen thought for a moment and then picked up the phone, “What’s up, Professor Xiang?”

Xiang Yunze’s voice soon came from the other end of the phone, “Mo Zhen, how did I not realize before that you are a beast?”

Emperor Mo was not bothered by his words, “It’s normal that you didn’t notice it, because I am not a beast.”

”If you weren’t a beast, why would you let Yan Yan move over to your house?”

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, replying with a touch of admiration in his tone: “Your message is quite well-informed.” His call had come just after Li Yan had moved in.

Listening to Mo Zhen’s words, Xiang Yunze couldn’t resist wanting to pour a bucket of cold water on his head, “Do you know how Yan Yan described your home?

”High quality.”

”She said your house was an employee dormitory.”

Mo: “…”

Mo Zhen’s silence gave Xiang Yunze’s mood a lot of pleasure: “Emperor Mo, are you really this empty, cold and lonely?”

”I let her move in because of the responsibilities of her job.”

”Fine, this excuse of yours could only cheat Yan Yan.” Xiang Yunze said and then paused for a moment, “Mo Zhen, you better not mess with her.”

His words made Mo Zhen’s heart feel inexplicably uncomfortable, his mouth moved as he replied, “Do not worry, I won’t force her.”

Xiang Yunze, “…”

Even the virtuous Professor Xiang did not hold back in cursing Mo Zhen with foul language in his heart, he really had the desire to beat Mo Zhen up again.

Not long after the phone call ended, Li Yan arrived at the studio. At the time she arrived, Mo Zhen was standing at the podium giving a lecture while Wen Xiaoxiao secretly sat in the corner of the classroom. She was silent as she buried her head in her arms.

Li Yan stood in the crowd outside for while and then went to the rest area to sit down. She had been so busy in the afternoon that she didn’t have time to drink any water.

”What’s wrong, are you very tired?” She did not know when Mo Zhen reached her side, his eyes that were blocked by his glasses held a faint trace of worry in them.

”No, just a little thirsty.” Li Yan smiled and raised the bottle of mineral water to her mouth and drank from it, “Oh, yes, here’s the key back.”

Mo Zhen looked down at the key Li Yan handed over and did not reach out to take it, “You can keep this key, I already have one.”

”But …”

”But, what? You’ve already moved in, how can you not have a key?”

Li Yan did not speak. Although she also felt that it made sense to stay in his home, if Mo Zhen wasn’t home, she couldn’t stay alone in his home ah. Even though she was his assistant, he’s only known her for a couple days. If he were to give his house key to a stranger, how could he be rest assured?

”Emperor Mo, I think your safety consciousness is too bad.” Li Yan shook her head, her tone seemed to be quite downcast.

Mo Zhen just smiled and did not speak.

Li Yan heard some good news from Mo Zhen while they were eating dinner together. Today the crew finally did not need to film all night! Although they could only go home at twelve o’clock, everyone’s hard work was finally acknowledged. Mo Zhen watched the yawning Li Yan sitting in the co-pilot seat, his heart feeling quite pleased.

After returning home, Mo Zhen gazed at the luggage Li Yan had brought over sitting in the living room and said to her: “From now on, you will live in the side room on the second floor.”

”Okay.” Li Yan replied. Just as she was about to grab her luggage, Mo Zhen arrived there a step before her.

Li Yan was slightly surprised for a moment, the corners of her mouth rising as she looked at his upright and handsome back and followed him up to the second floor.



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